Forest of Bowland Huge Hairy Man 90s

Update of an earlier report, and area check by D. Howe

Pendle Startrails

I don’t have too many details for this account, and although it is quite short, the description in my opinion sounds undoubtedly like a British Bigfoot Account:   The witness and her husband were visiting the Forest of Bowland, an area popular with walkers and ramblers alike.

The witness stated:  I was on a rambling holiday with my husband and we wanted to walk the Dunsop Bridge Tramper Trail. It was a nice day, and ideal for walking.

Tramper Trail

We arrived mid morning and parked up. We were just passing the old Working Men’s Club near the start of the trail, when I was startled to see a tall, hairy man run into the wood line. I don’t mean a human sized tall man, but huge, like a half-man, half-ape. I was so startled that I did not want to continue with the ramble and so we returned to the car.  When asked, the witness supplied these details: This man was so strange. He ran from the small hedgerow into the heavier woods right in front of us. I don’t think he realised we were there. I didn’t see his face thankfully, only the side profile and his back as he was heading away from us and to the right. He was shaped like a man with broad shoulders and thick legs, but he was covered with hair and had no clothes – like a monkey but without a tail. I just kept thinking that it looked like a man and an ape combined.

The Forest of Bowland covers miles of rural Lancashire and North Yorkshire and includes the famous landmark of Pendle Hill, as well as the majority of the Ribble Valley’s landscape. It is the 11th largest of all the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales. The area is dissected by steep sided valleys which open out into the rich green lowlands of the Ribble, Hodder, Wyre and Lune Valleys. The stunning landscape has become an area of national importance because of it’s unspoiled and richly diverse landscapes, wildlife and heritage, with outstanding heather moorland, blanket bog and rare birds.
This Account is just a stone’s throw away from the River Hodder and almost central between Black Brooke Stream and Langdon Brooke. I also noticed a trout farm nearby when I checked the map. Food supplies seem plentiful here, and there are lots of areas of cover and fresh water sources. There are three other Accounts in this small area alone.
D. L. Hatswell

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