Mike Werewolf and Dogman Researcher Field Journal Part 1 – 7

Werewolf log part 1

First entry, date 4.5.16

Search area, Maple Durnham, Nuney Green and Chazey Heath (North of Reading)

Weather- Sunny and clear

Temp- 18c

The purpose of this search was to find foot prints and any hides, and to try and establish if Werewolves or Wildman are in the area. Nothing found.

Date 5.11.16
Search area, Nuney Green and along the B4526
Time 11.39 am to 12.09 pm
Temp- 7c
Weather- Slightly overcast, cloudy but no rain
Of interest on one side of the Woods there was bird song and on the other side total dead silence no sounds at all to report, I feel no presence of danger, but I do feel as if i am being watched.

Werewolf sightings and locations based on colleagues and friends
Longcross near Chobham, this was in June 2009
Nuney Green, Oxfordshire (Ongoing)

Waltington Hill, Oxfordshire Charlbury and Chadbury in Oxfordshire (The locals have reported large wild Black canines in the area going back decades)
Bircher Common near Leominster, the sighting was in 2017
Saddleworth Moor in March 2017 along the A635, one Werewolf was described as being large as a Pony

Hazel Farm, near Macclesfield during September 2017 (3 Sheep killed by a large Canine which was stated by the Police. 10 other Sheep were run around until they died of heart failure. One of the Sheep killed had its rear legs ripped out of their sockets)

Over the Coming months, Mike will explain in more detail the earlier events that have happened to himself and started his journey into researching the werewolf/dogman in his area of the UK. And his future research as his search goes on. Mike has kindly provided me with photographs from one of the incidents above and you can see them below. Mike has agreed to keep us up to date with any further happenings and will be attending Cannock Chase next month in the hopes of answers or signs of the werewolves reported there, and to date other than the North East Coast of the UK has the largest number of werewolf sightings to date. Anyone wishing to contact Mike for information, help or advice is welcome to do so, i have his contact details and can pass them on. Any help on the images above would be very welcome, as there does seem to be a figure in the foliage.

A close up by BigFoot Tony 

Mike’s Werewolf Journal’s.. 2 Footprints and Dens 2016/17

Date 15.4.17

Search area- Zone 1 (Of Nuney Green)

Weather- Clear and sunny

Temp- 14.5c

Searched zone 1 and found some more prints, 18 to 22 inches in length, also found 2 new dens, a lot of trees bent over and some of them were interlocked. Search time 15.35 to 16.09 hours, proceeded to zone 2 of Nuney Green. Zone 2 had some signs of den building and shows some promise, search time 16.10 to 16.46 hours.

Note (Added 16.10.17)

I’ve divided Nuney Green as follows

Zone 1, either side of the B4526, I call this the main residential area (5 of my sightings have happened here)

Zone 2, left side of the A4074, if you’re heading in the direction of Ipsden, I call this area the training ground

Zone 3, right side of the A4074, if you’re heading in the direction of Ipsden, I call this area the Kindergarten area

Date 23.4.17

Search area- Zone 1 and 3

Weather- Cloudy but bright with sunny spells

Temp- 14c

I searched Zone 1, found some trees with stripped off bark, but I’m sure of the cause, but I definitely had the sense I was being watched, which caused me to turn around and I saw staring back at me, with its head just sticking above a fallen tree, a large black canine head with pointed ears looking right at me, I looked back at it, where upon it ducked down and like fool I went looking for it because it seemed to me to be a juvenile. Anyway I decided to go and search another zone 3.

Zone 3 had some old prints and a new one, anyway while walking in the woods, 8 large deer bolted from a tree line which made me jump and I stopped waiting for something to come out of the tree line chasing them, this happened about 10 meters to my front, but nothing ever did come running out of the tree line chasing them, I reasoned maybe I was the cause for them to bolt?  The deer were greyish-white in colour. In Nuney Green we have three types of deer, a small breed with two larger types, one of which is greyish/white in colour and the other type is sandy brown/white in colour. Search time 08.40 to 11.45 hours.

