Isle of Grain Sasquatch Sightings 2016 and The Hairy man of Cooling Kent sighting 2011

This report came into me via the British Bigfoot Research Group on Facebook and I am still in contact with the gentleman who reported the account back in 2016. At this point the activity around the farms had been happening for a number of years.

Hello Deborah Im reporting this on behalf of a good friend, a friend of mine who lives in a remote Kent farm house along The Medway on The Isle of Grain.  My friend has lived at this property a number of years now and they have experienced a number of strange goings on they saw on a few occasions what can only be described as “a large sasquatch type creature” which was on their property on a number of occasions, described as a tall hairy upright creature that looks like a cross between a man and an ape, walking upright on two legs.  There is a caravan (mobile home) standing on the property and this has been rocked and banged upon on a few occasions now.  I asked my friend to explain what this creature looked like and when they described the height they said “the creature itself at one point has been seen leaning over a Ford escort Van,  and even though he wasn’t standings up straight but was in a hunched over position the roof of the van still only came up to the stomach area on this thing.

Mock up for comparison purposes only. Not the actual Bigfoot

There are very few houses in the area. If you go there and have a look around you can see how it wouldn’t be too difficult to get around unseen and move without being noticed, The property is situated In between Allhallows and the Isle of grain and the estuary there, the area is a wildlife haven and is protected under law. As I say it’s quite isolated. There are lots of water sources and a few woods, it gets more wooded if you follow the river not too far away.

It’s been seen by our friends up fairly close, and doesn’t seem to put off by their presence.  I have been invited out to camp there so I’m going to spend time looking round the sightings spots. We live in the area ourselves on a local farm and have seen what looked like the a very large print of something laying down as if a large “animal” had made a bed or a nest of some kind in the tall grass? We are local to a river, power lines, disused train track and plenty of woods and forest…

The Hairy man of Cooling Kent sighting 2011

Less than three mile away there is also another account, reported by a lady on behalf of her son, Witness Account:  7/4/15….

In 2011 My son and his friend were in the fields when they saw a very large hairy type man running along some hay reels. In the early hours before morning light they were both out getting set up for the day, They said “the man like creature saw them, and  then “it” took off at great speed across the hay reels headed for some woods. I don’t think they saw its face clearly as they mostly saw the “creature” as it moved off.  They said it was really tall and was all hair covered and this “thing” had some sort of weird hair at the back almost mane like, and it span its head as if to hide its face soon as “it” saw them looking at it. It then took off running on two legs and moving very fast across the top of the hay reels moving with ease and off up toward the woods,, This happened in Cooling Kent, it frightened the life out of them both. We are also surrounded by Thames Marshes that are very vast and go on for miles. We didn’t think of Bigfoot to describe this “thing” until I was surfing the net and I asked him about it, he agreed the picture looked like the “thing” he saw and he won’t go up that way anymore.

St James, Isle of Grain (Old English Greon meaning gravel) is a village and the easternmost point of the Hoo Peninsula within the district of Medway in Kent. No longer an island and now forming part of the peninsula, the area is almost all marshland and is a major habitat for diverse wetland birds. The village constitutes a civil parish, which at the 2011 census had a population of 1,648.  Known as The Hoo Peninsula it is home to a 129.7 acre nature reserve.   There are six other accounts of hairy upright human like creatures along the Thames Valley and the marshes.  I wonder if each witness knows they are not the only ones to see “it”. You can find those sighting reports here MAP OF UK Accounts

Until Next Time, Deborah

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