Dalmally strangeness. Rock Clacking, Crazy Drivers, and Wild Men Hunting at Night

My name is Paul and I recently came across your website regarding strange phenomena and large hairy creatures sighted around the British Isles and having read some of the accounts I felt I wanted to share a peculiar experience I had whilst on Holiday in a valley situated three miles eastward from Dalmally in Scotland.
My Mother and I, joined my Brother and his son and their cross breed terrier called Max for a very secluded one week family holiday in an isolated cottage, the cottage was situated between the hills on either side of us, in a narrow valley nr Arachnafalnich in Scotland, earlier this year in 2018.  The valley was covered in dense woodland, mostly on one side of the valley, and on the southside the hills were  barren and a narrow road ran through the vale for approximately eleven miles before joining the main thoroughfare in the direction of fort William. A river also ran along the foot of the hills on the southside.

One heartfelt observation was the fact that This valley was very eerily quiet and I did notice there were no birds singing in the day time, which I thought was very strange. I also was very conscious of the isolation of our cottage, and sensed the area had an uncanny feeling about it despite the fact that people could be seen cycling, or walking, or driving on occasion through this valley at various times during our there. The silence of the area was such that you could hear the sounds of the river flowing through the valley accompanied by the occasional bleating of sheep dotted along the southern slope.  My strange encounter begins with my walking Max the dog along the road heading westerley away from the cottage with the river to my left which could be seen and heard approximately three hundred yards or so across a wetland meadow which inclined incrementally towards the river which followed the winding of the road along the valley floor. It was a hot sunny day with a clear crisp sky and as we walked you could see the hills in the distance towards Fort William and this was very picturesque to see.
After I had walked about two miles, the road began to dip downwards and the river to my left began to divide in places and part of the river come even closer to the roadside where there were trees banked along the left side and the heavily wooded hillside to my right began to reach down to the road ( prior to this point the wooded hillside  had been separated from the road in places by marshy looking fields on the northside of the valley. Now however, the scenery had changed and the views in the distance had disappeared along with the view of the river which had now become blocked in places due to the boundary of trees that aligned the roadway.  It was at this point that I became suddenly aware of the intensity of the silence that surrounded me apart from the noise of moving water which ran parallel and closer to the road. Then suddenly, as I inched further forward under the trees that were now on either side of me, I heard the sound of stones being bashed together and followed by intermittent chipping sounds, as if someone or something was using the the stones to crush something.
As I listened to this strange behaviour, I slowly moved forward to get a clearer view of the river and attempt to see who or what was making the noise. Although I could very clearly see parts of the river, which had become much wider in expanse across the valley floor, I could not see who or what was bashing the stones together as I looked through the gaps in the trees. I was able to observe that the riverbed at this point was very stony and across the river I could clearly see a pile of stones on the opposite bank of the river that had been manually stacked up to about three feet high. I could still hear the chipping or bashing of stones that seemed to be coming from the other side of the river about 4 to 5 hundred yards away.  Suddenly, I became very afraid for some unknown reason as I was unable to explain what the nature of this bizarre incident was.  I decided that it might be unsafe to proceed and so turned to head back the way I came. I could still hear the noise of stones being smashed together as I moved away.  The area began to open up again to the meadows on either side and the sound I heard earlier began to lessen.
I had gone about a quarter of a mile when all of a sudden, from the dense woodland of pine trees now on my left, I heard a loud knocking sound of wood being bashed against a tree. Startled, I stopped to stare into the woods to see if I could see who or what had made this noise. But I could not see into the darkness of the tree line that was approximately 200 yards from where I stood. Suddenly, I was disturbed by a second loud knock from the same section of woods which, made me jump with fright. I then spoke in a loud shaky voice that whoever you are making that noise, I intend no harm to you and I receive no harm from you, ok.
I saw nothing and the noise did not occur again, so I began to walk on back to the cottage. Along the way I was passed by a big four track vehicle being driven by a female. As I stepped to the verge on my right the driver suddenly steered her vehicle directly at me, forcing me right onto the verge and narrowly missing me by a few inches. This incident made me respond angrily at the driver and raising my fingers in gesture as she drove on into the distance from where I heard the bashing of stones at the point where the road went downhill.  On my return to the cottage I relayed to my family what had happened and felt that the sounds I heard were the type of noises consistent with the behaviour of a Bigfoot and I informed my family to be careful when out and about on their own as I believe the solitude of this valley to be conducive to Bigfoot activity. This may also explain the eerie silence that I felt from the first day I entered this valley and the lack of birdsong etc.
Thank you for listening to my story I hope that others will be encouraged to share their experiences no matter how trivial it may seem to them at the time.
Paul from Hampshire.
Less than a few miles away from this account we have one that is very similar indeed, Loch Etive Thumps and Knocks 2000 which as you will see from the witnesses own words was just as strange as Pauls account.
“It happened around August/ September 2000. I was with both of my parents up at Loch Etive.  We were walking along side the Loch about six miles up a forestry track.  We were collecting gravel for my dad’s cactus collection that day, so this area was ideal for finding gravel. Anyway we were there for about an hour or so and every so often we could hear knocks and loud thuds coming from the woods beside us.  It did feel at times like we were being watched. I don’t think there was another person up there, we never saw another person, just the three of us. It was very strange.
Then in 2016 another report came in from the same area Two Wildmen Hunting on the Road to Taynuilt 2016
I would like to report an incident that happened to me in Argyle Scotland one of my favourite places to be . It was down on one of the single track roads that runs between Taynuilt and Dalavich on the road that runs along the side of Loch Awe. There are miles and miles of forestry tracks that you can walk along down there. It is a good place to be if you want solitude, you can walk for hours with bumping into anyone, there are tracks and trails criss crossing the area. It is a short walk from Loch Etive and Loch Awe and has multiple places to go off track and just enjoy the time out in nature. Although I do question walking alone after seeing what I can only describe as a hunting party of two, out there on the road that night, something I will never forget.

