Long Calls From the Mountain? Black Mountains Wales

14/12/17: Today I was contacted by a lady researcher in Wales: I was at my home property in Wales tonight about 5 pm when I heard 3 loud unusual calls in the Carmarthen /Brecon Welsh boarder Towns. I was just at home, and there are woodlands at the back of the house, and the calls seemed to be coming from that direction, The house we live in backs onto the woodlands then there are mountains behind that, so there are no buildings or anything in that direction I can think of that the calls could of been. I jumped up but by the time I had made it outside the dogs everywhere in the town were going crazy and drowned out the noise. After a minute everything went quiet so I went back inside. Then about 20 mins later there was one long loud sound again (that I heard) and there may of been more as the dogs went crazy again.

I am used to the usual noises around here and I can not think what animal it could be. It certainly set the dog’s off howling and wailing? I am going to go online and see if its an animal or something else that wouldn’t normally be in this area? I should add we took a short cut through the rough area yesterday and it really felt like we were being watched too, a few branches were being snapped behind us as we walked and we couldn’t see anyone around.

My dog is a Doberman and she is at the back fence now barking and barking and its 9.30 pm. I wonder if she is picking up on something, I will let you know more as it happens Deborah.

C. Driver

17/12/17: It was quiet last night no noises at all so we decided to go out with the kids to the woods today, It felt very different today and we heard the noises start up again.  My eldest daughter described them as “Tasmanian devil noises” I have not mention what I think may be in the woods to them, so as not to scare them so i was shocked when my daughter pointed in one direction and said she could see a face.  I asked her where and she pointed again and said “there look its looking back at me” All I could make out was a black shadowy shape but I was viewing it from another direction.  She did explain later she could only see the head and the eyes looking at her, so at the time I tried to play it down as an animal or something.

At that point something smaller and brown in colour moved off and the movement made us all look in that direction.  When we looked back the “face” had gone.  My youngest girl was so worried and scared I brought them straight back home, I waited till they were settle and had started to explain it away and as I am writing this down in the Journal I am second guessing myself again.

The face in the trees was dark/black and it had hair or fuzz around the face and my daughter said the eyes were a golden colour.  To be honest I’m itching to get back out there and look for prints or any signs of something moving around.

I had a look on the map at the area the howls would of come from and the area itself is ideal set between the Shropshire Area of Natural Beauty and the Brecon Beacon national park there is everything you would need to survive and thrive in the UK. And of course the Black Mountain Werewolf is another account from the same area. There does seem to be many other accounts leading to and from this area.   https://youtu.be/h79W4l6q_nA

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