Man in Ireland claims Bigfoot Attack. Teddy Boy Bigfoot Irish Hoaxer

A Youtuber from Ireland claimed last month to not only having found Bigfoot in a very busy and well used forest in the UK, also that he was attacked and sustained a head injury in the process, as regular visitors will know, I do believe that Bigfoot is in the UK but I doubt the claims being made here.  The man who’s youtube channel is Teddyboybigfoot said on the video description “He got me when I was thinking about going close by his property! # sore feckin head” This video has been removed along with a member of comments pointing out his hoaxes by members of the public in his area and fellow Irish researcher who are outraged at this man’s behaviour.

Mr T must be a very unusual Bigfoot Researcher as he chose a well used cut through, full of trash and litter, old bushcraft shelters, bottles, tarpaulins, old tyres, black bin liners strewn everywhere, in what resembles a homeless camp with a very well trodden and often used track between two very busy housing estate, further enquiries made on behalf of myself by the respectable researchers in Ireland were quickly able to identify the area, which is around 150klm from the nearest forest. On his first visit into the “forest” he had found a “camp” within two days of this he had “eyeshine” “growls” and a “near death experience” after this was pointed out, he did change his area in further videos, you can see quite clearly the difference in areas before and after he was outed.  He tried to cover himself by quoting a well known American researcher as his proof of legitimacy. Leaving no stone upturned the American Researcher was contacted by myself and he did advise this was in fact untrue and he had no knowledge of the man in question or his “research”

So we did some further checking into the “wound” as you can see from these two photos taken hours apart and available to view on his channel here

Now forgive me if I am wrong but on gaining a head injury that in itself should not produce any blood, a bruise Yes, an egg shaped lump Yes but a smear of bright red blood?? mmh suspicion aroused, I then compared both images of the “head wound” and im sure you will agree there is no impact or injury of any kind, both smears seem applied in the hope of convincing your good selves on his honesty.

At the time of supposed impact by an angry sasquatch in clear daylight, he was able to sneak up on them and make it “almost into camp”


Within the hour all the swelling has gone, more blood applied and no sign of injury and the “wound” has moved lower and to the left.


No doubt there is a place for Mr T also now known as “the ketchup bandit” but British Bigfoot Research is not it.

So what do you think? Raging Sasquatch Attack? or “Dogman on the loose” or a simple case of “i wanna” “i wanna” ?? I shall leave that to your good selves to decide.

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