Grovely Woods

The Twilight Paranormal Group did some night investigation in Grovely wood, an area of reported wild man activity since the 1800. Whilst there the group experienced some very wildman like activity, Original Source for the full account.


Team Leaders Notes. Grovely Wood is situated on the outskirts of Wilton. With a Roman road cutting straight through the woodland and prehistoric earthworks contained within the area, Grovely also has a historic story to tell. Grovely Woods has two specific and most interesting stories associated with its area. Grovely Wood is a place that I have always wanted to investigate. I have been fascinated by these woods ever since I was a small child as people used to talk about them to each other and about the goings on there. I had only visited the woods once when I took my dog for a walk one afternoon. I was with a friend and although I did feel as if I was being watched, the feeling was not sinister. However my friend was afraid and could not wait for the walk to be over. Other people have also told me stories of their experiences down at Grovely. Recently one of my colleagues told me that she was walking through the woods with her child in a pushchair and her dog. She said that the atmosphere was so intense, she could not bear it. She also felt as if someone was watching her and she turned around and fled from the area as she felt so unsafe. Paranormal Investigator, Vikki has also had many strange and frightening experiences in Grovely wood when she was younger.


On Sunday 17th June 2007, the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team went for a night walk in Grovely Wood. Vikki kept hearing a sound which she described as a ‘throaty cough.’ She felt that it was someone trying to get our attention. It was difficult for everyone to hear noises clearly as it was raining quite hard and the sound of the raindrops was quite loud. We heard all the obvious animal noises but some noises just did not seem to be of a natural origin James kept seeing flashes of light in the trees and he pointed them out to us. We wondered if it was lightning seeing as it was raining so hard. It was not torches and we were too far from any road for it to be car headlights. It did not seem to be thundering so we drew no conclusion as to what the lights could be.

As we started to walk (with James, Vikki and me bringing up the rear) we suddenly heard footsteps running behind us. They ran heavily and quickly and stopped just as they reached our backs. We both jumped and James quickly looked around. There was nobody there!! At the same time I heard a scream (it sounded like a female). We had walked just a little way on and I heard a deep throaty sound like the clearing of a throat (a male). Vikki also heard it and she said that this was the noise that she had heard previously. I must admit that it really did sound like someone trying to get our attention. We carried on walking  James, Vikki and I kept hearing footsteps on the road behind us. Every time we looked around, there was no sign of anybody or anything walking behind us


On the Monday 16th July 2007 the team decided to pay a second visit to Grovely Wood. The team so enjoyed our first visit to Grovely that we could not wait to visit again. I heard a sound that we had heard before on our last visit. It was a male, deep, throaty clearing of the throat. The sound was right in my ear and there was nothing and nobody who could have made this noise. Although the noise startled me, it was not scary. We carried on walking. A little way along the road, Vikki suddenly jumped and grabbed my arm. I immediately asked her what was wrong and she said that she thought that someone had thrown a rock at us from behind. We were walking a little behind the others when we heard footsteps running to the right of us in the woods but it sounded like a deer or some other large animal. An owl was hooting in the trees.


On Saturday 16th September 2007 the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team made a third visit to Grovely Wood.

On Saturday 16th September 2007 the Twilight Shadows Paranormal team made a third visit to Grovely Wood.  Most members of the team felt a degree of trepidation as the evening approached. This is a feeling that most of us only experience prior to a Grovely Wood investigation. We arrived at our destination in the dark and as we approached the woods, the atmosphere felt thick and the woodland looked dark, sinister and foreboding. We entered the woods and started to walk the Roman road. As we walked along the road it often felt that many invisible eyes were watching our progress. We walked deeper into the woods. The owls in the trees were hooting and screeching loudly. They seemed to follow our progress for a while and their noises although beautiful were somewhat scary. Vikki and Charles heard female laughter from the right hand side of the woodland, the laughter was emitted by more than one voice. They both described it as unpleasant laughter. We were aware of all the animal sounds within the woods but both Vikki and Charles said that the sound of laughter was human. Some of us heard thumps which sounded like the ground was being struck or the base of a tree. They were regular thumps, in a sequence of three or four.

When reading the full report you may notice a similar pattern to some of your research, the team visits this wood constantly, they chant and drum, leave gifts and offerings and they surround the trees and sing and chant.. If only I could contact them and explain a little about what we do? they might see this “paranormal evidence” in a whole new light.

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