Goblin, Troll or Bigfoot? A Man in Sweden Sees Black Haired ‘Monkey Creature’ hiding in the woods.

Many years ago when I started to look for witnesses to impossible creatures here in the UK, I thought if I was really lucky and looked everywhere I may find 4 or 5 similar reports to my own.  So as you can imagine my research has come a very long way since then, I have worked with people from all across the UK, North America, Russia and Canada learning everything and anything I could to try and explain what people are seeing and the to collect the stories behind those encounters.  I have been very lucky to work with some of the top researchers in their field and now thanks to my friends in Europe and Russia we have started to plug the gaps as we realise these Hominid Creatures are all across the World, no matter what climate or country, there is a tale now or in history of a ‘hairy man like creature’ that lives away from humans and follows the laws of nature.

I contacted a gentleman in Sweden who had placed his encounter on one of the Cryptid forums looking for answers to an experience he had that is ongoing, as I was interested in the description he gave of the ‘Troll’ he has seen many times along the roadway close to home. I wanted to speak to him about his experience, as most of you know like all the Nordic Countries and here in the UK there are many old folklore tales of Trolls, Boggarts, Pixies, Goblins, Leshy’s and all manner of woodland folk, I have often wondered myself if these small brown hairy creatures that feature in our culture and history, like the Woodwose himself,  are the creatures we now call Bigfoot or The Wildman? Are these sightings of an unidentified hominid of some kind?  The Gentleman wrote out the encounter himself and the account is in his own words. I have included some information on the area and any other reports from Sweden.

I’ve have seen this ‘creature’ for a number of nights now on my way home from work. The first couple of times I just saw the reflection of ‘Its’ eyes caught by the headlights as it was sitting by the side of the road before ‘It’ skidders away off and out into the woods it calls home. At one time I saw ‘It’ peeking ‘Its’ head over the side railings along the dark mountain road I drive home on. If I am to try and describe the ‘creature’ I would say that it’s about 40-50 cm tall with a ‘big round head and large green eyes’ reflecting in the lights from the car. ‘It’ looks like a ‘small monkey’ but a monkey without a tail and I think ‘It’ has dark brown or black hair that covers ‘Its’ body and head. The thing is there are no wild animal in Sweden that fits the description of this ‘creature’.

My best theory is that it is a ‘Troll’ or some sort of ‘Goblin’. I’ve heard stories of ‘Goblins’ that live in the woods and in burrows along the creeks and rivers. But I never thought that I would see one, or at least I think it is a ‘Goblin”. That is the only thing that makes sense about this ‘creature’ or as much sense as it can make. It’s hard sometimes to believe your own eyes when you’re faced with something you never thought you’d see or something you didn’t think could exist. At first I thought ‘It’ was a cat or some other small animal because the first few times I saw ‘It’ I only saw ‘Its’ eyes shine in the light and that was almost cat like. So I presumed it was a cat as any rational person would. But as I saw more and more of ‘It’ I seriously started to doubt that it was a cat or a four legged animal. Today as I was driving home on the same road my doubts were proven right. This time I saw ‘It’ sitting on the side of the road just as I came around a bend and I had to brake as hard as I could. When the car came to a halt the ‘creature’ was about 4 meters from my car and I could see ‘Its’ eyes were staring right at me. I became paralyzed by fear and I could feel my heart pumping. ‘It’ just sat there for a minute or two just staring at me with those big green eyes, like ‘It’ was trying to figure out what to do next? Then ‘It’ turned around and ran out into the woods and I lost sight of ‘It’. I sat there for while trying to understand what I just saw but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I don’t think I will be doing much sleeping tonight, I will probably just think about that creature and if I will see it again.

I’m not sure what I saw but as I say I think it might just have been a ‘Troll’ or something like that. There are many stories about ‘Trolls’ and ‘Goblins’ living in the forests around here and If anyone has encountered a similar ‘creature’ in Sweden or in any other country please share your experience or knowledge about what it might be, I really need some answers!