Mike’s Werewolf Journal’s Parts.. 3, Foot prints Field Research

Date- 13.5.17

Search area- Wychwood Forest in Oxfordshire

Weather- Warm, muggy with good visibility and bouts of sunshine

Temp- Not taken

I searched Wychwood Forest which is near Chalbury; As this was an area described to me as an place well known for large wild black canines by people local to the area. This area is also known as a camp site for tourists and outdoors leisure etc. I searched a small patch as I was new to this area, i didnt want to wander too far off track, but I did find two sets of prints that were 12 inches long and 10 inches wide which were near a tourist camp site, these prints were triangular in shape, search time was 14.00 to 15.10 hours.


I drove around the back of Wychwood Forest via Leaffield, Choddlington and Chalbury, looking for signs of activity which would I suspect needs a full day’s investigation, to really cover the whole area.

Date- 16.5.17

Search area- Nuney Green Zone 1 and 3

Weather- Warm, slight cloud cover with sunshine (Visibility good)

Temp- Not taken

I returned to an old area (Zone 1, from my encounter on 12.2.17) I found some triangular/pear shaped prints, 8 inches wide and 10 inches long, I also found a new den which I have not seen before. I took some photos on my mobile phone. Returning to my car I saw under the dark shade of a tree, after looking very hard, an outline of a very large head looking at me, I got into my car and sat there and sure enough a large black canine head popped up from the under growth about 50 feet or so from my car, I took some quick photos and decided to leave. Search time 13.45 to 15.00 hours.



I returned to the scene of yesterdays encounter just to make sure it was not a mistake or a piece of wood or a branch etc in regards to what I had seen under the tree, basically my furry friend had used the shade of the tree to hide itself, in short I had to walk past this tree and I never saw him until I turned to the car and then that’s when I caught the outline of one side of its head which was massive, and to add further worry I found the spot where it had laid down when it was watching me, the body width from the impression left in grass and undergrowth was about five across and the length was about the size of my car, which by the way is a 5 door Skoda Octavia, search time 14.10 to 14.32 hours, the weather was cloudy but warm with sporadic light rain showers

Mike went to explain to me in more detail that

The encounter he had on the the 12.2.17 and the one from the 16.5.17 have (Out of the seven that I’ve had) those two have have by far been the most ingrained in my memory, the one from the 12.2.17 left me absolutely scared witless due to the suddenness of it and the one from the 16.5.17 left me in awe simply because of its sheer size.

Date- 23.5.17

Search area- Zone 1 and 2

Weather- Warm, muggy with spell of sunshine with cloud cover (Visibility excellent)

Temp- Not taken

Today I spent looking for dens in zone 2 and getting closer to them, and I did get the sense I was being watched for a brief spell, I did find a 20 inch long and 13 inch wide foot print which I think must belong to a Wildman. In zone 1 nothing much except again, I had the sense of being watched and what made it more creepy was the some birds were still singing, normally when these creatures are around everything goes dead silent, I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing. Search time was from 10.50 to 12.03 hours.

Mike’s Werewolf Journal parts.. 4 Timber Wolves

Date- 29.7.17

Search area- Zone 1

Weather- Over cast with bouts of sunshine

Temp- Not taken

I searched Zone 1; I didn’t find much but the atmosphere was ‘different’ today. It was something I couldn’t quite put my finger on, I felt uneasy and so I decided to leave. Search time 08.49 to 09.59 hours.

Date- 30.8.17

Search Zone- Nuney Green and Sulhampstead (New area of interest)

Weather- Overcast, light rain showers but visibility was good

Temp- Not taken

Firstly I searched zone 1 in Nuney Green where I found some large prints again but the woods were deadly quiet, I certainly had the feeling it was time to go, search time 09.30 to 10.40 hours. I decided to look at Sulhampstead which is a new area on the west side of Reading, it’s a small rural village with a canal with open fields and woods running alongside the canal, there was tree sign but not much else to see, search time 10.55 to 12.00 hours.

