First a Wolf and then a Man, “Did you see him” Jan 2018 Yorkshire

I received a report over the weekend from a number of witnesses to the same “figure” during a journey back to Manchester from North Yorkshire, luckily one of the ladies on the Journey Kay knows of me and my interest in any unknown creatures or figures here in the UK, so she felt OK speaking with me about it.

The ladies were travelling in two vehicles in convoy. They must of taken a wrong turn on an unfamiliar road and sadly one of the cars needed petrol so they proceeded to search for a garage that could help. After finding a garage they set off again only for the lead car to suffer a blow out!! It seems fate was playing a hand for it was in that moment on a dark country road one of the ladies in the back said “can you see him” as she pointed at a dark running human figure on the hillside, a second lady along on the outing replied “that she could, and that it was a running man”

Kay stated “When we first left the venue we needed petrol so we were sent miles out the way down dark country roads, non of us knew, eventually we hit a village with a petrol station. It was a really bad journey and day all round, the lead car had a blow out, and we had to continue and leave them behind, so to be honest my mind was elsewhere. Earlier as we were parked outside the garage we saw a large wolf like dog, it was really big and the girls pointed it out, they watched it as it walked off, but I didn’t pay any attention to be honest, at that point I just wanted us all home safe.  It had been a long hard day at this point, and although the dog looked much bigger than your average dog, not a fox at all, but a wolf like dog.  It was just slinking along and moved behind some houses and in all the commotion I just forgot about it. It was a strange night all round.

As we set off I was on the phone to the other car when Nicola said “can you see him, and pointed up on the hillside” and to be honest I could, I could just make out a large black shape but we passed far to fast I couldn’t be 100% sure, at which point Jodie stated she could see it also. Honestly I was so shook up from the journey I just put it out of my mind, but the girls talked about it all the way home. We all saw a really tall, over 6 ft, very broad dark figure running, in the middle of the night on a lonely road?

Nicola stated: Saturday just gone (6/1/18) we had been to Yorkshire and on the way back, we were coming over the moors, I swear I saw a figure running along the hillside and along the motorway. He was just running at some speed but he looked odd, really tall, taller than 6 ft and broad. It was running up the hill then along with the line of the motorway. But the car moved on and he was out of sight then. It was the speed that first caught my eye, it moved so fast, and it was really big?

Jodie stated: I was coming back from a trip across the moor in the car, it had been a bad journey so we were parked up at first while we decided what to do and I saw this weird wolf looking thing, it looked big and bulky like a wolf, and then as we made it onto the motorway we saw a figure up on the bank “What ever it was, it looked like a massive man but with a small head. It ran up the bank and then carried on running. There was something off about it that made you think it wasn’t just a man out late running in the middle of nowhere.

This account is surrounded by many others as Yorkshire has many reports of upright hairy figures, from Old stinker of Hull to the Flixton Werewolf the Yorkshire moors and dales are home to many an unknown figure.

D. L. Hatswell 9/1/18

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