I wanted to help this gentleman and I did explain to him that he is not the only person in Sweden to describe a small hairy ‘troll’ like creature in the woodlands there.  I do know of one gentleman who wishes to remain anonymous who has had sightings of a very similar type of creature in the Upsala region of Sweden. The man who visiting relatives in the area reports a large hairy light coloured ‘ape like creature’ crossing the road in front of his slowly moving car. The weather conditions were very bad and there was very little visibility due to the fog.  The gentleman said “someone moving quickly across the road ran out in front of the car, they didn’t run like a human but moved more like an ape.  Arms swinging and all one colour. 

Included here are other encounters in Sweden of these strange hairy ‘creatures’

The Helsingland Bigfoot Creatures 1985

Strange Creatures in Europe featured a story related by Hunters in a Forest in the Helsingland area of Sweden. The story was featured on an episode aired by the Swedish radio channel P1 who reported a tale about strange unknown growls in a province of Halsingland. Two elderly moose hunters described how they had been tracking something big and smelly for a long way through the woodlands and becoming frustrated that they could not keep up to this unknown animal they finally released their dogs to give chase. “The dogs came back with their tails between their legs and were terrified”, said Karl Johansson from Bollnäs.

An earlier report comes from the Voxna region of Sweden and was reported by a lady who had a frightening experience in the woods. The Swedish Blog states a woman who wants to remain anonymous went out to a recreation area at Voxna to clean out their family cabin for the waiting summer. After a short while inside she suddenly heard what she described as “pretty heavy feet moving around outside the isolated cabin”. She sensed that this was not your ordinary intruder and was so scared she actually hid under a bed. “I never saw the ‘creature’ but when one hour had passed I got up and went outside and then I found giant footprints in the garden and around the house” in the snow. The lady stated the footprints measured 45 cm in length and 30 cm wide. There was plenty of them but she had no knowledge of making plaster casts and didn’t even consider that option, as the phenomenon of a Swedish Bigfoot never have come up for her before. She knew what she was experiencing was neither human or animal and the tracks were almost human in shape but quite large. It was on hearing about the next report in the region that she made the report.

As a couple of weeks later two teenage girls in the same area of Voxna were skinny-dipping in a nearby pond when they suddenly heard ‘someone’ or ‘something’ moving about in the thick undergrowth on the shore line. Teasing and calling the intruder a pervert, which they presumed they had caught as he spied on nude girls bathing. Being in a pair and not scared of the ‘pervert’ the two girls moved closer and closer towards the shore, planning to surprise or even catch the culprit red handed. Instead something out of a nightmare suddenly rose up in front of them. Tina, 15, stated: “How can I describe this ‘thing’ well? ‘It’ resembles an ape but ‘It’ was far more uglier and very very large”. Her friend Petra, 16, agreed and say´s that at the same time “a terrible stench” came from the ‘creature’ which growled at them and began pounding ‘Its’ chest. Tina and Petra were so shocked they ran back into the water and swam ashore a bit further down to avoid any further contact with the ‘ugly ape like creature’, then both girls ran through the woods without their clothes on and didn’t stop until they were home, a couple of kilometers away. Petra´s Father didn´t believe their story bout the ‘creature’ but admitted that something had given the girl´s a pretty bad scare. “I thought it must have been a bear”, he said. “There are bear in the area and if this one had a cub on the side, it could´ve seen the girl´s as a potential threat”.

The girls themselves, badly whipped by lashing branches, during their hysterical run through the woods, were adamant they did not see a bear but something far more frightening. “It was like a monster out of a movie and ‘It’ walked upright on two legs the whole time”, Tina said. “Even if ‘It’ was ugly ‘It’ more resembles a man than an animal”. The area where these possible Swedish bigfoots have been seen is extremely inaccessible according to locals, even dangerous except for the part where the cabins are located, with many small lakes and swamps. It´s located just south of Bollnas and cutting right through it is famous Helsinge trail, a walking path over both lower and higher ground, surrounded by low mountains.