Date- 20.9.17

Search area- Area around Macclesfield, remote Farm

Weather- Cloudy, overcast with light rain showers, visibility good

Temp- Not taken

This search was based on an article sent to me by a friend, which was published in the Macclesfield Express, in which three sheep were slaughtered and seven other sheep who were run until the point of having a cardiac arrest. The incident happened during the first week of September 2017, the Police stated it was the result of a large Canine, in fact one sheep was dragged by its hind quarters across a field and then its legs were ripped out of their sockets.

 This sheep was held by the Canine in its jaws which would suggest a very large Canine indeed. I visited the site about three weeks later, at the end of September, the whole area looked normal and peaceful, but we did see a Police warning sign on the side road, but I wasn’t sure why the sign was out, there was no road works or anything else of danger to be seen, so I can only assume it was for another reason, despite some wonderful scenic country side, there was not much to see. Search time 14.46 to 15.55 hours.


Date- 24.9.17

Search area- Nuney Green (Zones 1 and 2) and Cheazey Heath

Weather- Clear sky, visibility good, first signs of Autumn etc

Temp- 19.5c

Nuney Green

General- Searched zone 1, not much to report, I took several photos, in which two Werewolves showed up in the trees (At the time I couldn’t see them, they showed up after I had downloaded the photos on my PC), I saw a Man walking his Dog and some Cyclists. I next searched zone 2, in which I think I found a Wildman print but I couldn’t be sure. Search time 12.30 to 14.27 hours.

Cheazey Heath

As a rule I don’t normally go looking for Wildman/Wildwusa but I thought I’d give it a go, due to the fact about 10 months I saw one walking in between the trees at a distance, but at the time it was not my main area of research or focus, but today I searched Cheazey Heath and to my surprise I found what I would assume to be Wildman activity and some prints, but what blew my mind was what I can only describe as a flint hand size axe (I took pictures) it fitted my hand perfectly, I have heard from some researchers State side in interviews that they do have some tool making skills, so hence my surprise at finding this item, so I took this axe blade and started to scrap some bark off a nearby tree and sure enough the bark came off the trunk of the tree, I left it where I found it (Just in case!!!). Search time 14.32 to 14.47 hours.


1) To note, my assumed visit to Diggle and along the A628 (Saddleworth Moor) and the surrounding area was a bust.

2) Some thoughts on Werewolf diet

After listening to countless Dogman/Werewolf shows online etc, I’ve decided to venture some thoughts on a Werewolf diet, now let me first put a disclaimer out, I ‘am in no way a Wolf expert or do I hold a degree of any sort in animal behaviour or zoology, so the following is based on my own assumptions and no else’s.

It would it seem that a Werewolf shares many traits as a normal Timber Wolf, for example a feast and famine diet. A normal Wolf can last at least go 12 to 28 days without food, normal Wolves can eat deer, sheep, dogs, cats and other domestic animals, now a Werewolf love eating Dogs, it seems they eat Dogs as though it’s a free take away, and regarding Cats they have a special loathing for these felines, also on the menu for Werewolves are Cows, Deer, Sheep and if you take some US incidents into account, people!

Normal Wolves will kill extra animals during a hunt despite the one that has been killed for eating; these extra kills are not done out of some sort of sadistic pleasure but as a secondary meal that can be collected later without having to hunt a second time.

Now, a normal Wolf hunting range can be from 15 to 20 miles, I would suggest that Werewolf hunting range could be up to 50 miles considering their size and speed, it is alleged that at least one Werewolf was clocked at 75 mph while chasing a car in the US.

