Man and Son See Bigfoot in Greene County, Springfield, Missouri 2002

The events of that I am about to relate to you happened on August 23, 2002. just outside of Springfield Missouri.It was about 2:00 am. My 18-year-old son and I had driven out into the country to get away from the city lights to watch the meteor Shower. We drove south on Hwy ZZ and stopped at the top of a large hill on the Greene / Christian County line.We turned west onto a gravel road and stopped on the top of a hill. There were no close by trees or structures to interfere with our viewing of the night sky. It was a clear night with no moon.After a few minutes in the dark our eyes adjusted quite well. We could see the open fields to the East and south and north of us. Looking west we could see the light coloured road going down the hill and off into the distance.After watching the sky for a few minutes I noticed out of the corner of my eye something large moving in the field south of us. At first I couldn’t tell if I was actually seeing something or not, when I looked directly at it I couldn’t see it but then if I looked off centre of it I could see it in my peripheral vision. At times it seemed to be moving west then east. I realised it was zigzagging back and forth. I asked my son if he saw it but he didn’t. About then there was a flurry of shooting stars and I diverted attention to the sky again figuring it must have been a cow or a deer.

After a few minutes both my son and I were facing northeast when we heard a very deep and loud growl from behind us. Almost together we turned to each other and said” did you hear that”. Turning around we both could see a large object in the road. We could not make out any details except its outline against the light coloured roadway.It was huge, it seemed to have a roughly man like shape but a kind of cone head and extremely wide shoulders. It was swaying back and forth about half way down the hill. After watching it for a few seconds I realised that it was swaying back and forth because it was walking up the hill toward us. At this time it growled yet again, a very low deep rumble like growl. I noticed how quiet everything else was. In fact I remember thinking how funny if was that the thing made no sound on the gravel as it walked. By this time it was getting fairly close, perhaps three to four car lengths away.It growled once again very loud and what seemed unnaturally long. With that my son screamed “lets get the hell out of here” We jumped into our car and I floored it down the road and back to the highway. I didn’t slow down till we hit town.The next day, (in full daylight of course) I went back out to the spot. I didn’t find any tracks or anything.

I did however notice that there was a 4-foot high barbwire fence between the field on the South and the road. If this thing was the same thing that I had seen in the field zigzagging across it would have had to step or jump the fence, as the fence was not strong enough for anyone to climb, especially something as big as this.I do not know what it was but it obviously did not want us there and made no bones about it. I am very curious if anyone else in this area has seen anything similar recently.It was down hill from us so it is difficult to say how tall it was but It was much taller than a man, and because it was so dark we couldn’t see much other than the shape and outline but I do remember thinking how odd it looked because it had no neck. The head was resting on the shoulders.I watch the Discovery channel all the time and I have never heard anything like we heard that night. It was very deep and clear. Thinking about it makes the hair on my arms stand up even now. . .

One of the oldest reports to hit the newspapers was in Alton Missouri The Mountain View Standard June 26, 1925

People reported seeing an animal covered with brown hair and with a face something like a monkey that walked upright like a man. Would disappear in brush when spotted. No size given. Called “the wildman,” the story was believed to have been explained when very hairy all over but clothed man was found lurking in brush near Chillicothe, 235 miles away in mid August. Another witness from Truman Lake, near Warsaw stated:This is the first time I have talked about this in depth; it has been about 7 or 8 years ago maybe more.I was bow hunting with my father down at Truman Lake down by Warsaw. My dad went up this hill side and I went along the field; after two hours went by and I heard a scream like never before so I thought it was time to go to the truck.I was there about ten minutes when my dad showed up and said he was up on the hill when something walked up on him just on the other side of some cedars. It walk back and forth a few times like he was in its way then let out this scream like he had never heard. It sounded like it was right next to me so it must have really been loud to him. I saw it one other time two years ago when I was going down C hwy about the same place the first encounter.

At that spot there is a hard turn to the left; once I made the turn and my headlights came around there it was at first I thought it was just me, but I turned around and went back. The thing was still there just a little closer to the woods. If you are interested e-mail me back may-be we could meet up down at the lake I would be happy to show you were I was.

Jimmy ToddCass

County, Missouri – 1969

It was late fall. About 2 weeks after the cornfields were picked. We lived 2 miles south of Strawsburg Missouri, by Big Creek. I was out fishing on the creek about ½ mile from my house. I had been fishing for about 6 hours and it was starting to get dark. I kept hearing something up above me on the top of the bank I was in the creek about 12 ft down. I at first thought it was a dog or something. My dog use to come down where I was fishing. The fish were biting great so I wasn’t paying too much attention to any thing else. Then I smelled something that smelled like across between a hog and a skunk. It would come and go. I thought that there was a skunk was up there. Like I said the fish was biting good. When it started to get dark I started loading up my fishing gear to go and thought I would make 2 trips up the bank. One with the poles and bait etc and one with the fish. To be able to go up the bank I had to walk up the bank about 100 ft to where their was a small creek running in and climb the bank there. Well I walked around and up the bank to lay my poles down and thought I saw something up the bank where I was fishing. But really didn’t get a good glimpse of it.

