Mike Werewolf Journal 12/13. Growls and Footprints, Structures and Dens.

Another update from Mike out in the field. Mike has been searching for evidence of any kind, he looks for prints, contacts locals and ask if any strange or unknown creatures have been seen in the area, he asks farmers about missing stock or strange animals around. He is visiting woods all across the UK and he also takes accounts from people who have had strange canid sightings of their own.

Area- Sirhowy Forest, near Crosskeys Wales

Weather- Clear, dry with scattered cloud cover

Temp- 12.5c

Start time- 11.00 hrs – 13.00 hrs

Today’s visit will be to Sirhowy Forest near Crosskeys in Wales.  I left Reading at around 09.15 am and arrived in Crosskeys at 10.45 am. I started walking up the road towards Sirhowy Forest at 10.50 am and after a good 5 minutes I reached the first Public Footpath that leads into the Forest, which led me up a 70 meter or more incline to the top of a very steep slope.

When I reached the top I sat down for a cup of coffee and some sandwiches, on a tree stump and after about 15 to 20 minutes the Birds stopped singing and sure enough the whole area went quiet, at this point I had a strong urge to keep looking to my right, and this was when I heard a very deep throated growl that came from my left, which had me turning left quickly and almost jumping with fright trying to see where the growl had come from.


I repeated to myself the mantra of ‘I’m only here to look, observe and research I’m not here to hurt or steal any food’. I kept looking in the direction of the growl and I think I saw the side of a canine looking head peering around a tree looking at me, but I couldn’t be sure, I took some photos (Alas it seems this creature was not captured in the photo).

I left behind a ham sandwich and a sausage roll as a peace offering, just in case! and I decided to move on along the footpath where my Wife and I had been earlier in the year back in February.  After some time I reached an area which had some fallen trees arranged in a large rectangular enclosure of sorts, the trees had been placed end to end with an opening for something of which I was not sure to enter? Moving further along I came to the end of this stretch of the Forest where it was divided by a wire fence, but something had decided to push at least 4 trees over thus flattening and destroying the fence allowing easy passage in between the next section of the Forest and the one section I was standing in. After walking around this area for several minutes I decided to call it a day and walk back to the car.

PS: Before I started out, I did my usual mantra of ‘I’m not here to harm or hurt or take your food etc’ I’ve recently started a new mantra of ‘I’m here and I come in friendship so if you want to find me, come along’. Now when I do this give it 15 to 20 minutes and it seems to me they will come along and find you, how and why they can do this, I have no idea.

Area- Hampstead Norreys Wood

Weather- Dry but overcast

Temp- 5.5c

Start- 12.10hrs – 13.05hrs

Today I decided to search a new area of a stretch of woods that runs parallel with the M4 Motorway. This area is called Hampstead Norreys Wood (Not the actual Village of the same name), I’d seen a structure of sorts when I drove back from south Wales along the M4, so I thought I’d make that point of interest and go and have a look. 

It took me about 50 minutes to find the wood and a place to park, I got set up and went off on my walk.  I walked into the wood and almost straight away I noticed this location was a place of some sort of activity, not sure which type of Cryptid had made the signs, but it had bent over trees, den like structures and something I’d never seen before, trees placed on the ground at angles to each other or placed alongside each other either with ferns growing over the tree trunks or actually placed on top literally covering the whole area, this happened in at least two locations in the wood, but I’m not sure if this is natural or deliberate? This kind of feature actually stood out and impressed me!

Nuney Green

Start- 13.52hrs – 14.50hrs

After spending nearly an hour in Hampstead Norreys Wood I drove over to Nuney Green and decided to search an area I had not been to since December 2016,  here I actually got a photo of what to me looks like a Werewolf sticking a part of its head out at the top of a tree, this thing was inside a den. Anyway when I got there the same den was still very much intact and looked as though it was still in use, I also found a new structure as well (I took some photos of this item) But the big find of the day was some prints that were about a size 14, I’m a size 11, the prints had a stride of about 46 inches, and a big pile of natural waste. The prints looked fresh but I looked around hoping to get a look of the creature that made them, alas I couldn’t see or find the culprit in question. Overall it was a good day, it seems like my furry friends are back but are more elusive than ever.

Weather- Clear and sunny

Temp- 4c

Start- 06.05 hrs

End 07.20 hrs

Some activity, in what I used to call zone 2 (Training area). I think it might be Wildman and not the usual suspects. As there were a lot of tree sign (Took some photos) and saw three deer, but, I also saw something else of which I’m not sure. Firstly I heard some sounds to my left, this is when I saw the deer, so I didn’t think anything else of it, but a few minutes later there was the sound of something moving to my left and it wasn’t deer, so I stopped. I knelt down and about 50 meters to my front was a dark shape using the cover of the tree and shadow cast by the canopy of the tree to hide, the shape was a lot darker than the tree but I couldn’t make it out clearly, so I decided to move toward it during which time it moved off to the right and disappeared back into cover. I walked over to the area where it had been but I couldn’t see a trail of where “it” had retreated to. During the whole time the birds kept singing which reassured me, so maybe it was a Wildman and not the usual furry friend.

