Did woman see Bigfoot on Sussex Downs? Face-to-face with a hairy upright Apeman

The Sun Reported Dog walker tells of close encounter with hairy Apeman who ran past her deep in the woods.  A woman out walking her dog in an area used by many dog walker’s and hikers told a local newspaper how she came face-to-face with a hairy upright Apeman on the Sussex Downs. Caroline Toms, 34, took this grainy photo of a huge Bigfoot she claims ran past her in the woods. She was confronted by the terrifying beast — covered head-to-toe in thick black fur and crouching upright like a man — as she walked her border collie Ash. The description fits the describe of the British Bigfoot given by hundreds of witnesses over the years, said to be elusive and wild there are many theories as to what is behind these sightings, Ms Toms said the creature she saw resembled the American Bigfoot creature.

The building society worker who was in an area she is used to being was walking her pet when this all took place Ms Toms said: “It all happened so fast. Ash  my dog started acting a little bit bemused and barking, she hasnt behaved like that before in this area or at home. “Then she acted out of character and shot off into the undergrowth and I saw this big black “thing” flash out of the brush and run right in front of me. “I only had my camera out because I was taking pictures of Ash playing. “Ash came running back to me as quick as a flash. “I don’t know what it was, but when I had a closer look at the pictures, it certainly does look like Bigfoot to me.” The close encounter of the furred kind happened at Angmering Park Estate in Arundel, West Sussex. Caroline, of nearby Littlehampton, said the beast resembles the legendary Bigfoot apeman of North America, also known as the Sasquatch.

This is not the only account of a strange creature in the area or people having weird experiences in the woods close by is another account called The Clapham Wood Shadow Mass and Footprints, The  Slindon Mystery Skeleton. and The Slindon growl 86/87 which can all be found here MAP OF UK Accounts

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