Large Dark “creature” Crossing the path. Dogman? Bigfoot? Briton Ferry Woods 1980’s

Witness Account N: Before I start I would like to say, Im really not sure what to call the “thing” “creature” “figure” that I experienced that day, I can only tell you what it looked and sounded like, and what happened, I have looked for answers for many years now and although there is so much information out there on cryptids, bigfoots and dogmen alike, there is no definitive guide, no chart you can plot it on for an answer, or a quiz you can take to see where your score leads.  You see a huge dark “figure” that moves not only on all fours but also on two, with ease, you hear it move through brush and felled trees easily as if the path was clear.  I can say it was massive, it sounded like a cow or a moose breaking through that scrub, it moved down the embankment, across the road and it was off into the shrub to my side with ease, it moved fluidly with purpose and I have no idea what it was.

Im in my 50’s now but back when I was a lad it was my 16th birthday and I was lucky enough to have been given an air rifle as a gift, There are two reservoirs where I lived then, one older than the other, I was coming from the New Reservoir area using the forestry tracks going to the Old Reservoir area.  It was around dusk, there is a high steep bank to my Left hand side and a low bank to my Right. The banks are heavily forested with lots of old logs and stumps, underbrush, brambles and prickles, the banks would of been a nightmare to struggle through and there were clear cut level gravel paths making for easy travel.  So I couldn’t quite believe it when I heard something crashing through the undergrowth keeping up with me at ease, it was huge, well it sounded huge, cow sized at least, smashing things out of the way and moving through that jumble of logs and rotten wood without any problem at all.  I felt shadowed, I could even tell it was going from two legs to four and back to two again, whatever worked best to keep moving forward.  I was getting pretty scared at this point, I could not think what could be doing that in there and to be honest without thinking I put a pellet in the air rifle, now as most lads will tell you there is a double bullet technique that is sometimes done to make a much louder crack when fired and this is what I did, I loaded one pellet as normal then put another down through the barrel and I pointed in the general direction of that noise and fired without even thinking about it, CRACK!!!

Image provided by the Witness. The New Reservoir

All goes quiet, nothing, not a sound and then I hear it moving again about 30 feet IN FRONT of me now.  I keep going as I can’t head back and whatever was shadowing me would come really close making a lot of noise and then pull back, move close, pull back, over and over, and I was really scared.  As I got parallel to the Old Reservoir it was ahead of me in the brush and then I saw “it” as it emerged from the undergrowth onto the road and crossed briefly.  “It” was really dark and bulky and I couldn’t see many details or make out “its” face, “it” then dropped onto all fours and was gone in seconds into the brush and scrub?  Even seeing “it” then with my own eyes as “it” approached and went past me on the road, I was still disbelieving what was happening.  I kept telling myself it was not happening.

Image provided by the Witness. The Old Reservoir

Whatever crossed the road was around 8ft or 9ft tall, it was very tall, and very bulky, but it moved with ease and had no problem walking on two legs. I dont really remember what I did after that, everytime I would think about that night I would tell myself it never happened. It was impossible.  Back then If I had known the word I would of said “bigfoot” but then you hear of so many other cryptids it could be like dogmen and the like.  I can not be sure 100% so for now I m happy just saying “I saw something huge, dark and upright on two legs, that moved with ease down on all fours that I can not explain” N. 2018

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