Did I Have an Encounter with the Cannock Chase Werewolf? Oct 2017

Hello, A little background about myself before I get into my story, my name is Shylah, and I am a 23 Year old guy and from the West Midlands of England in the UK. Now, I don’t live far from a place called Cannock Chase, which is where my encounter took place.

It happened when I was 19 years of age. I had just completed a new album and, at that age and with any excuse, me and my friends, Peggy, Rosalind, my boyfriend James & his friends Francis & Aymon, took the opportunity to have a little private celebration in the Chase.

We went to our local Off-licence, bought some booze, and off we went for an all-nighter in the woods, as is the norm for teens.

We got to our usual spot around 10 pm and started drinking. About an hour had passed, we were getting tipsy and having a good time, playing my new tunes from James’s Bluetooth speaker, when all of a sudden Peggy screamed… I was shocked and asked: “What the bloody hell is wrong with you?!”

She said: “I swear I have just seen a bear by that log!”

Now, Peggy has always been a little ditsy and is often the butt end of our jokes with some of the things that she comes out with, so everyone just burst into laughter, and Francis said: “You don’t get bears in England you div!”

Everyone laughed it off and got back to drinking. However, I couldn’t help but think… I had heard of the Cannock Chase Werewolf before, and I never believed in it mind you, men that turn into wolves? Come on, I wasn’t a kid, I just thought it was a folktale, like the Lochness Monster or Bigfoot, but without thinking too much of it, I just registered the thought and carried on with the merriment. Peggy, however, couldn’t, she was jumpy and kept on looking around her into the woods.

An hour or so later I was a tad bit merry, and it was also apparent that I needed a wee, so I went a little off into the woods to get some privacy, as I was doing my thing I heard leaves crackling in a footstep like fashion, I stopped myself; “Hello? Babe is that you?”
No reply, so I got back too it, just to hear that sound again, carrying on this time I called; “Guys if you’re trying to scare me, too bad, I’m too tipsy to care!” I just finished up when I heard a deep, guttural growl emit from the darkness, I looked around, now quite frightened, but couldn’t see a thing, I quickly ran as fast as I could back to the others and into James’s arms.

“Woah, babe, what’s wrong?” he asked.

I told him what had happened and he just laughed at me; “Aww baby, had a bit too much to drink?”

I scowled; “Don’t be an arse, I’m serious.”

“It was probably just your imagination after too much to drink and Peggy’s eyes needing testing

” he said as him, Francis & Aymon all started laughing.

“Fine, don’t believe me” I snapped, sitting on my log with obvious annoyance.

Rosalind sat next to me; “I know he’s being a prick but he’s probably right, it’s probably just the drink, that’s all.”

I know she was trying to be nice and comfort me, but I know what I heard. I know I didn’t imagine it. I sat there for the next hour seething to myself, slowly sobering up, I was so mad that the only person who seemed to believe me was Peggy, and that my own boyfriend was just laughing at me with his mates, every now and then one of them would make a sarcky comment to take the mick and eventually I just snapped; “Do you know what James, piss off! You and your bleeding dick head little mates can take your sarcky comments and shove them up your arse!”. I got up and stormed off into the woods, James trying to call me back but ignoring him until he was out of earshot.

I found a little spot a while a way, sat down, and started to cry, I was still a little tipsy, heightened emotions and all that, you know. But then through my tears, I heard those footsteps again. I stopped myself and listened, they were getting closer, I looked around to the general direction I was hearing them from but couldn’t see anything, I slowly got up trying not to alert whatever it was to the fact I could hear it in case it was some knife-wielding nutcase, I walked a little and realised that in my anger, I hadn’t taken note of the direction I’d come from…

“Oh shit!” I thought; “That bastard better be looking for me!”

I walked until I found a big tree that my whole body would fit behind and slipped in behind it, now being very scared, I heard the crunching of leaves get closer and closer, I stood there, shaking, thinking this is it, I’m about to be murdered by some weirdo creeping around the woods in the middle of the night, until I heard, like, well like a dog sniffing, right behind the tree! Sighing a massive breath of relief and thinking: “Oh thank Heavens for that, it’s just a lost pooch!” I turned around to see a MASSIVE, 8, 9, maybe even 10ft BEAST standing on it’s hind legs before me!

But in that split second, I wasn’t scared like as if some primal instinct held me for a second before logical thought kicked in, it was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. It was a sturdy looking beast, muscular, it had shaggy and matted, light brown & grey fur, a fluffy mane around its neck and like a German Shepherd’s shaggy tale, it’s face looked, well just like a Wolf, in fact, he (yes he, I noticed) kinda looked like my Siberian Husky, Snowy, at home, only his eyes were more of a golden yellowish colour than Snowy’s chocolate brown eyes, he was just gorgeous, I thought… Until rational thinking kicked in and I suddenly thought: “Bloody hell! I’ve gotta get out of here!”

I ran as fast as I could in the opposite direction to the Beast, he seemed to give me a head start, then on all fours he got, and ran like the wind, taking no time to catch up to me, he pounced, slamming me to the floor, I felt a sharp pain in my elbow down to my fingers and I screamed. He turned me over and pinned me down, his weight was immense, I screamed and screamed at the top of my lungs for James but try as I might I could not move, he just had me pinned down looking at me, he got in my face and I closed my eyes thinking this was the end, but I just felt a tickle in my ear as he sniffed me, just like Snowy did at home, you know when your dog sniffs in your ears and tickles you with his whiskers? Well, this enormous “Monster” was doing that, I was in shock, I thought he wanted to eat me, not play!

He stood up, still looking at me like his curious new toy, just then I heard James, Francis & Peggy; “Shy! Shylah! You okay? Shylah! What the bloody-?!”

The beast looked at them, gave me one last glance & then took off, fast as lightning into the night.

James ran to me, tears now streaming down his face; “Babe! You okay?! I’m so sorry baby, are you hurt?? I should never have let you go off like that!” “I’m fine” I promised, “It, didn’t hurt me- ouch!”

I realised that in my fall I’d hurt my elbow, I later found out that this was a slight dislocation, but I knew that it was an accident, this animal had not tried to hurt me at all.

I had a lot of trouble coming to terms with it all, but simply because I wondered if I was going crazy! But if that were the case, were James, Francis & Peggy all crazy too? They had seen it. Then we found this whole community and have found much comfort in knowing we’re not alone, others have seen these magnificent creatures too, and we now feel validation in our experience.

I just want others to know that not all Dogmen, Werewolves, Lycans, whatever each person may call them, are vicious, bloodthirsty Monsters, in fact, I believe they are just another of Earth’s creatures trying to get by.

Thank you for listening to my story, I hope others can take comfort in it as I have theirs.

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