A normal Wolf can consume 22 lbs of meat in one seating, now by rule of thumb 1 lb of meat contains 3500 calories, so a creature which stands on average at least 7 to 8 feet tall on two legs would have no problem surviving in this country especially if there is a small breeding population and that a Werewolf pack breeds based on the food supply available, but bear in mind these creatures can grow to a huge size, in the UK there has been a 10 foot tall creature sighted in Cannock Chase, at least two 10 foot plus creatures in Southern England and a 15 foot Female in the USA, this specimen was spotted unconscious on a road side in Texas


I will stick my neck out here and make a statement on a breeding population for the UK, based on sightings and the numbers involved, I would estimate no more than 250 and no less than 200 such creatures (By the way, this is my own conclusion and not based on any documentation that I’ve seen or I have been privy to!)

Werewolf Logs Mikes Research parts.. 5 Men In Blue

General comments (Written on the 1.10.17 in the evening) Note- Yesterday, on the 30.9.17, I was looking at some photos taken on my mobile phone and on one of them I noticed a Werewolf looking at me in between some trees, but at the time I was out there I didn’t see anything or even sense anything, this was in zone 2, so i looked at the pictures from zone 1 as i noticed when i was there was a young Werewolf up in the trees just sort of sat there with not a care in the World, and I took a photo of course, i couldn’t wait to see if i had a picture of him. But when I got home and I had downloaded them onto my PC, I’m looking through the shots from that day and then I started deleting some which I thought weren’t of any value and much to my annoyance I deleted the one with the Werewolf in the tree.


1.10.17- Today was just a small search effort in zone 1 I was hoping to find the young Werewolf up in the trees that was in the photograph, but no luck what so ever. I searched the area from 12.36 to 13.32 hours with no joy. The weather was cloudy with light showers but visibility was good.


Comment This log entry was written on the 8.11.17 and was taken from notes in my report/log book and I’m still annoyed with myself for deleting that photo with the Werewolf sat up in the tree. It may be useful to make a backup of any photograph finds before going through them and deleting any.

Date- 22.10.17 Search area- Zone 1 Weather- Clear but with cloud cover Temp- 12c

Just to note, Do you remember in my earlier report i saw a strange chap, well the chap I saw in January and March this year (He drives a Mercedes estate) was back again, it was the same car, and i have seen him in a number of my areas of research, when I parked up I walked back to the road, about 300 yards, and I had a quick look into his car which had some very interesting items. I had a quick look in the woods opposite where he was parked but I couldn’t find him.  When I got back onto the main road he was gone, total time lapse was about 10 minutes.  I think this guy is here for the same reason as me but he looks and carries himself in a very professional way and I think this guy knows what he is doing as well!

Date- 12.11.17 Search area- Zone 1 Weather- Cloudy with spells of sunshine, but very windy with a slight chill in the air Temp 6c

Again I went back to Zone 1, For only a very short trip today due to domestic jobs etc. Anyway, again the woods were very silent and eerie and after a short period of time I felt I was being watched. I took some photos in the direction I felt I was being watched from, and I think I caught the furry little friend slightly hiding behind a tree watching me. It was very hard to spot him but thank God for big pointed ears, otherwise I would not have spotted him at all, most of his/her body was very much camouflaged, I did think about getting closer but after a while I thought no, upon this after thought I decided to call it time and return home. Search time 09.46 to 10.18 hours.

Some thoughts after 20 months of searching

After some rethinking on Zone 1 and the other zones, recently I can only find the one young Werewolf or he/she can find me. And I surmise this Creature was the young Werewolf from earlier in the year also, the one from the time when the Creature was looking at me hiding behind a fallen tree/log and I had turned around very quickly and I saw him where upon the Creature ducked down behind the fallen tree/log it was hiding behind. In short I think Zones 1, 2 and 3 are all one Zone, so to speak and I think it’s a breeding area and in essence , it’s home

Mike’s Werewolf Journal.. 6 A Hunting Werewolf and the Tall man of Four Barrows

NB: I had no knowledge of the Dorcan Stream area until Mike sent it in this report and over the years I have added accounts to the map I have long forgotten, sadly when there are around 500 some do fall through the cracks, so I went to the map for a look at the area and found a note i had left to myself way back in 2013, this is the following account found in a paranormal database filed under Demon? Dorcan stream is the the four barrows area, named for the ancient barrows and hill forts built by our ancient Folk, these barrows are visited by many paranormal experts and ghost hunting groups, this is their account of a night at Four Barrows they will never forget: Saturday 12th May 2012, a small group of Twilight Shadows Paranormal team decided that we would go on a three-location paranormal road trip.

