Crossing with Giants.

Could the evidence of the Bering Land Bridge be a reasonable explanation supporting migration routes of a species of hominid commonly referred to as Bigfoot.

Did these giants migrate from the mountains and deep forests of Russia and Asia across a now buried beneath the ocean land bridge that once provided a passage to the country masses we know as Canada and America.
Does the Bigfoot of North America, the Yeti of the Himalayas, Alma of Russia and the Yeren of China all share a formidable group of ancestors who travelled along a habitable green corridor stretching hundreds of miles into the neighbouring continent over 20,000 years ago?

This land bridge, known as Beringia, emerged towards the end of the last Ice Age, as glaciers once blocking the way, melted. This channel would eventually be buried beneath the sea some 12,000 years before the legend of Bigfoot would spread worldwide.

DNA profiling of the indigenous peoples of Canada and America have shown clear evidence that their origins stem from a population some 23,000 years ago crossing Beringia into new lands from continent to continent.
Could another ancient being have used this long-forgotten route to find their own ‘new world’? Would they, like their human counterparts, be migrating. Possibly seeking refuge from an ever-growing human population steadily spreading around the world.



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