Man sees Sasquatch Killing a Moose, Alberta Canada

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Randy is a Hunter and Nature Guide from Alberta Canada. He is a keen outdoors man and likes to hunt, sometimes alone and at other times with the family, he is used to the usual animals in the Forest and lakes and their habits and the noises they make, he and his wife spend a lot of time together in a tree stand just watching the bears on the property.  At one point there were 8 Bears around them and Randy had to swat them away from the stand, so I think it is fair to say although Randy has a very relaxed and respectful attitude towards nature he isnt going to be messed with either. He has hunted all his life and spends days away in remote areas, tracking and sharing his knowledge of animal sign, I learnt more from him about tracking and signs in an hours phone call than I did in my 52 years on earth. He knows his signs, the wild food stuffs and a thousand little tidbits of knowledge lost to my culture decades ago, he explained how each animal leaves its own mark on a different section of the tree and how to recognise which sign comes from which animal. I was so grateful for his advice I asked him if he could share all of this knowledge with people who love the outdoors and also for us Bigfoot Researchers, Randy’s advice was invaluable and I am looking forward to hear more from him.

Randy was hunting bear one day when he saw a Moose that came charging out of the bush, the Moose was a huge Bull and it looked terrorfied, its eyes were rolled back and it was making a screaming noise I had never heard an animal make before, I couldn’t understand what I was seeing on the back of the Moose as there was a huge creature, Randy watched in awe as the two creatures battled each other in a life or death event. The creature was thickly muscled and had hands and feet, no neck and was very tall, it brought the Moose down to the ground, after swiping at the moose over and over with its huge hands. It got itself in a position where it had its arms round the Moose’s neck, it pulled backwards and the moose went down.

Everything went completely silent, no birds, no animals, just a hush.  Randy walked backwards slowly and quietly to his truck and drove out of the area, he kept driving until he hit sidewalks and pulled in and stopped for a coffee in a bid to get his mind together and try and work out what he had just seen.  He was out for bear that day and he was fully armed but at no point did he feel like he needed to take a shot, he said he was more in awe of what he had seen, he also believes the creature was so focused on the moose it didn’t see him at any point. I watched the two creatures in a primal battle that ended with the death of the Moose, I was shaken up by what I had seen and I just couldn’t get my thoughts together and I have kept the incident to myself for years and it has played on my mind ever since.  When they first emerged from the bushes the ‘man like creature’ was really tall, the tail end of the moose came up to his mid rib section.  And this wasn’t a small Moose, it was a huge bull with 50″ paddles.  We chatted for a while about this sighting and Randy went on to explain another incident about 10 miles out of Edmonton.

I have seen some very strange things in the forests out here, I once shot a Deer that was only about 40 yrd in front of me, I hit it clean and it dropped down into the long grass, the grass was about 4 ft tall and pretty thick. I waited and kept my eye out for Bears as this is the time they will get attracted by your kill and come charging at speed out of the undergrowth, and this grass was ideal for that very purpose.  I walked over to collect the Deer which took a matter of seconds and it was gone? there was no trail out of there, no blood, no drag marks, no signs of animals or anything, I was stumped, I did a grid search and found nothing! I then did a spiral search moving out from where you could see the Deer had dropped and still nothing! I went back numerous times thinking ‘surely il find the antlers or hide’ or even smell it, I took my friend back there to and told him the whole story and we both looked together. I was still bugged by that for about 3yrs after it happened. But seeing that ‘Creature’ take down that Moose will stay with me forever. I have only ever told my Wife, one friend and You. I explained to my friend about the screaming noise the Moose and the creature made as they fought, still trying to convince myself it was just a Bear, but my friend said “Bears dont scream like that Randy” and he’s right.

On another hunting trip this time with his children in another area closer to Edmonton a place they have been before, but they had never been in some of the thicker areas, this time they decided to do just that so they headed for an area they hadn’t been in before. As they were walking along looking for any tracks or signs of any passing Bears they ended up in one part of the property they hadn’t checked before, in there they came to an area that looked strange, everything was empty, no ground cover at all. The bark was missing off all of the trees and the floor was completely clean, not a leaf or a pine needle, no sticks or twigs, and it looked like someone had ‘cleared’ the entire area. As they were all looking around wondering what had happened in that spot, trying to come up with a reason for the ‘destruction’ when they noticed off some ways off what looked at first like a tall upright walking Bear, the Bear was walking in their direction, now as Randy explained normally Bears walk with a waddling gait, if they are down on all fours they swing their heads in all directions as they walk sniffing the air as they go, they can raise to two legs, but they look very awkward when they do it, they also have ears on top of their heads and claws not hands. The creature coming our way was moving along walking fluidly, ‘It’ also had huge shoulders and no neck. It was really dark in colour and on seeing Randy and the children ‘It’ did a strange thing, ‘It’ turned in a sharp movement left (turned on a dime is the phrase) and moved off into the tree line and hid behind a tree, ‘It’ stayed behind the tree peeking out for a short time as we watched ‘It’  We kept asking each other “what is that” and the kids started to get a little spooked.  The younger ones were a bit scared as we started to walk towards ‘It’ but that upset the kids and I turned around to move us off to safety and it used that moment to move really quickly dropping down to the ground and just vanishing. It was very similar to the creature I saw with the Moose, thickly muscled and very dark in colour, it looked like it had no neck, the head was right on the shoulders, and the chest was very broad. I took the children back to the vehicle and we left the area.

I have never told anyone the details of that day, but my Wife has asked me over and over to contact you and share this event.  It was only on speaking with you that I realised there may be others who have seen this creature also.

Being a lover of the outdoors and the old ways, as you can imagine chatting with Randy was a joy for me, we chatted about the areas out there, the animals and their habits.  As he is a guide and a hunter he had a wealth of stories to tell and I enjoyed everyone of them, now Im longing for snowy pine forests and tundra as I write from my little room in the UK.  I explained to Randy that the behaviour he described ie: tree peeking, the fluid gait, the build, were all consistent of what we now call Sasquatch behaviour.  

I did manage to find an old report from Feb 1976 that happened very close to Slave lake,   BRFO

I was driving on the highway between Westlock and Slave Lake. It was close to the Saulteaux river crossing. I was driving alone from my parents house in Gibbons, going home to Slave Lake, Alberta. I was a meteorological technician at the time. I was going down to the Saulteaux river crossing and spotted a large animal up ahead on the side of the highway standing on the snow ridge. It then ran through the snow on two legs, at great speed diagonally in the opposite direction I was going, ‘It’ ran to the edge of the forest, ‘It’ then stopped, turned around and stared at me. I had stopped the car by this time and had a really good look at ‘It’. It was about 11;00 P.M. and the sky was clear with almost a full moon shining and it was around -20. ‘It’ was very tall, about 8 feet in height and ‘It’ was covered in dark fur, maybe a dark reddish brown in colour. It’s face was bare of fur and it had a lion like mane. I was terrified at this point and took off.

A researcher from the BRFO Blaine McMillan went out to meet the witness at the area and added these notes. As the witness approached the bridge over the Saulteaux River he saw an upright creature running at a 45 degree angle from the right hand edge of the road toward the tree line that was some 40 metres away. He estimated that it stood close to 8 feet in height. ‘Its’ arms appeared to be long and ‘It’ swung them in an exaggerated fashion as ‘It’ moved. He said the creature covered that distance in less than 10 seconds in snow that was three feet deep. When ‘It’ had reached the safety of the tree line it stopped and turned to look towards him.


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