Weather- Overcast, warm (It had rained hard during the morning hours)

Temp- 13.5c

Start- 13.35 hrs

End- 15.15 hrs

Today I visited the rear section of Nuney Woods, zone 2; this is where I had seen the figure/shape from the 18.5.2018. Well today’s visit had a big surprise for me trees just piled on top of one another almost like a balancing act; really quite a bizarre sight to see. I found two dens and at least one of these dens was in current use. I did my usual sit down and waited 15/20 minutes and the birds slowly went quiet, sure enough I started to have the feeling of being watched from my front and to my left. Normally I feel nervous or have a slight case of the jitters but today I felt safe, not a false sense of safety but really safe (Not sure why?).  I stayed sat down for a good 40 minutes or so but after a while I decided it was time for home, overall a very good afternoon.

Area- Rear section of Nuney Woods

Weather- Dry, overcast with occasional cloud cover

Temp- 15.5c

Start- 14.55 hours

Finish- 16.10 hours

I returned to the same area in Nuney Woods with the Den, of which I’m pretty sure now is still in use, this time I had the strong feeling something was home. I had a good look around after several minutes I decided to sit down and have some coffee and a sausage roll and try my new working practice of wait and see. After some time off to my front right at about 100 meters something black was in the bushes using a tree as cover behind it, I got my small pocket binoculars out and tried to see if anything was hiding in the bushes, well with hands shaking I could see something but I didn’t want to get any closer.

My next search area was across the road in the last part of the Wood, to be honest I had never seen this area, so this was my first time in this section. At least two thirds of the wood was used for logging but of supreme interest was a large section that had not been touched, it was over grown and had a line of trees placed end to end on the ground almost like a boundary marker, it was here that I found a wonderful tripod like structure that had me captivated but im not sure who or what built it. After looking at the photos of the den and the furry friend in the bushes I can say today I feel I had one Werewolf to my front right and another one behind in the den. The odd experience and feeling that I’ve had today and on my recent visits, is that I don’t feel just tolerated anymore but accepted, not enough though to be invited for afternoon tea, but I’m sure the time may come when something like this might happen! And the really strange thing is that I have a constant feeling to visit or to be near them, I must admit I have offered an open invitation for them to follow me home, I know for some this is a really dumb idea, but I feel for some reason (for me though) this is the right thing to do! But I can’t explain why I feel I need to do this?

Area- Southery Wood, near Bardney

Weather- Clear sky, warm and sunny

Temp- 15.5c

Time- 09.20am-11.30am

I set out from Reading at 05.30am and arrived at Southery Wood, south of Bardney at 09.15am. After gathering my stuff I entered the Woods at 09.20am at a section of Wood next to a field. Upon entering the Wood I turned right and preceded along a footpath, after about 10 minutes something caught my eye and as I turned left a tall black figure was peering around a tree at me but I couldn’t make out if it was a Humanoid or a large Canine, because it quickly moved behind the tree and disappeared. I decided to follow but I couldn’t see anything or hear anything, I did find some large prints and much to my surprise I found a man made lean-to with a handmade single bed, it was big enough for one person and it looked as though it had been made recently, I didn’t take any photos, it seemed wrong to invade the persons space. The footpath skirts the outside of the Woods but the interior of the Wood is densely overgrown with thick bush and marshy ground in some places.   The Wood itself is intersected with ravines and streams. There were a lot of Blue Bell patches; it was near one of these patches that I found some more prints. There was a lot of tree sign which suggested something was living in the Woods. Now the strange thing was on two occasions I was defiantly being watched but I couldn’t see what or who it was, when I got home and I looked through my pictures and saw a Canine head at the bottom right side of a tree looking up at me, now at the time I didn’t see it, so this has led me to a theory of sorts because this has happened on some occasions where the birds are singing but the Werewolves are cloaked but when they are in the flesh everything stops, birds etc. So my thinking is now when they are cloaked the birds etc carry on as if nothing is happening but when they are in their flesh and blood state the birds stop singing and everything goes deadly silent.

Overall the day was well spent and Southery Wood is definitely an area of interest. I also carried out some local visits to Sulham Wood and Nuney Green; these trips were carried out on the 15.4.2018 and the 22.4.2018. Sulham Wood is a new area near Reading which is full of potential and will be re-visited in the near future.

I will keep you updated Mike.

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