Eyeshine? Caught at Scottish Loch 4 years to the day of strange encounter. Dec 2014 -18

On the North West Coast of Scotland not only are there many Lochs, there are also many accounts of strange creatures and paranormal experiences around the Lochs themselves.  On land as old as time its no wonder strange anomalies pop up consistently, but on one lone Loch we have experiences that are exactly 4 years apart to the day.



Image Lightened.

The Image below was sent to leading Bigfoot Researcher Adam Bird, it was sent in by a gentleman on behalf of his friend, although impossible to say what exactly is in the image, it is very interesting nonetheless.

The image was taken in an area where there are numerous British Bigfoot and Dogman accounts.  Whilst waiting for analysis to come in, we share the picture here with you to get your view on what the could be.  This image was taken at 11pm on 24th December 2018, when most of the UK population would be at home, or in the pub,, as this is miles away from any house, let alone a pub I doubt this was a human of any kind.  In the image that is lightened there is a very “canine” looking “figure” there is no steps or bank behind that fence which is around 6ft tall.  So whatever is looking over the fence would be around 6ft 5″

Original Image taken 24/12/18

The gentleman who provided the image provided some background information on the photograph, he is not making any claims here, merely sharing a very strange image caught last night in Scotland. “A friend sent me this and he lives on the West Coast of Scotland his house is in the middle of nowhere surrounded by forests, He said when he moved to walk towards “it” whatever “it” was turned “its” head and he never saw it again.

Image Darkened

He said from where the “eyes” are to the ground is about 6.5″  I don’t know if he’s messing with me or not. I know him and he isn’t the kind of man to mess around like that, so I thought you would find the image interesting. What do yous think.”

Other accounts in the area include The Loch Awe Voices

24th December 2014 which is four years to the day that the eyeshine was witnessed.   A photographer visiting the Loch was setting up his equipment when to his surprise on a cold winter’s day, way out at the Loch edge, the man heard what he could only described as “voices and giggling” even though there were no other people around. He looked everywhere for the people playing a joke on him, out in the wilds of Scotland, in freezing conditions, but he never did find them, in fact thats why he chose to photograph there as he never saw another person whenever he visited. The voices moved from area to area with ease, and he fled after something started skimming stones across the ice in front of him.

There other strange accounts from this area,

Wood Knocks, Shadowed and Screamed at

There is a local story of a young lad who had also had the feeling of being watched and as he made his way out of the area, heard wood knocks and a scream.

I also came across this account: Around Easter 2000, “My husband and I were driving north past the Loch for our first weekend away together. As we drove alongside the loch, I saw to my amazement something that looked to me exactly like the pictures I’d seen of the Loch Ness Monster. A long neck and head sticking out of the water at the front, and two humps behind it. It was moving quite swiftly through the water.”

“I was completely astonished. I had never heard of any monster in the Loch. I actually said nothing, thinking that my new fiancee would think I was completely mad if I announced I could “see a Loch Monster” so I just watched in silent wonder. A couple of hours later we stopped for lunch at a pub. There was tourist info available in the form of leaflets there, and one was about the  Loch.  Imagine my feelings when I read, “The Loch is said to be home to a monster like that of Loch Ness”. “It does!! I saw it!!” I yelled, beside myself with excitement. Needless to say my fiancee thought I was crazy. But I’m sure I really did see what people call the Monster of Loch .”

Deborah Hatswells Interactive Map

Feelings Of Being Watched 

“I was camping on the southern end of Loch Awe a few years ago, it wasn’t by choice, we had been forced there by the wind, rain and bad weather, and campsites were scarce, and to be honest we were exhausted to the point where I was worried about my girlfriend, she was cold and slurring her speech etc…

I wanted to get her warmed up as quickly as I could, Trying to think as fast as I could I was trying to see any shelter anywhere. After a lot of looking around we settled for a small clearing in amongst some tree’s a few meters from the shore. There was just enough room for a fire and a tarp plus a tent. I put up the tent, stuffed her in her sleeping bag and went off to get firewood to make some hot food and tea.

I had a strange feeling of vulnerability while I was collecting wood and cutting it, I kept stopping what I was doing and looking around me, I had a feeling that somebody was about to walk up to me. I was not scared but I just felt that something was about to happen. I was kind of expecting a game keeper or something to come up and talk to me. Or another person out hiking.

Anyway, it was cold and wet and the going was slow, eventually my girlfriend came out to find me and sit with me while I was splitting the wood, since she admitted she felt uneasy on her own back at the tent. I didn’t tell her about feeling watched as I didnt want to spook her more.

We went back together and resumed our camp routine and set up for an early night. I got the fire going, fed us both and made hot drinks and we settled down to try and get some sleep.

That night I had to get up in the middle of the night to take care of some business, I walked across the clearing and went behind a holly bush and there I got the most intense feeling of danger i have ever felt, like I had walked somewhere I should not of gone, that night it was very dark and I accept that the dark has an affect on our brains. I felt an immediate and urgent need to get away from that spot right away. So I cut short the business iIwas taking care of and pretty quickly walked back the the tent where I stopped and sat outside for a while to see what I could see and hear. Nothing much happened that night, and it was a good little camp, and free, so for the next few nights we stayed in the same spot. It was ok within camp but I got the same feeling whenever I went near that holly bush.

It was not until we left that site that I realised the effect on both our moods that it had had. Within minutes of leaving we both felt uplifted and happy and realised that there had been something wrong back there. The storey does not really translate that well into text I know but i’m hoping that it might trigger other peoples memories and we might get some more stories of the scary and unexplainable things that happen up there.

Also reported in the area are strange encounters of people being followed, a feeling of complete dread, shadowed as stones are clacked within the bushes and trees, Two wild hairy men hunting a deer,  you can find these accounts and more on this interactive Map.


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