A couple who are local to the area reported some strange ‘creatures’ on their land. Mrs. Gustavsson and her husband not only saw the Swedish Bigfoot but also heard it several times and even claim they found its droppings. People in the Swedish Fortian Society unfortunately don’t react to this as a cryptozoologist should stated Mrs Gustavsson and consequently they didn’t collect the evidence or take a photo of the prints or droppings . “‘It’ came quite close to our cabin and would kind of howl in the moonlight with a voice that reminded us of a human with a bassy deep toned voice, very very deep. We saw ‘It’ more like a silhouette against the sky, always keeping the sun in our eyes and ‘It’ never came so close that we could identify ‘It’ properly”, Mrs. Gustavsson stated “It was huge,and looked powerful and gave me the impression of being primitive but also very intelligent”.

She claims ‘It’ had at times made a whistling sound and at other times they would hear what was either an echo or another bigfoot, answering the call. When Mr. Gustavsson investigated the area in daylight he found the large footprints and also fresh droppings. “Its droppings reminded me of human excrement and first I thought that it was humans doing this, but they were left in such places a human never would go and I always found it in the area where we had seen this creature”, said Mr. Gustavsson. The Swedish Bigfoot seems to have stayed in the area for about five years now he reported.

In another area of Sweden in 2011 another report of a strange Bigfoot like creature happened in the Katrineholm region.  

A gentleman from Katrineholm made a report about an incident that happened when he was out in woodlands close to his home. “It was about 2-3 pm and I had been walking in the woods just relaxing and listening to music. This happen during the dark season of year, as like Canada Winter brings 24hrs of darkness to the Nordic area, but there was enough low light available that the dim light did not obscure my view of the track, it was cloudy and it had just been raining”.  “I’m walking along the illuminated trails and paths (in the forest) as I often do on weekends when I’m home from the city I study in. Usually I see deer during my walks and other woodland animals. It is often the same herd of deer that I see, I recognise each member which contains three smaller ones this year. So when I hear ‘something’ moving in the bushes I was prepared for one of the deer to come into view. I can hear ‘It’ getting closer and making a fair bit of noise moving along in the bushes, but ‘It’ was not a deer or anything else I had ever seen before. At first I just registered ‘something’ big and dark and with the same colour hair as a moose, but even a moose didn’t fit with what I was seeing.  ‘It’ looked very strange and I couldn’t explain what I was seeing. As my first thoughts are of moose or wild boar I knew I needed to keep myself safe and out of harms way so I don’t follow, but I move a bit to the left and out of view of this ‘thing’. From my new position between two spruces I can make out the ‘creature’ is moving off to my right and I can see it in my peripheral vision and ‘It’ seems to be meeting up with ‘others’ I can’t see but I can hear them making noise off in the bushes).

Strangely I felt no anxiety at all at this point it was only afterwards at home rethinking the day through that shivers were sent down my spine.” I have never seen something like this since that day or previously in life? Are you familiar with stories of these animals from this area or do you know anyone who may have seen or talked about something like this? I really need some answers as no matter where I try I cant find anyone else who has seen ‘them’ other than myself.

Jamtland Bigfoot Creatures.

My name is Magnus I’m 44 years old and I live in the Jämtland area of Sweden since moving back here a few years ago. I’m was born in Ångermanland and my Father would often talk about these creatures himself and his experiences with them. And as I was growing up I had my own experiences with them.  I moved abroad a lot over the years and stayed in a number of foreign countries before returning home to Sweden. My mother is from Jämtland so it’s through her I have connections there and family members in both areas.  I dont call ‘them’ Bigfoots, we call ‘them’ “The woods people”. The Sami and the Older tribes people have different names for ‘them’ but I don’t speak Sami so I can’t pronounce the names. It’s easier for me to call them The Woods people as I don’t know what ‘they’ are. I know the Sami see them all across the tundra in other countries too like Norway, Finland and close to the border of Russia.

The area itself is ideal as it’s a very steep terrain. It’s a river valley with mountains on both sides of the river. The mountains are only about 400 meters high but very steep. the forests in the valleys are mixed forests with both coniferous and deciduous trees. You’ve got Pine and Spruce and Birch and Alder in there. The village is a sparsely populated area and from the forests to where my mother lives is over 10 km. It’s a small concentrated community with a couple of older houses and some farm houses. Outside of the small center it’s even more sparsely populated and there can be several hundred meters up to a kilometer between each house. Where my mother lives, it is 700- 800 meters to the closest neighbor. So her house is also surrounded by thick forests.

