Donkley woods, Kielder reservoir, Strange Figure

I was contacted by Gentleman today who is a regular bushcrafter and wild camper Fell Wanderer, he has been in contact with a fellow outdoorsman P, who was camping with a friend at Donkley woods in the North East of England, this is a small wooded area on the banks of the River North Tyne close to Kielder reservoir. As many of you know Kielder is one of our hotspots for sighting accounts here in the UK.  The British Bigfoot subject is new to so many of us that I thought it might be useful for me to share some of the things that are sent in. So over the coming weeks im going to be sharing some photographs and videos that are sent in to me every month. I think a lot of us have finds or shots we are really unsure about, and sometimes presenting them for analysis can seem very daunting, not only do things get taken out of context or misinformation is given by so many, a lot of us are really unsure what we should do with them.. So the things we find sit unseen by the majority of other researchers. Like this photograph today,, nobody is making any “bigfoot” claims here, they are simply saying, I dont remember seeing anyone else out there that day and this picture seems to show a “figure of some kind” walking away.

The person was a little unsure whether to share this or not. I think in all fairness its very similar to the ones im sent every month or so, and it is a perfect example of just how hard this can be.  If you think you can enhance it in anyway we would be very grateful.  The camper P, didn’t notice anything unusual at the time, nothing stood out as strange that day, but once they had both returned home and looked at the photos sometime later P.s friend saw what looks like a dark figure in one of the photographs they took. Although P, didn’t take the picture in question, he did say it was ok to share this with other researchers. Fell Wanderer blew up the original file and sharpened it to bring out detail, but it is quite pixelated.  I was wondering if anyone can do an analysis on the photograph as it would be welcomed.

No one is making any claims here, it just seems a little unusual.  Has anybody else camping in the area saw or heard anything out of the ordinary?  Were you out hiking that day in bad weather or were a fellow camper in the area. If so please get in touch, no matter how small or insignificant it seems, it might mean something to the researchers up in the area, and I can forward that on to them. For all photos and enhancements see video below.


Until Next Time, Deborah

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