Irish Bigfoot Spotted in Sperrin Mountain Range Dec 2016

NORTHERN IRELAND — A man says he has spotted an unknown creature walking on two legs in a Northern Ireland mountain range.

The man, an avid hiker in his 50’s who chose to remain anonymous, said he was exploring an isolated area of the Sperrin Mountains in December 2015 when he came upon the unidentified creature.

“I had walked to three hill tops surrounded by dense forest and was heading back up a hill towards a tree line to my car,” he told Debbie Crossley Hatswell, who has been investigating the Bigfoot phenomenon in the United Kingdom for a few years.

The man  saw the Figure moving behind him as he approached his vehicle. “It was walking heading down the hill towards me on a route I had just taken, one kilometre away,” he explained. “The area I walk in was wet with some very marshy ground until the first hill near my starting point and then i would continue up past the two forested areas. The hill is known as Carnelly West Top and is 505 meters high. This really big hairy thing was coming towards me as I left Carnelly West Top and was walking towards Mullaghbane summit.”

The creature was described as being about 8 foot tall and “walking on two legs”. The eyewitness did not provide a colour or approximated weight but added that it was “very large” and that it resembled nothing he had ever seen before.

“I have been hiking since 2004 mostly alone and all over Ireland. I am not easily spooked but I did not hang about, as I am of the opinion if it wanted to, it could have caught up with me very easily,” he explained.

The man, an experienced hiker, said he wasn’t carrying binoculars in his backpack that day but that the bipedal creature was not a human being. “I had great visibility and I know about the optical illusions and what apparitions lone trees can give when walking. I have pondered this for a while now but I have not a clue what it was to this day, as I see people on the hills and mountains at various distances.” “but this figure stood out as usual, too large to be human, but walking on two legs”

He reported the account at first to Deborah Hatswell, who claims to have come upon a Bigfoot-like animal in the 1980s, and she told Cryptozoology News that the man is a known wanderer in the United Kingdom and that he is serious about what he purportedly saw. “He knows how people look from the same distance he was standing that day and this was wider and taller than even a very large male human, he just kept repeating it couldn’t have been a person.  It was too big and it walked through the swamp like it was nothing,” said Deborah.  Deborah Hatswell is a renowned researcher of the British Bigfoot and has set up many a researcher with the skills and knowledge you need to research bigfoot. Those people have then gone on to research in their own right, not only that she has prepared an interactive map of all the sightings of hairy humanoid figures across the UK. She collects accounts and witness reports.

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Last month, a couple in Northern Ireland reported seeing a similar creature in Ballyboley Forest. Infact their are now no longer any counties on the map that dont have a Bigfoot account in them or very close by.

The Woodwoose, also known as the Wudewusa or the Wild Man, is a creature the equivalent of the North American Bigfoot present in European literature from the Middle Ages.  Critics believe that inaccurate accounts of possible apes written by explorers and travellers in that time period may have been responsible for the creation of the myth. But many UK researchers realise these tales of hairy men hiding within the trees could very well be hidden wildmen or woodwoose.

Meanwhile, the Irish Gentleman who made the Sperrin Mountain report says, while not completely sure as to what he really saw on that winter day,  he doesn’t want to rule out anything. And is more and more convinced he saw a hairy biped that day.

“Most wild creatures are very cautious and secretive and rarely seen,” he explained. “I would like to see camera traps being set. I don’t know what I’ve seen, as I see deer and quad bikes on the mountains regularly along with hikers, dogs and runners depending where I walk.  All I can say the ‘thing’ I saw, for want of a better word, was out in the open following a fence down a hill, I had just left in the same direction and it was moving fast on two legs,” he said, adding that he has walked over 300 mountains in Ireland and seen things he could always name, but that this “view” was “totally different”.


There were also other men out on the mountain that day, all in camo and with field maps and tech. They seemed to be trying to follow the creatures path but it was moving far to fast and was out of sight and range within seconds.

The Sperrin Mountains, a region with a population of 150,000, is considered the largest upland area in Ireland and, due to its landscape and multitude of wildlife, has been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.   This is not the only strange account to come from this area.

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