Growls, Snarls, Shadowed and Limbs Being Thrown, Millbank Woods. Yorkshire 2018

Witness Account: I was out walking on Sunday 27th August 2018. It was around 7pm.  We entered Millbank woods at Kildale. ( Millbank wood is a peaceful wood a short walk from Stamner village. You can either follow the bridle path or go across the fields to get up to the wood which lies along the top of the hill. It is part of the Stamner Park walking route.) The path in the woods in parts is a valley, with sides that slope upward and the path is at the bottom. We walked down the path and then on down to the waterfall.  I felt as if I was being watched once I was down at the waterfall.  It was a horrible eerie feeling.  I walk all over day and night and this feeling has never happened before.  I was with my husband and we wandered around the base of the waterfall for a short time to give the dog a drink then we both sat down. As we were sitting there we heard a growl and the sounds of something on the path above us as if something had walked up above. My dog also heard the noises on the path and looked up.

A large stick came down at us. We brushed this off at first as it is a wood but then something else came down on to us. We sat there for a few minutes I felt very uneasy the whole time as though whatever it was up there was watching us, my husband also felt the same. We climbed up to the top of the path the same way we had come down and my dog immediately picked up a scent so I knew something had recently walked above us, within minutes.  I live in a rural area so my dog is use to picking up the scents of animals. He picks up scents of non human smells and I can tell by his behaviour. I can’t describe the eerie feeling of being watched from the trees. I wanted to leave immediately the feeling was that bad. We continued along the path. We heard another snarl and growl from in the trees. This was not a dog snarl nor was it people in the trees playing a prank, the area is very thick sloping down with trees, bushes and overgrowth.

The feeling I had was whatever it was, It was following us along in the treeline. I told my husband I wanted to leave and go back to the car. He said to ignore it and just carry on. We walk regular day and night all over moors, woods, dales etc and we have never had this feeling before nor heard noises like this.

My husband wanted to carry on with the walk so he was playing it down. We walked further into the woods and more sticks came down at us, it was not windy nore raining. The sticks were dead sticks with no leaves on them as though they were dead ones picked from the floor. My dog was staring into the trees and no one else was around. it would be hard for any person to keep pace along with us from within the tree line. If it were an animal it doesn’t fit their behaviour, animals usually run the other way not follow people.

Something was following us. I picked up a large broken branch from the path floor just in case and said we need to go back to car.  My husband agreed at this point. We turned around and retraced our steps along the path, we both kept looking around and over our shoulders and heard further growls. The feeling of being watched and followed was overwhelming.  We then heard snarling and growling again. I could not walk any faster and whatever it was was following us fast through the tree line. We could not see anything as the trees and shrubs were that thick with overgrowth. We got back to where the waterfall was and we heard what I can only describe as very guttural snarling this time it was on the other side of us over the river there was either more than one or did it doubled back extremely quick and got across the river, if so it was damn fast. The river could be paddled across it was not deep. We picked up the pace and the journey to the end of the wood seemed to take forever. The feeling of being watched never went until we were out the woods. Once we were out the woods it was gone instantly.  We then had to walk through a field and down a lane to the car for at least 15 minutes. I’ve thought about the incident and questioned it and googled trying to find an answer.

The noises were not a human as in someone playing a stupid joke.

I have a big dog with big teeth, only an idiot would consider playing a joke.

A human could not walk that speed in uneven ground and dense overgrowth nor double back at speed that fast.

There is not a wild animal that would follow people. Deer and stags are the largest wild mammal and male stags make strange noises , but again they do not follow people, usually they will stand if startled and as quick as they are there they are gone. I see many stag and deer. They also don’t throw sticks at people.

I live in a rural area and walk these woods day and night in the pitch black and never has anything like this happened before.

Ironically after coming home and googling it I realised it was a full moon.

Whatever it was it did not want us in the woods. I will not visit that area again. I was in woods the very next day walking, but in a whole different area. Never have I nor my husband experienced anything like it before.

It has been on my mind ever since and I’ve looked into the area and there are no stories regards anything in Kildale only the old bargest stories but have come across an account of a similar experience in Deep Ghyll woods which on a map is 55 minutes away. Ours was an extremely similar experience but we did not hear any howls. If you do go to investigate all I will say is don’t go on your own. I will continue to google and if anyone else comes up with anything I would appreciate you contacting me.

Other Accounts that line up in a corridor with this report are:

Carlton Yorkshire Growls 2011
CARLTON, YORKSHIRE (Early 2011) – While moving equipment ready for a rave in hills around the area, several witnesses reported hearing growling from the darkness which appeared to follow them. The witness described the sound as ‘seriously weird’, a cross between a snarl and a howl.


Little Golden Maned Men, Errington Woods 1/1/18 Trolls, Boggart? or small Hairy Folk?

I regularly take my dog walking in some woods near the village of New Marke. These woods are called Errington Woods. Well on New Years day I was on my usual walk with the dogs when I heard these chattering noises, it sounded like two men muttering. and it sounded to me almost ape like. I looked into the trees where the direction of the sounds were coming from and I came across these two creatures both stood near a felled tree. They were about 3 feet tall and covered in tawny coloured hair. They were both males and I saw anatomy on one. They looked like small primitive humans and one was wearing what I can only assume was a loin cloth. They each had a mane of hair down their necks. They were very muscular and I got the impression that they were not children or young, that they were fully grown. They were just two little men covered with golden tawny hair.

They stared at me for a few seconds and I got my mobile out. My black lab then started barking at them. As I was loading the camera they shot off into the bushes and I had no chance to take a picture. They soon disappeared and I lost sight of them. Any way that’s my story as it happened. Thanks for your time.



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