Little Golden Maned Men, Errington Woods 1/1/18 Trolls, Boggart? or small Hairy Folk?

YD: Deborah. I came across your website whilst searching for some help. I want to report something I saw on new years day this year while I was walking my dog. I know you usually take reports of  Bigfoot’s and Yetis but I don’t know how else to explain the “things” that I have saw or who to go too to report it. I guess you could call them Little Foots. Because I saw something in the woods that wasn’t large, but they were short. Two little small and hairy human type figures.

I regularly take my dog walking in some woods near the village of New Marke. These woods are called Errington Woods. Well on New Years day I was on my usual walk with the dogs when I heard these chattering noises, it sounded like two men muttering. and it sounded to me almost ape like. I looked into the trees where the direction of the sounds were coming from and I came across these two creatures both stood near a felled tree. They were about 3 feet tall and covered in tawny coloured hair.  They were both males and I saw anatomy on one. They looked like small primitive humans and one was wearing what I can only assume was a loin cloth. They each had a mane of hair down their necks. They were very muscular and I got the impression that they were not children or young, that they were fully grown. They were just two little men covered with golden tawny hair.

They stared at me for a few seconds and I got my mobile out. My black lab then started barking at them. As I was loading the camera they shot off into the bushes and I had no chance to take a picture. They soon disappeared and I lost sight of them. Any way that’s my story as it happened. Thanks for your time

This is another account very close to many others, along an estuary between coast and see and is not the only account of hairy little men. in fact here is one from Staffordshire in 1975.

Slitting Mill, Three Hairy Things 1975

In 1975 a young couple Barry and Elaine are returning from a Christmas party in the early morning with their two children asleep in the back seat and driving towards their home in Slitting Mill (Staffs). The car stalled and Barry, then in his twenties jumped out to check the engine, his wife saw ‘something’ that the then young couple later described as ‘trolls’. According to Barry, Elaine let out a loud scream, terrified by the sight of a small figure that ran across the road in front of them at a high rate of speed.  She explains: “I just about saw it at the last second, and then another one followed it, and then a third one. The best way I can describe them to you is like a hairy troll or something like that. Little thick bodied hairy men that moved really fast across the road.  We had some moonlight so it was easy to see them and they were like little men, but with hunchbacks and big, hooked noses and not a stitch on them at all.  Nothing covering the bod, just hair all over them.  I’d say they were all four-feet-tall, and when the third one crossed by us, you could see them at the edge of the trees – wary, or something,  as if not wanting to enter the woods? anyway.”

The Tiny Weeping Figure Evesham 1980’s

In this case a young lad out playing was returning home and saw  a strange creature that wasn’t only small but hair covered. ” I could see a largish bulk directly beneath the lamppost that made me look harder, as this type of thing was never usually there. To my astonishment and dis-belief I saw what seemed to be an animal of some sort as it had rugged hair and I could see its body was kind of raising up and down to the motion of breathing, this creature appeared to be standing on its hind legs, and was standing about little over one metre high with its back towards me. What ever it was, it was definitely an alive animal that stood easily on its hind legs as if it were a bipedal hominid of some sort. (and what seemed even more crazy was the fact that) it actually appeared to be crying/sulking exactly like you might expect a small child to do. I could see that it actually had its right arm upwards with its forearm against its forehead with its body tipped forward towards the lamppost using it to lean against or even hide its face in the exact same way small children do, I walked away as quickly and as quietly as I could.

I wonder how many other witnesses there out there to small figures like this. If you are one or know someone who is, please get in touch I would love to hear from you, and I think so would the witnesses to these small “figures”  

Until Next time Deborah

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