In 2001, when it rained heavily over most parts of Sweden we had many landslides on the mountain sides on the opposite side of the river from where my mother lives. They looked like clear cuts down the mountain side. Those areas have now grown and vast fields of berry bushes line the mountain. And in the fall it’s like a sea of Lingonberry and Blueberry bushes.  We have the usual Bears, Moose and Deer and all the other wildlife you find in similar areas. People in these parts of the country have been aware of the existence of the woods people since as far back in time you can go.   Even some of our areas here are named after the wood folk, and many of my neighbours have experienced them themselves.  Often herders allow their cattle to roam free in the forests and walk them back and forth each day for milking.  It isn’t that people dont want to talk about them, it’s more that nobody is listening to these people.  If our areas are named for them and they are in our culture someone should be collecting and sharing these stories with others, handing them down the generations or looking for people who have had these experiences and asking them questions, It’s only because I have searched everywhere online that Im making this report now.  Hunters and Foragers see them, but I dont know anyone here making a book about these incidents? 
People seeing a human-like ‘creature’ out there in the forests that are completely covered with hair and much bigger and stronger than us is pretty important in my eyes, we have a lot to learn from ‘them’ about the foods here and resources. Where I was growing up in Ångermanland I used to go hunting with my father, in both summers and winters. We were staying in a hunting lodge that belonged to the factory they were working at. When we were staying there the hunters always talked about the importance of being aware. And to always behave well when being in the forest. They talked about” the others” who lived in the forest that were not like us. Also they talked about other beings like “The Vittra”. (A Vættr (Vittrah) is a nature spirit, a type of mythological creature very common in Scandinavian mythology) Elves, Dwarves and Jötnarare Vættir. Jotnar are a Scandinavian Giants. There was nothing strange about it back then. They hunters always talk about that and the importance of being respectful to these ‘people’ when you are out here.
My uncle had a strange encounter in the woods when he was going out on a hunting trip looking for moose. He encountered what he said at the time was a bear. When he stumbled upon the bear It was already standing up on Its hind legs. The bear turned around and roared at him very loudly. My uncle was so scared that he was petrified and couldn’t move or do anything. He was just able to stare at it, at which point the bear turned away from him and started walking away still on it’s hind legs. My uncle was turned to stone and was standing there, watching that bear walk away through the forest. That’s the story I’ve been told since I was small. He says it was a bear, but since I’m aware of the difficult terrain in that area I think it’s very strange that the bear managed to walk in that manor. And kept walking in this way until it vanished out of sight. It was in a difficult terrain and in a dense spruce forest. It’s very strange? That story brings to mind our old traditions and stories from our antiquity. Stories about the “bear people” When you are talking to people many of them are telling stories about seeing strange things in the forests around here also. And the common denominator in all the stories you hear about the woods people, is that they always behave in a friendly way. They are not intrusive and will leave people alone. Neither do they destroy things. On the contrary, they are often most helpful. If it has something to do with other animals they have often been helpful. Oddly enough. One might think that they should be more afraid of humans but it seems they are not. As children you are taught to just respect ‘them’ and the Forests themselves.
They like to be at a higher elevation than us in the forest. And they seem to want to keep a certain distance of around 30 -50 meters from us. So when I’m out walking and I can hear then walking up there, I use to clap my hands. If I have some family member accompanying me, I usually ask them to clap their hands too. This is to let them know we’re coming as well as how many of us there are. Then they usually stop following us. They want to see us even if they don’t want to show themselves. So I do it out of respect for them. And as a friendly gesture. It’s my way of showing them that I know they are there and that I have no intention of bothering them. Sometimes I pop my mouth, but I don’t scream in the forest or bang trees and such, which I have seen some people do in other countries. Even though they themselves are doing so, we don’t know what that means.