It happened on a cool night at around 1am in March 2016. I was driving back from a friends house after a evening of chat and I was sober and in good spirits. I was alone in the car and at this point I was driving through the older parts of the forest. I noticed a movement  as I was driving, suddenly from my left hand side I was startled by a deer running across the road, running as fast as it could, in flight, I didn’t have time to think what was chasing it, I looked back to see and it was being followed by a large man like creature, really tall and very hairy, and he was running, moving at a fast pace, it/he took one long stride to cross the road. Without thinking I stopped. My eyes fixed on the running Man? You see the thing was as soon as I hit the brakes and turned to look where they had come out of the trees off to my left I see what looked like another one? this figure was smaller, younger, not so big and muscled, but a wild Man type thing all the same, it wasn’t looking at me but looking towards where the bigger one ran into the trees. I couldn’t believe what I had just seen, to this day I still question it? I did get a good look at both of them, the moon was out, it was a clear and crisp night, it’s not like I could of mistaken them for something else, they looked like two wild Men hunting.

The first one that crossed over the road after the deer was at a height of I guess 8 foot tall, he had hair all over his body and was naked, it was hard to tell the colour at night but it was dark just like the smaller one. It wasn’t a huge road, but even so its stride must have been at least 6 ft to cover the distance in one leap like that. The way it moved was startling to me, it was fluid and fast. The one on the hill looked smaller and younger and the eyes were strange, the smaller one looked back at me with reflecting/glowing eyes like a dogs does in the dark, it did not follow the larger man, but backed into the darkness of the trees and I was off as it gave me quite a fright ………

Its thanks to witnesses like this gentlemen and all of the other people who report their strange encounters we can start to piece together a jigsaw, there are a number of sightings around the Lochan’s in that area of Scotland.
People reporting matching experiences over a number of years in a very small area, each hearing wood knocks or stone clacks, or seeing cavemen like creatures hunting or road crossing.  Im sure as the years roll on even more accounts will be unearthed.  Maybe some of you are future witnesses, who knows? as it could happen to any of us at anytime it seems.  To access the sightings go to Map of sightings and strange experiences

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