Highlands Research, Looking for the Kilted Wildman. The Walkabout Man series.

We are very lucky to have a researcher in the Highlands who  shares his adventures with us. Walk the hills and Bens with him as he takes you to some of scotland’s wildest places in search of the Scottish Wildman.  Scotland is home to more Bigfoot reports than the rest of the UK, with ample habitat and an abundance of food there would be no hardship in living out the warmer months there, with huge underground cave networks, and mountains and Glens I for one have no doubt, that if the British Bigfoot is anywhere Scotland is one of the last vestiges for them.

Monday’s solo walk. Was Stunning, just stunning, no wind and it was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop.  Soon after I took a few videos my battery went – the facia of my phone is coming away AND I was too bloody excitable taking photos and videos to keep an eye on the residual power!

I’m devastated because as soon afterwards I found what I believe to be a small footprint at the side of the logging road, one I walked up for a couple of hours. It was the exact size of my Mora knife, width was the blade plus a thumbs width into the handle. I could make out toe impressions at the front and the pinky toe splayed to the left. The spot is just above a ditch with a very small running stream right next it. There is a further steep slope (roughly 4 to 5’) at the tree line.

I found it in the tree line side facing inwards away from the trees and stream…. at an exact 90 right angle to the direction of the road.  An uncanny placement giving the impression of something either coming out of the tree line or directly out from the ditch. The heel impression gave me the idea it may have been made by something exiting out of the ditch (like taking a drink from the stream perhaps ???) The print was small but just so out of place, there were small plants within the impression that were trodden down. This simply added to my suspicion that this was real.

My heart sank as the battery went on my phone…. I’ve been meaning to get it repaired in the last week or so. I also thought I had my video camera with me in my pack. In training, someone very experienced once taught me – “failing to prepare was in essence preparing to fail.” Well FFS how true…. honestly this was a pivotal moment and I could not quite believe what I was seeing…my mind refusing to consider it. Anyone who saw my last posts should agree with me that there was nothing definitive. I think there was an explanation in each case for the wood near my home. This however blew me away…..

I then tried to cut the whole print out of the roadside to take back. I used the Mora knife. Nearly…. but it fell apart towards the end so that the definition was no longer apparent. This find was the best thing that could have happened and also the absolute worst. However I thought, a photo is useless anyway??? trying to console myself as interpretation is with the viewer. Suffice to say it was a find and a half that has made me realise I MUST prepare. I will acquire plaster of Paris kit or similar. It may never happen again but….

Additionally around the corner of the road, further up hill, I decided to go off the path into the trees and investigate what I thought was a den. This ended up a simple uprooted tree. However I looked over the side and underneath and came across a white marble type stone boulder, round and the size of a large fist. Not uncommon in this area but there was moss growing underneath it, no others like it in that part of the forest, totally clean and looked completely out of place.

I would not want you folks to think here’s an overexcitable one who likes to post stuff for his own satisfaction…. Subjective scepticism is essential and I have that in abundance believe me…But to me this was a bloody print right in front of me. Unless one of the forestry workers has been working barefoot in November, and has very small feet!?!? The knife is 206mm which makes the print about a uk size 2 or a EU 34.5 (I’m not a Brexiteer!).
The width approximately 13 cm. see picture – pls excuse crudity and the dirty knife. What sprung out to me and probably to you is the startling width. That does’nae look like a normal width print to me!?!?

While the print was small, and interpretation can be subjective, to me there were definite toe impressions indicative of a left foot. And I could see the ground raise and curl back on itself where the “toe” impressions were at the front.

My mind is telling me to get a grip, but it was in an area I believe there has been previous activity.

Suffice to say everyone I’m acquiring a plaster of Paris kit….
And in the words of Arnie….
I’ll be back….

The Walkabout Man.

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