Government Employees’ Bigfoot Encounter Bigfoot Lying In the Road

Kentucky Bigfoot Reports

Witnesses: Robert & Rick (full names on file)

State: Florida (Panhandle)

Location: Blackwater WMA

Date: Spring 1970

Time: Approximately 10:00am

Encounter report via phone on 5-1-2018:
Robert is a retired level four engineer. He worked for Honeywell Aeronautical Division. He is now 74 years old.

The two men were hunting wild hogs. As they entered a field a Bigfoot was standing approximately 30 yards from them. It was a bright, sunny day and the creature stood upright and was facing them. No expression on its face. It was about 6-7 feet tall, very wide at the shoulders, muscular, nasty-looking reddish-brown hair with Spanish moss hanging in the hair, conical shaped head, large black eyes, flat nose and a grey face.

“It was not an orangutan,” explained Robert. The tall grass went almost up to its knees and its hands hung just below its knees. “Its hands were huge with fingers about three times the size of mine and its palms were grey,” explained Robert. It smelled horrible, like a rotten skunk. Unfortunately his partner shot it in the left shoulder with a .30-30. It screamed and ran off. The men turned and ran immediately. They did not report the incident due to their government status.

– Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Bigfoot Lying In the Road

Your Name: Jeremy (last name on file)
Your Age: 68

Other witnesses: No one

Date of Encounter: July 14, 2016

Time of Encounter: 3:00 am

State: California

Nearest Town/Landmark: Between Del Loma and Burnt Ranch, as near as I can figure, where the road is north of the river.

Nearest Road: Highway 299

Encounter Location: I am fairly certain is was between Del Loma and Burnt Ranch, but I was new to the area and only passing through. And I was doing 75 mph. I remember the highway was to the north of the river and close to it. I could be off by a few miles. The area is mountainous and wooded.

Witness Activity: I was travelling FAST. The road is SO damn winding that I sped up at every straightaway to 75 MPH. I drive a Prius and they are very quiet. The tires were by General and again very quiet, even by Prius standards.

Sketch by Terry Thomas
Witness Narrative:

I was driving late one night on Highway 299, from Atwater, CA to Crescent City, CA to try and locate an old friend who had been homeless for almost 30 years. He has been interviewed in the local Crescent City paper by a reporter named Cory Mitcham and she said he frequented the Star Bucks so I was trying to get there before it opened at 5 AM, hoping to run into him by chance. I was not familiar with Highway 299 (curviest damn road in the West) and the road was empty except for the amazing amount of deer standing on the sides of the road. I only saw a couple of cars between Redding and Highway 101, over a hundred miles. The road in that area was completely empty. Not a soul around in the middle of the night.

Around three AM I had just come around a right hand curve and had accelerated back to 75 or so and laying down smack in the middle of my lane was a HUGE black object, also partly into the oncoming traffic lane. I swerved around it to left and completely into the oncoming lane. I looked as good and fast as I could at the object. It was BLACK, but not shiny black. I thought for a second that it must have been the size of a tire from a large front end loader, but there weren’t any treads on it. It was uniformly black from one end to the other. And it was BIG. Almost as high as the hood on my Prius, which is why I compared it to a front end loader tire. It would have had to be for a really big one though. And Why would anyone leave a tire for a front end loader in the middle of a road. I am fairly certain that my car, which quiet, and my tires which are also more quiet than stock ones, added to the speed I was driving, forced the creature to lay on the road in the fetal position to protect itself. If it had been standing I would have hit it for sure. My headlights barely caught it and gave me enough time to swerve out of my lane only because it stretched a good six feet across my lane and into the next. I am certain what I saw was the shoulders to the buttocks of a bigfoot. I didn’t see the head, legs or arms. I knew immediately what I had seen, but I was moving at a good pace, and was in a hurry to get to the Starbucks in Crescent City by 5 AM so I didn’t stop and turn around. I am sure the creature was either going down to the river to drink or coming back from it. A couple of months later I talked to another teacher who had lived in Crescent City for nearly 25 years and she said that she had met numerous people who said they had seen them in many places around there. Highway 299 is a lonely highway especially at night. I would love to go back and drive it again some night in the dry season and see if I could possibly get a better look at one, but I doubt if I ever will since it is a LONG way from home.

Follow-Up: 1-3-2016

I called the witness and left a message. Jeremy promptly returned my call. It was immediately apparent the witness was excited, highly intelligent and very articulate. He’s an ex-Army helicopter pilot and has been a special education teacher for 26 years. I asked him if it could have possibly been a black bear hit by a car? He adamantly denied it by saying, “This was much too wide at the shoulders and much too huge to have been a bear! From its shoulders to hips was at least 5-6 feet, not including the neck, head or legs! I have 20/20 vision. After passing the creature, I was totally flabbergasted…stunned!”

Because Jeremy was in rush to reach his destination, he was travelling close to 75 mph. As he entered a long curve, the creature was ‘already’ in the fetal position. It never moved a muscle. Jeremy swerved to his left into the oncoming lane just in time to miss it, coming within 2-3 feet from its shoulders. Jeremy estimated the shoulders at about 30” in height, which was the same height as the hood of his car. It had solid black hair. When I asked him how long was the hair, he said, “I don’t recall. All I know, it was uniform in color from its shoulders to its hips.” He added, “The shoulders and hips were more rounded, not squared-off like a huge tractor tire and no noticeable tread. It definitely had black hair. This was no doubt an animal. The shoulders were much wider than the hips.”

Jeremy explained this is a heavily forested area. This road curves around a mountain, with a large sloped hillside to his right, which came right down to the edge of the road and a drop-off to his left which leads to a river. Jeremy and I both hypothesized the creature may have been on its way down to the river, as the shoulders were facing in that direction. The vehicle’s high-rate of speed and quiet approach into the curve may have caught it off guard, so maybe it panicked and dropped to the fetal position just before Jeremy made visual contact? Perhaps it tried to hide, as Bigfoots have been known to drop and act like a bush or stump? Or perhaps it was protecting a young Bigfoot? Just speculation of course.

This rather peculiar behavior happens more often than one would think. In some cases, it’s in the the cold winter on an isolated country road. In that case, perhaps the Bigfoot was benefiting from the warm road? In the above case, something else seemed to have caused this behavior because it occurred in July.

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– Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator



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