As I explained earlier I grew up by a dirt road in Ångermanland (onger man dant) and It was quite isolated. The nearest neighbor lived 300 meters from our house but after that the village was stretched out for about 20 km. I was outside playing with other children when I saw something running very fast on a hillside. That’s my first memory of seeing something like this. I was very young at that time.  As I can remember it, the entire event was a quick experience. The distance from me to the hill where ‘It’ ran was about 100 – 150 meters. So the only thing I can remember is that ‘It’ was running very fast and perhaps running slightly leaning forward. ‘It’ looked very large and broad. ‘It’ was such a long time since this happened I guess I was just 4 years old and it would of been in the mid 1970’s.
Another thing happened when I was about 10 years old. I remember it was in wintertime. My whole family were out skiing in the same area where my father used to hunt and where my uncle saw the ‘bear’. Me and my father had gotten a bit ahead from the others. It wasn’t far ahead but around 200 meters. We stood and waited for the others to catch up in a forest clearing. I remember the clearing very vividly. On the right side of us it was all Spruce and there was a Birch forest to our left and after that a lake within about a 100 meters. It was like a row of relatively large Fir trees in front of the Fir forest where we stood waiting. Suddenly one of the large fir trees we were standing by started shaking violently. It wasn’t like when the snow is falling off the tree and you can see how the branches are moving up and down because of the snow. But it was shaking real heavily. Just one tree. All the snow fell off the tree. I remember very clearly how my father stared at me with big eyes wide open and said “it’s only snow falling of the tree” I was just staring at him in shock. Then he said “Let’s get out of here” That was the clearest experience I can remember from when I was young. And that experience has followed me through my whole life. I have never been able to forget it.
Many years later when I was married my father in law and I had worked in the hay barn for a few hours on one occasion. We made quite a noise while working there. When we went inside the house for lunch, I left the recorder in one of the logs there which was facing the forest. What you can hear on the 45 minutes long recording is me putting the recorder there and leaving. Then after 20-25 minutes you can hear ‘something’ is walking closer to the barn through the grass. You can clearly hear how ‘someone’ is sniffing the recorder and trying to smell what it is. Then you can hear ‘It’ whatever ‘It’ is, doing something to the wall and to the roof plates that are leaning against the barn as rain cover. A lot of very loud bangings and also the sound of ‘It’ tearing something apart. It gets very loud all of a sudden. After that it’s like you hear ‘It’ or them suddenly disappear through the grass away from the barn.10 minutes later you can hear me and my father in law come walking back on the gravel road and me picking up the recorder and turning it off.  I have another sound recording when I left the recorder on for 4-5 hours. There have been a whole bunch of events that has happened over my lifetime really.
One thing happened quite recently. I believe it was this Spring 2016. It happened to me and my daughter. It was very late in the evening and pitch black outside. We were sitting in the small cottage at the site looking out. I grabbed the flashlight and shone it against the steep incline area at the back of the house. The steep incline extends past a small meadow area of about 70-80 sq.m. At the end of the meadow is a small avalanche area which meets up with the incline area. Over in that direction we saw something which I first thought was street lamps shining. I thought it was strange as the street lamps stood by the road near a power plant by the river at a distance at about 250-300 meters from the cottage and the lights I could see were closer to us. There were two lights quite high up in the air. We just stood there looking at them, me and my daughter aghast. Then the lights moved off to the right about 25-30 meters from our perspective. Then the ‘lights’ went down, as if the ‘thing’ emitting them squatted or moved down closer to the floor? After a while they rose up again and went back to their original position. Then ‘It’ looked like ‘something’ was blinking ‘Its’ eyes for a little while. I turned the flashlight off and then I lit it again quickly to see if I could catch ‘It’ out and see ‘It’ again. And we did. After that it was as if the ‘thing’ turned around or withdrew itself as it all just stopped. It was very strange! So the eyes we saw were somewhere between 2,5 – 3 meters (8ft) up in the air.  It is difficult to determine exactly at that distance. But in comparison with the vegetation there and protruding branches and so I would say at least 2,5 meter up in the air. The eyes?  looked like an ordinary animals eyes. A bit yellowish. Just as when one shines a flashlight on a dog or a cat.
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