Our first location were some allegedly haunted woods in Wiltshire.The woodlands lies on an ancient site and as soon as you enter them, an ethereal, atmospheric sensation, envelops you. It does not feel entirely comfortable and you definitely feel that you are being watched. I have been to these woodlands many times and I have had many experiences, witnessed by other people. 

PAST EXPERIENCES “I have seen many shadow people here and one Halloween night, Loretta saw a group of these entities, who walked past by her in single file, each turning their head to look towards her as they passed, not seeming to recognise her, looking straight ahead and then walking on. 

Several people, including another team member Vikki have heard growls right beside them in these woodlands which is unnerving. I myself have actually seen a semi – transparent, large, dog-like animal which looked very much like a wolf. It just ran through the clearing where I was standing and disappeared. Although I could just about see through it, I could see that it had a dark coat.

I have also seen the figure of a very tall man standing by a tree. He was huge and didn’t appear to be wearing any clothes. He was so tall, I was terrified. He did not look at me but to the right of me. I turned around to see what he was looking at and when I looked back, he was gone. 

I have also heard the sound of women chattering although the voices are always indistinguishable.

I hope as Mike continues his investigations into this area and the Dogmen and Werewolves of the UK he finds not only answers, but also other accounts and witnesses to the strange happenings in our woodlands to date.  And I hope he continues to share them with us here.  When I first started to share the accounts I was unaware of just how many people were reporting encounters with Canine type creatures.  There were far more witnesses than I had realised, like the Wildman witnesses there is a pattern to the description that seems to follow through all of the accounts, a tall upright walking dog featured creature, that moves at speed can drop or raise from two legs to four and quite often seen around areas of swamp ground and unwanted woodland, as each new account comes in i see less and less of the Hollywood type Werewolf image and more of a Canid like creature by far.

  Werewolf log.. 7 M.I.B. is back, and Snowy Prints Dec 2017

Date- 10.12.17

Search area- Nuney Green, zone 1

Weather- Snow on the ground with mild snow showers, visibility good

Temperature- minus 0.5c


Just a quick search today due to the weather conditions, I thought I could get some good photos of paw prints due to the snow on the ground.


I searched zone 1 today, which took about 45 minutes, during this search I was hoping to find some fresh paw prints due to the snow on the ground, but the only prints I found were boot prints which surprised me because I thought I’d be the only one out in the woods due to the weather conditions, but this was not so, in fact the boot prints looked fresh as if somebody had been in not too long before I entered? I took three or four photos of the surrounding area and one of the boot prints. The woods today were again very quiet but I did hear some loud groaning coming from the other side of the road in the other part of the woods which I’ve never heard before. Search time 12.15 to 13.00 hours.

Anyway, I think I found my boot print chap because parked further down the road was the M.I.B blue Mercedes estate car and of course I walked up to where he was parked and I followed what I thought were to be his prints and to my surprise there were dog prints next to his, I didn’t follow all the way, but I thought next time I would introduce myself, but I found it odd that only he and I were out there in the woods, actually its interesting of the four times that I’ve seen him this year he has always been parked in the same spot just as I have my regular parking spot??

The Man in blue as myself and Mike call this odd fellow seems to be around more and more, it could be sheer coincidence that he just happens to park there at the same time as Mike, each time he is out and in each different area? ~Well I suppose it could happen, but what are the odds of that I wonder?

Mike  for a playlist of Mikes Journals and more evidence photographs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruGA_3Q5R0A&list=PLatvASAlQI948nJXDUdap0z_tMC30h9an

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