Harwood Farm Figure Sighting and The Harwood Forest Bigfoot Evidence Photographs

This is a transcript of a conversation taking place between a well known Wild Camper who is very well respected in the community and has camped in some of Northumberlands most remote areas and a Farmer who lives in the North East of england not to far from Harwood Forest and has farmed there Man and Boy as we say in the North.  Both Gentleman have a very good knowledge of what is moving around in nature, they are used to the sounds and tricks on the eye that nature can play. Weather can make a mess of many woods, and the guys in the North East are used to this kind of damage, so anything standing out as unusual to them is of course of great interest to me. I am very grateful to Fell Wanderer and the Farmer for allowing me to share this with you guys.  I can put you in touch with Fell Wanderer Or Neil Young if you have something similar you would like to report, as they will understand with not only their knowledge of Wild Camping but also as they has taken a number of witness accounts from people already.

(The Farm worker sighting)

A farm worker recently revealed that he’s seen something in Harwood Forest, Northumberland. He spoke to a Well Known Bushcrafter named Fell Wanderer.  They were discussing between them the large number of strange accounts of Big Cats, Large Hairy Figures and the many Howls, Growls, and other Strange experiences that happen to people camping or walking around.  There are many accounts of the British Bigfoot being seen in this area and not to far away at Bolam Lake.  The Farmer and Damian gave me permission to share this account here with you, and I would like to express my thanks to them and all of the researchers in the North East who have worked away for decades with very little recognition.  There is a wealth of evidence collected and one only has to ask and it is shared freely.  The longest standing research team in the UK is based in the North East and is headed by Neil Young. This is just one of the many Harwood Forest Accounts

Fell Wanderer: I asked the Farmer if he had ever noticed or seen anything unusual around the place at all?

Farmer: I have never seen anything strange when its light out, so No not through the day, but there was one night and it was around dusk when I was out checking on the livestock and I saw over there a very tall figure walking straight across the field. I honestly did not think anything of it until I got home and when I was thinking about it, what I saw I though was way too big to be a person and never seen anything that big or that looked like it again here.

 Fell Wanderer: I can’t get my head around something being around and living in that place, its wild up here and you wouldn’t think people would report these kind of things but people are seeing things and the reports are coming in.

Farmer: It is a very interesting place but I find it eerie also at times. Don’t know about what you think of the place but go and look in the trees there and see all the mess and trunks of wood, I went over and had a look it was very strange, all those logs and sticks sticking up in the air, and that could not just happen with the wind because I have never seen any other woodlands like that around here, and something very strong did it I think, who can stick a log into the ground and impale it like that, and have you noticed all the dead animals in those trees it is very strange.

Early Man Footprint in UK Harwood Forest Unknown Print

Fell Wanderer: I have camped in the forest a few times on my own and I have heard strange sounds, wood knocks and breaks happening in the early hours of the morning when there was no wind and no one around for miles or camping with me. Who could be clowning around, who would take the time to do the walk in, in the vague hope someone was around to prank in the first place?  I’ve seen possible prints and recorded wood knocks and responses to my tree knocking, I have seen trees snapped in unusual ways like in a “W” shape, that in no way are natural. I also found a sheepskin and the wool, the remains of the animal were up a tree and what I found an area that looked like a sheep had been sheared right on the edge of the forest, I found more wool was found further in to the trees as if it had been dragged through the brush somehow? One guy I was talking to told me while camping in upper Coquetdale he had a titanium kettle crushed when there was no cattle in the field and no people. And another person told me while they were camping at Thrunton woods they went to investigate a noise that kept repeating and he didn’t know what it was, he got up to go and see if he could find the source and when he returned to his camp he found his tent had been messed with, he didn’t hear the noise again. I would like to know more about the dark figure you saw in the field if that is possible, the location and what time of year the sighting occurred and anything else that you can remember. We think that they use this forest and move into that area in winter to take sheep, as there has been sheep remains found deep in the forest on a lot of occasions. A wild cat can’t drag a sheep away so what else could it be? Did you get a good look at the tall figure in the farmyard? how did it compare to a human, was it stocky well built, or thin and slender? what was its stance like and was it all one colour?  Any information you have will be much appreciated.

Farmer: I have seen the “thing” in the farmyard.  It was a very  tall, a well built figure about 7ft tall and weird looking and you know The Forest is not too far from here maybe that’s where it came from. And I know what you mean about the weight of the sheep they are very heavy to move but I have never had the chance to go deep in the forest.

Fell Wanderer: There have been sightings at Bolam lake so maybe  the these things move around the whole area up here? I found a footprint beside a stream a while ago now which was 620 meters from where I found the deer hide was, its on a video I made called ‘Mystery of the missing deer carcass and possible footprint.’ It measured 16.9″ long and to me look like a big foot made it if you pardon the pun. I was in that spot only weeks earlier as I always check the streams for tracks and it wasn’t there then 

Farmer: At the farm here we have had chickens and sheep and tools and corn go missing and just on saturday I had a hammer thrown at me when I was in the shed and this was about midnight when I was checking the lambs and I seen that foot print on your video and it was a very big foot print.

Fell Wanderer: That would scare me, does the activity you mention happen during the winter cold months and have you thought about putting up a wildlife or security camera to capture whatever it is. I have found sheep bones just into the forest off road and although I don’t know the age of the sheep.


There are so many accounts in the Harwood Forest Area that I would ask you to respect the Researchers who have been studying this area for many decades.  If you contact me I can put you in touch with the Local researcher who is always happy to show people around Neil Young Harwood Audio Capture Youtube. There are areas that have been watched for years in this forest and we would like to keep some of the areas off bounds as the research Neil Young has put decades of work here and he runs the longest running UK Bigfoot group here in the UK. He has extensive knowledge of what is moving around in Harwood and the areas that are best avoided.  You may also want to visit Fell Wanderer


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