The UK has a history of strange Giant Human Like, Hair Covered, Upright Walking,  Nature loving figures from The Green Man and the Woodswoose of old all the way to our modern British Wildman or as he is commonly known now The British Bigfoot. Here you will find many of the Witness accounts. Please browse the accounts and experiences with our thanks.


If you have had an experience or encounter or would like further information on The British Bigfoot there is a contact form on the sidebar which can be accessed by the menu, or contact me at debbiehatswell@gmail.com  Please include as much information as you can remember IE: weather? Time of Day: Description of creature or experience if possible, and or Area: What you were doing before and after the experience?  I will not publish any account without your say so, and it is fine if you would like to keep the account secret and anon.

Here at British Bigfoot your needs are our priority, confidence is 100% guaranteed and we can help you to contact other witnesses or researchers here in the UK if that is what you would like.  Your in control as the experience is yours not ours.

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Until Next Time, Deborah Hatswell

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