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The UK has a history of strange Giant Human Like, Hair Covered, Upright Walking,  Nature loving figures from The Green Man and the Woodswoose of old all the way to our modern British Wildman or as he is commonly known now The British Bigfoot. Here you will find many of the Witness accounts. Please browse the accounts and experiences with our thanks.


If you have had an experience or encounter or would like further information on The British Bigfoot there is a contact form on the sidebar which can be accessed by the menu, or contact me at  Please include as much information as you can remember IE: weather? Time of Day: Description of creature or experience if possible, and or Area: What you were doing before and after the experience?  I will not publish any account without your say so, and it is fine if you would like to keep the account secret and anon.

Here at British Bigfoot your needs are our priority, confidence is 100% guaranteed and we can help you to contact other witnesses or researchers here in the UK if that is what you would like.  Your in control as the experience is yours not ours.

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SIGHTINGS/EXPERIENCES MAP. Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Dogman, Werewolf and Other Strange Creature Map.  


The Sightings Map Goes Global. I am very pleased to announce that the Map has gone international. From now on I will be bringing all of the reports I saved over the years as I have researched.  I will be adding old and new reports and sightings from every country and continent. When I originally started this map back in 2003 I only added UK accounts. As the years have gone by and the lack of reporting facilities available I have been lucky enough to speak to witnesses and collect their accounts and experiences from all over the world, in the coming weeks I will also be adding these to the map as they come in. The map will continue to update as new accounts come in.

Would you be willing to make a small donation to help fund researchers with equipment (the donation amount is your choice as all donation amounts are very welcome) It is a one off secure payment through PayPal and you will not be charged at any other point.  The map will then always be accessible to you for as long as you need it. Please bookmark or save the map if possible, and if there are any problems at all, just contact me at

This donation gives you unlimited access to over 500 Creature accounts across the UK. (just click on any of the icons and the account opens up for you to read.  There are links included , research finds, footprint casts and a whole host of Witness accounts, to websites and podcasts, videos, groups, forums and live feeds.  The map is updated in real time and will continue to be updated as new reports come in. From British Bigfoots to Dogmen, Werewolves and Bargests, and a whole host of strange or paranormal experiences. Banshee’s and Geets, Orcs and Bear men, Owl men and Vulture men and the Bone Cruncher of old, Mothmen, Lizard Men, Goatmen and Sheep Squatches, Wood Boogers and all manner of cryptid folk. I am sure you will find something i’m sure to suit all tastes. Deb

Please make a donation through Paypal ( or visit the website here

I try to provide as much information on as many social platforms as possible, in the hopes of finding new witnesses who are out there alone, with no one to share their experience with.  Or to help the newcomers who need hints and tips on where to go.

To see my sighting reports and videos before they are made public, or to view exclusive podcasts and worldwide Cryptid reports please pop along to my Patreon Channel. I will be adding all of my sighting accounts here and many world wide reports I have collected over the years.


To see any images visit the website link below.








Thank you for your continued support if you have any queries please contact me at the email address above.

Thank You, as always,

Until Next Time, Deborah Hatswell

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