Mike’s Werewolf Journal 10 Cruciform’s and Blocked Trails Jan 18

Date- 6.1.2018

Search area- Nuney Green

Weather- 4.5c to 6c, clear and sunny but later on some cloud cover, visibility very good


Well today was a quick search of Nuney Green, zone 1, my favourite area or old stomping ground. It’s New Year and I thought a quick visit was in order just to show my furry friends last year was not a one off but part of an ongoing process; my ultimate goal is to finally somehow get a Werewolf close enough and take some photos which I hope will show irrefutable proof of these guys. How I do this or how I get them to come to me in a friendly fashion is still a work in progress.

The ancients could do this, so could the early Christians, as they used them as a form of protection and intimidation when converting so called pagan towns to the faith. Anyway, as usual I took some photos but I did find a cruciform on the ground in the wood, I’ve never seen this before, but a very interesting find. Search time 13.10 to 13.40 hours.

Date- 14.1.2018

Search Zone- Nippers Grove, Valentine Wood and Nuney Green

Weather- Overcast but with good visibility

Temp- 6c

Well today, it wasn’t too bad, I searched Nippers Grove which is near Gallows Tree Common and is to a certain extent a part of Nuney Green woods, along with Valentine woods. I found some pine trees which had been stripped of their branches and looked as though they had been used as some sort of bedding, but I can’t be 100% sure. I saw a couple of people out walking or running with their dogs, but no horse riders or mountain bikers.

I had a good day, I found some thing’s which I think are worthy of a future visit, but after about two hours I decided to head back to the car and call it a day, but as I was approaching the main road I realised I wasnt alone, I was being followed by something to my rear right, I could hear its steps and every time I stopped it stopped, this carried on for about two or three minutes, something was parrallel to me in the growth and was matching my steps, but it stopped as I got nearer the road, so I suppose whatever it was had lost interest?

Search time, 12.10 to 13.40 hours.

Secondary action

Quick trip to zone 1, nothing much but I had a walk around. Search time 13.45 to 14.00 hours.


As I mentioned earlier I did find some things I felt were worth a re-visit. In Nippers Grove and Valentine wood, I found some of the trails and paths had been closed off with trees pushed over the pathway as if trying to form some sort of road block, I found this of interest, and also I found a tree pushed over across a dirt pathway wide enough for a 4X4 to drive along, again as if blocking the way.

This is something I have found myself and it is new to my area, this is from my personal research data and was taken 21/1/18 I found three of the main path ways covered with bent and twisted trees, now it could be wind I hear you cry and you are correct, I found it a strange coincidence that the one way left accessible was the one I use to visit the wood.  Wishful thinking on my part. but worth noting none the less.  Do you have any blocked off areas in the woods you walk, if so I would love to hear about them.

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