Kewaunee Lapseritis Shares a British Bigfoot? Account with Deb Hatswell.

This account was passed to me by Kewaunee, as he is in touch with a number of witnesses across Europe, and when he realised the work I was doing along with the Global Hominid Study he was more than happy to pass on the witnesses details so we could speak in email. I explained to the gentleman he is not alone, there are many people here in the UK who have experienced a similar situation, or witnessed something impossible to explain. Luckily there are people the World over who are saving these accounts so they dont vanish into history as so many others have. As each witness shares their story, it empowers so many others to take the next step in sharing their own account. Deb

Dear Associates:

I would like to share an experience I had whilst I was living in the UK, this happened on the first week of November 1965/66.  Myself and three other Americans decided to climb Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Great Britain located in South West Scotland.  At the base of the mountain as we were preparing to go up, a person told us that no one climbs the Mountain at that time of year and that the mountain would be empty and we would be alone up there. The person’s house was near the trailhead we were using to walk in, and he said he always knew if anyone else was out climbing as they would have to pass his house on the on the way there. We set off and It was a long hike to reach the top.

Upon arriving at the Summit, there was a strange extremely thick fog at the top which was a flat geologic area. It was a 65 degree day, but there was snow inside this thick wall of fog. The 3 to 4 inches of snow was frozen and crusty on top of it, making a loud crunching sound when walking. I decided to enter the unusually super-thick fog where it was extremely difficult to see anything. My head was focused downward at my feet in the fresh snow so I could at least see where I was walking. My companions felt uneasy about the fog so decided to rest outside the wall of fog and wait for it to lift.

After approximately 80 feet into this eerie-ness, I realised I was immediately standing by a dangerous chasm which was at the edge of the fog-bank. As I looked in awe at the gorge, somewhere close just ahead of me, I heard a bipedal “person” with a very long gait very slowly approaching me through the fog. I was stunned !!! I could still hear my friends chatting behind me, but then who is this large “man” crunching through the snow getting ever nearer, was my thoughts at the time. The closer the footfalls came, the more nervous I got. So I spun around and followed my tracks quickly back to my mates. I immediately blurted out what had just happened tome and to my chagrin, they all laughed !!! There is only one way to enter the summit and there were no tracks entering the fog when we arrived, they retorted. They insisted I was hearing things !!!

Am Fair Laith

So I challenged them to come into the fog with me so they could hopefully substantiate my claim.
They followed me in but thought the whole thing was a joke. When we arrived at the chasm, we stopped and listened. Within ten seconds, all of us heard the sound of a ‘giant man’ with a long gait crunching through the snow in our direction !!! We all looked at each other and all of our faces looked scared. The sound got closer and closer. One of my friends yelled” “Let’s get out of here !!!” and the three of them ran back out of the fog bank as fast as they could move. I hesitated because I wanted to know exactly who was there. But as the footsteps continued almost to me I lost my nerve and I finally turned around and ran as well.

When all of us were outside the fog, I said ‘who could possibly be up here’ and ‘who was this large individual in the thick fog’??? One of my friends was from Northern California and with a silly smile quipped: “It’s probably Bigfoot !!!” Everyone laughed and we all agreed we should quickly leave. No one took his comment seriously, even though it could be a “match” to the bipedal heavy gait. It just didn’t seem possible. I pushed the encounter aside and thought no more of it until 1990 when I happened to glance at the cover of FATE magazine at a store, and the feature article read: “The Big Gray Man of Scotland” !!! Wow !!! That got my attention. It told of a geologist having an encounter as well as a few others. The article was eerily similar but came to a different conclusion.

Thank you for letting me share.

Sincerely, Kewaunee

Copy of the J. Rennie Footprints. DLH Personal Collection.


The is a very famous book here in the UK by a gentleman named Affleck Grey an explorer and guide who knew the Cairngorm mountains and the surrounding areas very well.  In the book we see a set of footprints photographed by J. A. Rennie.  There are reports of footsteps, giant hairy creatures described as ‘yeti’ like and the sounds of howls and screams from Ben Nevis in the Fort William Range across to the Cairngorms and along both of the East and West Coast of Scotland. You can read these accounts by accessing the Map of Creature Reports 


The Fort William Footsteps in the night, What was Walking around my Tent?

Some years ago now myself and my friends decided to do a wild camp at the campsite at the foot of Ben Nevis and walk the mountain the next day spending the following night sleeping out on the mountain, which I thought would be a nice little adventure and give us something to talk about for years to come.  Our first night’s camp was pretty uneventful.  The second night things changed!!!

Sleeping in a damp cold bivvy is not at all pleasant.  I did finally drop off to sleep but I woke up for some unknown reason in the middle of the night.  As I lay awake I could hear footsteps walking round us.  At first I was quite interested in this, as I thought an animal of some description had paid us a visit.  But as time went on I began to realise this was definitely a two legged creature,  with quite purposeful steps.  The footsteps, by now, were really close – only a couple of feet away, and I started to get the chills and had a massive fear come over me. Eventually I drifted off to sleep.  I remember waking up at around 0:600 hrs with ice covering the outside of the bivvy.  I decided to pack everything up and walk to the campsite for a well deserved hot shower.

