Growls in the Night, Unknown Animal or a Creature Unseen?

I was chatting with one of my friends who also has an interest in the weird and the wonderful and we were discussing that not only do we get face to face accounts of creatures that come in and the figures that are seen but also the amount of Growls and Howls that get reported across the UK by ordinary people just going about their day, Unexplained Screams, Whoops, Howls and Growls some reported as Screeches or Blood Curdling Groans, my friend went on to tell me his experiences with something unseen that growled at him and his Mother, here is his account in his own words: Me and my mum went on holiday to Devon in the early 90’s possibly around 95 at the time we were on a trip to the Devonshire Coast and one evening we went to visit my Auntie and Uncle and my Cousins as they were staying in another holiday camp not too far away. I remember it was getting a bit late and we knew the entertainment planned by the holiday park for that evening was pretty much the same that we had seen at our camp the previous nights and we decided to go back as we were both hungry and we could get some food on our way back to the camp we were staying at.

I remember walking to the car in a car park with Mum and we were probably talking about what I would like to eat and deciding what to get when all of a sudden we heard this unusual freakish growl?  We both looked at each other and paused for a moment, both still I remember my Mum saying “don’t run, walk quickly to the car” and we did just that. I’m sure it did that Growl again but slower this time as we were moving away but I cant be sure, I just wanted to get to the car quickly a this point.  I don’t remember seeing anything around and neither does my Mum, and at the time we weren’t waiting round to find out what made that sound. Being young my Mum said a few days after that it was the owner’s dog who was loose on the park, which I found out later was just a little white lie she told me at the time just so I wouldn’t freak out and be more scared than I was by it. And of course the next time we ever go anywhere she didn’t want me to feel afraid of something unseen in the bushes. Because I asked her not so long ago if she remembered hearing that growl all those years ago and her eyes widened and she said “yes I remember that and that was just freaky” and we both talked about it.  We had both agreed it didn’t sound like a dog because we would not have stopped or reacted in the way we did, we even talked about a big cat but I wouldn’t say it was a cat like. I’ve heard enough big cats because we used to live next to Blackpool Zoo when I was younger and I used to go they’re often and even in the morning we would hear the tigers and lions roaring.

I also had something strange happen when I was about 18 or 19 coming back from a festival that was very similar to the earlier Growl I heard as a child.  I’m getting on a bus to get home and at the time I was living in Leigh Lancashire.  I decided to myself it’s been a long long day and I didn’t want to walk the long way home so I thought to myself I can get to my house if I get off at the next stop and just cut across a field instead of going all the way into town then walking all the way up again. I thought this would be quicker since I have done it in the daytime a few times before. So I get off the bus and I start walking, I lit a cigarette as I was smoking at the time and I called a mate and asked him if he wants to come to mine for some beers?  And he’s like “yeah sure”. As Im already making my way down the footpath to go across the field it starts to get darker.  I have nearly finished my cigarette and as I put it out, you know when your eyes adjust to the light and you can see more?  I don’t remember the Moon being full but it was just enough to light the way down where I was going and as I was getting closer to the end pf the path where it’s more covered in trees I thought I heard something, something I couldn’t make out, so I stop and look and I thought I could see things running in the distance, I couldn’t make out what “it” is? I couldn’t make it out clearly so I put it down to my eyes adjusting and I just carried on thinking nothing of it.  As I get closer to the trees I know I’m much closer to home now and im excited to tell my mate all about the Festival so my thoughts were about that when I heard the strange noise again.

All of a sudden there was this deep Growl not very loud, but loud enough, it was just a creepy growl and it was enough for me to move faster than I was before, I picked up my pace without looking back. Finally I got home and within a few minutes my mate is knocking at the door and I let him in. We are both sat down and we crack open a beer and I eventually told him about it, he was like “a growl are you sure? I am sure it wasn’t a dog but he suggested it and I’m like sure maybe. And we didn’t talk about it ever again but I have always remembered that growl and it does make me think what exactly was it that I heard? It didn’t sound like people playing a prank, it didn’t sound like a dog in the bushes, it sounded quite sinister, I’m pretty sure the hairs on my neck stood on end when I heard it. I often wonder about those nights and there’s been occasions when I’m quite happy out walking through places, the parks and footpaths and wooded areas, and then there are other nights where I feel as if I don’t want to go any further and I retrace my steps and take the longer route.  Because there’s been times when I’ve had that heavy sinking feeling, a horrible feeling that stops you in your tracks.

I wonder how many others have heard a strange growl or howl when walking alone, it is something that gets reported on a regular basis by people out going about their daily business suddenly stopped by a growl large enough to stop them in their tracks and turn them around in another direction.  I would love to hear from anyone who has experienced anything like this here in the UK.

Until Next Time Deborah.

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