Meet The Researchers.

Deborah Hatswell: Worsley Area Lancs: Researcher and blogger from Salford in Lancashire.

Gordon Mackay: Polkemmet Area. So this is who I am
As you can see from my photo collection the 2 most beautiful women in my life is my wife and my mother. However I would be happy with Bigfoot in my life to. But they haven’t revealed themselves yet. But I enjoy looking for them and there signs. Am new to all of the Bigfoot community so am looking to learn as I go along. I also enjoy the nature when I am out Bigfooting. So even when I find nothing of Bigfoot signs I still have a go time. Thanks Gordon Mackay


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I am a researcher and cryptozoologist based in the North West of England. I have collected and mapped over 35 years more than 450 British Bigfoot Accounts . I have spoken to hundreds of witnesses and their accounts can be found here or by searching British Bigfoot Map. If you have had an experience or would like more information on the British Bigfoot please contact me at

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