Werewolf Creature with Grey Matted Fur Slams the Car Bonnet. 89’s

Many people with an interest in Werewolf and Dogman accounts will know doubt already be aware of “The Brocton Wolf Account” at Cannock Chase where a group of 3 teenagers who, whilst stopping for a cigarette break on a popular car-park near to the village of Brocton (a place that describes itself as the Gateway to Cannock Chase), witnessed the understandably terrifying sight of what they described as an “oversized, upright, wolf” rummaging through a litter bin. Luckily, at a distance of around 20 meters, the creature didn’t notice them and soon moved on, but those lads have been deeply affected by it nonetheless.

I was contacted through by a gentleman with his own tale to tell of a strange wolf like creature that he came upon one night driving the lanes of Staffordshire. I contacted him by phone and he allowed me to share the encounter here with you all. During the phone conversation I could tell he wasn’t the type of gent that would be spooked very easily or had any reason other than validation and perhaps some understanding as to what happend that night to report this incident to me.  He went on to explain “this is an account from 86/87 that happened to me when I was driving along Camp Lane just off the A34 in the Cannock Chase area, It was around 1.30 am in January as we were driving along the dark country lane at night.  I was keeping a keen eye on the road as there are Deer on the chase and other wildlife that will run out into the road very quickly. We were heading to the turn on when we saw on the embankment what we both thought was some kind of Hyena looking creature walking up the grass verge.

We  could see off in the distance an animal of some kind,  an unrecognisable  Giant Creature just looking at us from the road.   At first I tried to explain it away and thought it  was probably just a Deer or a Dog  waiting by the side of the road and being worried it would run out in front of the car I slowed down, as we got nearer and nearer in the car this “dog” seemed to get bigger and bigger in size as it moved into the road in front of the car to the point where we couldn’t pass it.  I have no idea what this thing could be, was it some kind of mutant deer? standing there on two legs? huge canine looking features and it lets out a roar that was so loud I could feel it in my chest.  The hands on this thing were huge and it had long nails.  I beeped the horn in the hopes of scaring it off but it didn’t move.

I tried to call “its” bluff and nudge it ever so slightly with the car, thinking it would run off, as at this point I still thought it was a really large dog or something else”

“At which point this “dog” arose on to two legs and raised its “arms” in the air and slammed down its fists on to the bonnet of the car, it started a series of growls and then “it” let out a massive snarl and pushed the car down, “it” was looking in at us through the window whilst leaving dents on the car bonnet, I shouted out loud at that point” “thats a bloody werewolf, and my partner said “it can’t be”  All the time it was pushing down on the bonnet and looking at us with yellow eyes, it looked sickly and ill. I honestly thought it would come in through the windscreen, I didn’t know what to do.

I suddenly looked over the roof of the car to something behind us and I realised another car was coming up the lane approaching us and this “thing” This yellow eye creature must of seen the car as “it” moved off as soon as those light appeared, “it” dropped to all fours and was off back into the tree line. I think when the bonnet was lowered the “creature” had a clear view of the car lights behind me. And it just took off for the trees”

I can’t really find the right words to describe whatever this was. It appeared that it was dog like, and it was huge for a domestic dog, and for all it looked massive it also looked pretty sick, it was covered with a patchy grey fur, it wasn’t sleek or well cared for, it was all matted and knotted,, As I said at first I thought it was a massive dog and I still did until it raised up onto two legs,”

The witness and his wife described the doglike creature as almost “hyena like but grey in colour, and although this meeting took only  30 seconds or so, it is imprinted on their minds and even now I have no idea what I saw that night, where it went to or even if it is still out there.

Many years later I told my new partner about the incident and we went back to the area and the site of this encounter.  We were in the car talking about the incident when a dark blue Vauxhall pulled right up to our boot and sat watching us. There was one occupant a male driver in his 30’s  It may be that I was still affected by what had happened back then, and to be honest I slept for weeks and weeks with the light on, just replaying what happened in my mind.

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