The other two eventually packed their equipment and followed me down the mountain.  Dean complained heavily about my kicking him in the head as his bivvy was on the ground at my feet? I only briefly thought in passing about the footsteps creeping round us during the night, but put it down to being over tired and possibly being awoken in the night?

Having got ourselves nice and clean with warm dry clothes it was time to make our way back south. The drive was, as usual, monotonous, especially when we arrived at the M6 motorway.  By then we had run out of things to talk about until Dean said “did you hear any footsteps walking round us last night?”  and at this point I realised I hadn’t dreamt it after all.

We discussed this for a while and none of us could explain it, Simon simply did not hear it as he slept right through and Dean, to this day, has never given it much thought.  I still have no idea what it was, and, as this was some years ago, I will never know, only that it was a strange experience.

Writing this I still get the chills about who, or what, it may have been.

Trish Haill

BBC Report on Ben Nevis Screams/Howls feb 2015

Reported by a climber who is a BBC reporter. The corries of the Ben are often  busy with climbers, and a few years ago set out and  I joined them, I was travelling with a good friend and we wanted to climb the ice route called Comb Gully – a gully high in the corrie that’s bounded by the Trident Buttress on one side and the steep walls of Tower Ridge on the other.

We had heard stories of strange events from several climbers who reported to having heard the same distressing sound picked up by my friend Christopher and his climbing partner Scott on a previous climb. There are also a lot of reports of horrible howls and piercing Screams up on the corries. On this day the ice was perfect and we were climbing well. I was on the the crux pitch – its about about 10m or so of very steep ground – and I had my back wedged against a rock wall.  I was placing an ice screw when I heard the first scream. It started indistinctly, slightly muffled, but quickly became sharp into focus. It pierced through the mist – the most visceral, awful sound. People talk about blood curdling screaming and for the first time I understood what they meant. That noise sent a stream of cold blood around my veins and chilled the back of my neck.

My first thought was simple but terrible: I was listening to someone who had just watched a loved one – not simply a climbing partner, but a loved one – fall to their death. There was so much pain and loss in that dreadful noise. I froze for a moment, barely breathing, still perched on that vertical wall. I wasn’t in a secure position, hanging off a few millimetres of metal hooked into the ice. At that moment I just wanted to be gone – off the climb, off the mountain.

This screaming had brought home to me the possible consequences of getting something wrong, of making a mistake. That was honestly what I’d thought I’d heard – the consequences of someone getting it very wrong and losing their life. But there was no way to make a quick retreat – the fastest way out of this gully was up. I finished the crux and secured myself to three solid ice screws and brought my partner up.

We discussed the screams, trying to work out where they had come from, speculating on what might have happened, and agreed we needed to finish our climb as quickly as we could. We completed the final, easier pitch, and ended up on the Ben Nevis plateau in the mist, in complete silence.   I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I thought there would be some sort of noise. Something dreadful had happened. Surely we should be hearing the beginnings of a rescue – confident voices coming out of the fog. A Helicopters hum or the lights from torches. But there was nothing – just the sound of our subdued conversation and the clinking of our climbing gear being tidied into sacks as we packed up. A brief search close to where we finished our climb revealed nothing. We headed down to Fort William.

I later spoke to another climber I knew who had been on a route in the same corrie. He had abseiled off his route and gone to investigate the screams he heard, but he also found nothing. Other climbers have done the same. Nobody could find evidence of an accident and the police said no-one had been reported missing. So we don’t know who was screaming. We don’t know what happened to them. We probably never will. But I’ll never forget how a horrible scream coming out of the mist.

The Tall Grey Man outside the Bothy 2005

A gentleman Named Peter contacted the Sighting Report Page of the popular blog called  ‘The Big Grey Man’ Peter reported an incident from 2005. “I was standing alone outside the Bothy at night, It was in middle of Winter, I was leaning up against the wall near the window having a smoke, and looking out into the snowy darkness. Out of the corner of my eye, over to the left towards the stream, I caught a glimpse of a ‘tall grey figure’ moving.  At first I thought it was one of our party, although all of them were inside the bothy. So I turned to look properly and I couldn’t see anyone. It was probably just my mind playing tricks in the half-light, but it had gave me a little shiver, so I quickly finished my smoke and headed back in for warmth and company.


As you can see from the map Image there are a number of reports in this area, each reported by a different witness over decades, each individual or group thinking they were the only ones who had experienced something impossible on the mountain, Ben Nevis is set in its own National Park so it is surrounded by woodlands, thick forests and many waters sources, I wonder just how many more people are out there that have yet to come forward and share their account from the Mountain?

We are always looking for new members and researchers here at BBR, if you would like to become a member and help us to investigate these cases, or if you would like to meet up with researchers to explore the sighting areas please get in touch with me at



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