Grovely Wood, Woodwoose/Bigfoot/chimera Multiple Accounts 1877 to 2013

I was lucky enough last month to receive a comment from George Prices Daughter and I instantly wanted to not only pass on my thanks but also share her Fathers Account.  For a serving soldier to make a statement that he saw a wild hairy human type creature whilst on exercise is not something we come across very often, it must of made a great deal of impact on Mr Price and I for one am very grateful he came forward and went on the record. It has made it easier for a number of other witnesses from the armed forces to come forward with their accounts also.  Salisbury Plain is an old and ancient site set in the downs. Chalk based and almost flat, the area is not well forested but it does have a small pocket of woods and the River Avon runs close by and also the River Wylye


DATE: September 2002.

LOCATION: Salisbury Plain – Salisbury.

SALISBURY PLAIN HOMINID. Witness Report: George Price, reported something which had lived in his mind, as clear as day for eight years. It happened in September 2002, when he was serving in the Army.  He wrote: “We were on exercises on Salisbury Plain. I was a commander in the turret of our tank, and we were advancing to contact our warriors. I was scanning the landscape when I turned to my 5 o’clock and looked right at a large, ape-like figure. It looked scared because of the noise from the engines and tanks were moving at speed all around. I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I punched my gunner to look at it because he couldn’t hear me over the engine. We both saw it run into nearby prickly shrubs.“Its fur was similar to an orangutan in colour, and the length and flow of it.  Its face looked black, or darkish, but I couldn’t see its facial features, being on too high of an angle above it. It was more its gait – the way it moved: it was very fast and seemed to run with large strides.  Its height was impressive too, it must have been 6ft-plus, but it seemed to run with its back low, i.e. bent over. It was an amazing sight to see it disappear into the shrubs. I kept staring at the spot as my tank was moving away but it never emerged again, as if there was a hole below the bush it dived into. I observed the area at distance for a while via the tank’s optics but nothing else was seen. It must have been terrified to move with half the British army tearing Salisbury Plain up. “I told my superiors as soon as we stopped but the incident was “laughed off” so I never mentioned it much after that. I did ask my gunner about it and he said “he had seen it, but not well enough to describe it” It has bothered me to this day. I wish I had stopped to see it now. It was right next to me. Very strange


DATE: 2013

Witnesses Report: Keesha, Salisbury. Recently, I was out riding in Grovely Woods Salisbury, Wiltshire. It was just about getting dark, so i would say around dusk. I was on the horse, and my Mum was walking along beside me. About fifty meters ahead of us, there was a very tall, large dark figure, I thought it was too big to be a person, around perhaps two and a half to three meters tall (though we were relatively far away, but like I said, he was around fifty meters away, perhaps a bit less) so I am not entirely sure, but he looked much bigger than a human male. And when this creature moved it was in a non human way, it moved with speed that was incredibly inhuman like,  and it moved with a sort of loping stride.

When we were at the spot where I’d seen it run off, I noticed that there was no way a human could have escaped that fast, especially through the trees and scrub, since it was quite thick in there, unfortunately I did not have time to investigate any further, since my mum was a little freaked out and wanted to get away from the area, she had told me earlier on in the ride that she had found half a deer when she was out a few days ago, she said it had been ‘ripped to shreds,’ although thankfully it was gone when we were at the part of the woods where she had found it.

From what I saw it would say I think what I saw was a Bigfoot Creature, but would a Bigfoot go for something like a deer? The strange thing is, my horse didn’t spook, which is strange, since he is generally quite a nervous animal, could this still have been a Bigfoot if my horse didn’t react?

Sadly Im unable to help Keesha as I dont know of any other account on the data base where the witness was on horseback. 



There is one more very weird creature account from Salisbury. This is a strange one. An odd, Chimera-type beast was seen many times during this month, in Salisbury, Wiltshire. It was described in many different ways, and no one witnessed seemed to agree. In was described as being cat-like, racoon-like, and also kangaroo-like but what peaked the interest of our team is the couple of descriptions that said it had the ‘gait of a monkey’….. Another description said it was two feet tall and had a sloping back. So, what was seen?

There are many Historic references to the Wildman near Salisbury – According to the Paranormal Database a wild man who lived in the woods in this area was shot at when he attacked and tried to kidnap a local farmer’s wife in 1877. The creature escaped into the dense woodland and was never seen again..

A paranormal group visiting the area on many occasions had some very un-ghostly experiences. deep throaty coughs, dark figures, stones thrown, a feeling of being watched, being shadowed by something unseen, whistles and heavy thudding footsteps. It however notice that the paranormal group regularly knock on the trees, leave gifts and chant and meditate within the woods themselves.

read for yourself and see what you think.

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