Is Bigfoot in Britain? Mysterious figure lurking in Lincolnshire woods is claimed to be mystery beast

Bigfoot enthusiast Adam Bird founding member of the British Bigfoot Research Team with Deborah Hatswell have asked for help from a number of Image analysts as they feel Adam may have captured a strange dark figure which seems to be ‘watching’ them from within the tree line. Could this be a picture of the British Bigfoot that has been seen by hundreds of people all across the UK, with sighting reports going back generations.  This little known Cryptid has been seen from Lands End to John ‘O’ Groats.  Thought to live closely to the Rivers and Water Systems utilising the small amount of Woodland the Uk has left.  The British Bigfoot Research Team now has several Hundred members with new people joining daily.  You can join here

You can access the sighting accounts on an interactive map of reports Sightings and Experiences in the UK



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