Creepy Mutant Creature Missouri, USA. A White creature with long fingers and face of a pig..

“I saw a weird Mutant Creature as a child” says a resident of Missouri, USA, who wished to remain anonymous. In a statement released today.

“I recently went to a reunion of our high school and met her friend ash, which at school we were bosom friends.

We talked about different topics, and then she suddenly asked “do you remember the beast, with a snout like a pig we saw?” I looked at ash first with incomprehension, then shock.

As it turned out, I completely forgot about this event. I was so scared that my memory tried to completely erase that horrible memory from my mind and I remembered it only when ash asked him about.

Before my family and the ash family lived in the remote countryside, where there was only dirt roads. Passed near the national Park boundary, and the nearest town was 25 miles. It was 2003 and I was 13 years old.

We both had large families and as older children we had to look after younger brothers and sisters with me and ash it was two by two. The best time was summer, when it was not necessary to go to school and we almost all day hanging on the street, playing hide and seek and chase each other.

That day our parents had gone into town and we usually run around our houses and suddenly I noticed something white that flashed next to the propane tank, standing at our house. I ran to the side and noticed how that white creature disappeared at the well

The well stood in our large backyard, where there were propane tanks and nearby forests are already growing, so places to hide there was enough. Ash also noticed this white creature and ran into the yard for me, but our younger brothers and sisters playing in the street, it seems not seen.

At first me and ash decided that it was a stray dog, although the dog is the creature was overly frisky, it is incredibly quickly fled. We didn’t think in a forest of predators, because there is no one bigger than raccoons.

We started to look for the creature and found him at the well, still thinking it was a dog. “Poor doggie” – we said and tried to pet him. And then we both noticed that the paws of the animal over… fingers. Long fingers, much like a human.

A light coat of the creature was dirty and he smelled bad. And it was a frightening smell of shit and death, I thought. And when I saw his face, my mind could not keep that animal can be such a face. She was completely hairless and a bit like a dog, but with a snub nose resembling a pig’s snout.

The creature’s eye was black, but with yellow pupils and to me they seemed very angry. Besides, the creature uttered something like a growl. I’ve never seen anything like it and never knew the feeling of strong fear of animals.

And then something happened. We like ash at the same time realized that this creature is VERY DANGEROUS. We screamed and ran to my house. I remember shouting to the other kids to go home, and then we ran inside and closed the door.

We stood before a closed door and I couldn’t take my eyes off the Windows. looking at the backyard, as if fearing that this creature gets to us through them. And me and ash was pumped with adrenaline from fear and because of that couldn’t even speak. We just stood there, silent.

Finally, our younger brothers and sisters came home, we let them in, and later my parents and we with ash, crying, told them about the terrible beast. My father believed us and even walked all around with the gun, but found no one. Then he said that maybe it was the boar from the forest.

After this incident, and me and ash never played close to a forest, and the ash gradually stopped coming to me.

All this so shocked me that I never said more about this story with ash and anyone else. But when ash recently reminded me about everything, I decided to ask my little brother if he remembered something.

My brother was 7 and he told that he remembers only as me and ash ran to the back yard. But when I started to tell him about the terrible beast, he suddenly interrupted me and he looked worried. “It was completely white?”, – asked my brother. “Yes. And it was like a strange dog or a pig,” I said.

And then my brother is scared and screamed “I saw that thing recently, just a couple of years ago!” . And I have his words tingling in hands ran.

My brother told me that two years ago late in the evening he drove along the old dirt road, picking his girl, and he had problems with the brakes. And when one of the sections he once again almost got stuck, the headlights of his car grabbed on the side of the strange creature, standing upright on two legs or paws.

First, he decided that someone local has put a statue there, but then I saw that it was alive and tall. In height it reached at least 180 cm! It was covered in white, but very dirty hair, and the face resembled a dog’s head.

And before the creature disappeared into the Bush, the brother also noticed on his hands or arms, long fingers, like the fingers of a person.

When my brother in shock I asked my silent girl if she had seen this animal, she’s scared nodded. And my brother, as I was so scared of this opportunity that I never told anyone. Then he told me that it is likely also blocked in the memory of those memories.

Now my brother and I want to tell our mother, who still lives in our old house home, and to ask her if she’d seen something similar and who in her opinion could be.”

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