I started back down the bank, back to where the fish were. As I rounded the curve in the creek I saw something that looked like a giant gorilla picking up the stringers of fish. I froze! I thought I might be seeing things or something because it was starting to get dark. Then the creature turned and looked at me and took off with one of my stringers of fish. It jumped over the creek almost to the other side about 12 ft or so. Then ran up the embankment and disappeared. I was scared s*** less and froze it took me a minute or so to realise what happened. (During the interview with the witness, he confide he had never seen anything like it. It was a dark colour, tall and covered with hair except for the bottom of its buttocks, which were bare of hair. Its arm’s were long and it held the stringer in a human fashion. It left footprints.)I went back up the bank grabbed my pole and ran for home checking over my shoulder all the way through the open cornfield. I tried to tell my mom and dad but they said I was just seeing things and it was probably just someone’s monkey that got away or something and I just thought it looked big.But I tell you if it was a monkey, it was about an 8 foot monkey. I wanted to take my dad back to see the footprints in the mud and he said we would go down the next morning. But that night it rained hard and the creeks were up. I never went back down there fishing again. Before that happened, it was my favourite spot to fish.

One other time about 10 years ago I was deer hunting down by the Lake of the Ozarks by Climax Springs on a friend’s land. I have hunted there many times. The land has a ¾-mile right of way just to drive in. Anyway I had been taking my son hunting with me for several years and it was his 3-year for me to let him hunt by himself on a separate stand. He was about 200 yards from me. Anyway I kept having a strange feeling and it felt like the hair standing on the back of my neck for about 10 minutes or so. I couldn’t see anything unusual, then suddenly I heard my son shoot. So I climbed down to go help him dress the deer. When I got there he was still in his stand and pale as a ghost. I asked him what happened he said he seen a huge buck right below him by the stand and shot it. He said it walked about 10 ft and fell down. Then he heard something funny and was looking around. He said he seen something by his deer and he looked the other way because he was scared. He said he was hoping if he didn’t look at it, the thing wouldn’t see him. He never really saw what it was for sure because of the small cedar trees.

He said that the head came just above the trees. The trees were approximately 8 feet high, give or take a foot. My son said when he looked back the deer was gone. Well I figured he just had buck fever because it was the first big buck he ever shot while by himself. So we walked over to where the deer should have been and it was gone. It looked like about 1 gallon of blood on the ground. There was a big puddle and all over. There was also a trail of blood so I followed it thinking the deer was just wounded real bad and would find it before long. By the time the blood trail stopped I know I must have seen about a gal or two of blood. There was no ways a deer could go that far with that much blood loss.Finally after about an hour of tracking and trying to find the deer we found one of the legs that looked like it had been literally torn off the deer. Then about half-hour later found part of another leg. But never did find the deer.

I have probably killed 35 to 40 deer in my life time with rifle, bow, and black powder and had never seen anything like that before. It had to be something big enough to pick up and carry a deer off like that leaving no drag trail. Strange… I hope this helps. I don’t tell anyone about these things because I don’t want them to think I am crazy. But I know what I saw and heard and what happened and nothing will ever convince me otherwise…


Don Thomas, Arkansas

Nighttime sighting at City Lake Park outside Sullivan 2009

This past October I was walking along Mattox Dr, by City Lake Park in Sullivan Missouri. It was around 11, 11 20 PM on a Thursday night and the park is remote and empty on a night like that. I am 29 and stand 6 foot 6 inches. My vision is 15/20 in my left eye, better than normal. As I came around the curb, I had the National Preserve, Meramec State Park to my right. As I looked ahead some 70 to 100 feet and I saw this tall monkey with long legs go by under one of the lights. I immediately looked to my right at the three line as fear overwhelmed my body. I turned around, pacing myself back towards town, trying to make sense of what I saw. It stood about 7 feet, and it was hairy, the hair of the arms was hanging 3, to 4 inches, it was the only part of the silhouette that was clearly hairy and I could notice clearly that it had ape like hairy arms. I went back to the house and researched the subject on you tube, but most of the videos showed a much heavier set creature.

A lot of people that I talked to just can not believe me. Last night I came across the Jacobs video and the similarity struck me. I know that is hard to believe what I saw and I myself was a sceptic of this phenomenon, until it happened to me. Now I know that the creature in cause exists. Do we know why it is so elusive?  It seams that it was leaving the park when it saw me? Why would a creature so large be scared of a human? The park is right off the second Sullivan exit. Is called the City Lake Park, and it is near heavy forested areas like the Meramec State park, and Mark Twain National Forrest.  I walked in that park almost every evening before bed time, no other time have I witnessed anything similarly. I have no intention to gain any benefit from my experience.

Thank you.

One local Bigfoot Research Team have numerous accounts for the State. According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organisation, there have been 147 reports of Bigfoot sightings in the State of Missouri alone.

Cody, a student at Missouri State University who didn’t want us to broadcast his last name, is one person who claims to have had an encounter with Bigfoot. On a late May night in 2012, Cody was with three friends who went to a game access area close to Smithville Lake in Clay County, Missouri. Late at night, with the windows in their Jeep cracked, Cody and his friends began to feel uneasy, as everything around them became silent.  “I’ve seen bears, I’ve seen mountain lion, I’ve seen bobcat,” Cody said. “Even in the dead of night, checking game cameras in southern Arkansas, and hearing a panther scream, I’ve never heard anything that quiet in my entire life.”

As Cody and his friends were getting ready to leave, they spotted something in the distance that still haunts them to this day. “About 20 yards off the front of the Jeep, there’s something in the tall grass looking at us,” Cody said. “This grass is about three or four feet high and it’s like it’s a big thing with eyes like tail lights just looking at us.”

In a panic, the driver drove through a small cable fence, pulling the cables ties out. Cody said they almost hit the creature. “The thing then stood up, and it was at least two feet taller than the jeep that we were sitting in.,” Cody said. “I got within about 15, 20 feet of it.” Cody says he got a better look at the creature from that distance. “It’s just like what people say,” Cody said. “It looks like a person, but not like a person. Kind of like a monkey, but not like a monkey, or ape, rather. And then we just drove out of there.”


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