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7/4/19 One close up from today, playing hide and seek, you can see the eyes and the other is from yesterday, look dead centre of the photo and you make out a small canine head in between the branches.

These two photos were taken on Sunday, the one of the tree lying in the field was taken at distance but some movement caught my eye and I pictured the top of a head, circled in red, I think this is Big Boss.



April 19. This photo was taken this evening at around 18.40 hours, in a Den which has been rebuilt, I hope can make out the eyes, muzzle and the general outline of the head, this is the Den in which two years I saw one sat with its back to me, so the Females are back, which leads me to conclude the Males return in January and the Females in mid March, so April must be time when they give birth?


April 2019. Nuney Woods near the rebuilt Den, playing peek a boo, you can see the end of the nose/nostrils and at least one of the golden eyes. This was taken just off the pathway at about 10 feet, normal distance in terms of how close I can get.


I took this today near the Big Boss Den, just to the left of the Den there is a figure stood in slight outline next to it, there is a sort of canine head shape and upper torso and maybe another figure slightly lower left but I’m not sure.

These images are from 1-5 Jan 2019   A strange large print found in soft ground.

Print with my boot for comparison, I wear a UK Mens 11

I think this is one of the largest shelters I have seen.

Saturday, 15.12.18. The first one(a) just look above the den, you can see a head and the ears.

With (b) another ghosting creature, its backed up against the tree but the shade is darker and see you can see the left and right arms,

(c) look right of the tree and you can see a black canine head shape just sticking up from the bushes etc.


Dec 18 Image of the upturned tree.


Nov 18

A close up photo of a furry friend hiding behind a garage five doors away from me and a photo of the den, you can the muzzle, part of the nose and the left eye, you can almost see the pupil. There are two of them in there, these creatures are coming into my back garden and just sit there right at the back watching the goings on.
The second image is a close up of the creature in the den..

Below is a picture of photo taken from the 24.6.18 in Nuney Woods, the same day I took a picture of the Juvenile that was trying to make itself invisible, well here we have an adult standing up not far from the the same area as the Juvenile, if you look centre/top you can make out the head, ears, two eyes and the nose/muzzle and the right arm, the rest of the creature is ‘ghosting’. The adult would stand at least 10 to 12 feet tall. This is the second photo I have of an adult which is ‘ghosting’.
Two more images from June 18 the first image shows one creature stood upright in between the trees in a ghost or cloaked state, he is about 8′ tall
Another taken that day is of the Junior creature stood against a tree.
He are two close images taken in early Nov 18, They seem to show two creatures one with dark eyes and one with golden eyes, you can see the eye balls on both of the figures. The first image is of the golden eyed creature.
And this image is of the darked eyed creature.
Nov 18. Today I went back to the Den and gave the Cubs some M&S Chicken Slices. I saw one of then inside the Den, I tried to get close enough and I took some photos. Three of which are attached, showing two Wolves inside the Den, one showing its head above, you can see the yellow eyes and the end of the muzzle/nose. The close up you can see a canine head looking back at me. I’m not sure if this creature wanted me there or wanted me to find him, but for some time now I’ve had this feeling that I would eventually bring one Home with me.
the Mother was again positioned behind on the opposite side of the footpath, she snorted very loudly as if to say, that’s my job, i.e feeding the young ones. Anyway, I stood there for about thirty minutes and left after she snorted at me, one of them followed me I think to make sure I left, again not in a very subtle way, just loud enough to make me know one of them was there.
On this third Image there is something in the tree line behind the Den looking at me, a black shape of sorts.
Oct 18 Today I went for a quick walk around Nuney Woods in zone 2, this is a main Den area. For the last couple of days I had this growing compulsion to go and visit, Im not sure why?, but anyway I went and sure enough I found a Den with something inside it, please see images below.
Sept 18 Watlington National Trust Park
Below you see something hiding, taken at Watlington Hill National Trust Park in Oxfordshire.
Sept 18 Today I took a walk down to the Woods, I had a very quick glimpse of a Wildman walking in between some trees but he moved very quickly and was gone in seconds, I was down there at around 07.30 am, anyway I took this photo image, now to the right of the tree there is a hazy looking figure just standing there, you can just make out a left arm holding onto another tree and in the glimmer a sort of canine looking head and body sort of cloaked or ghosting, I could see him following me, all the usual stuff, but I think this is my Juvenile whom seems to have grown even more.
Aug 18 Forest of Dean
Sept 18  If you can recall from last year I mentioned about seeing a WW up in the tree, but I thought I had deleted it, well I found it and I have done a close up, please find attached.
On this one if you look in the centre of the photo you can make out some ears and a side of the head.
Aug 18 Cannock Chase, These two images are close ups, the little guy was next to the car park. 
In this image the other chap (in between the trees) was taken not far from the quarry. 
July 18  A strange canine type creature low to the ground.
In the image below you can just make out a shadowy dark human like shape, It does look like a figure that is hair covered.
Below is what appears to be a dog like creature in a den.
 May 18 Sirhowy Forest, near Crosskeys Wales.   I had a strong urge to keep looking to my right, and this was when I heard a very deep throated growl that came from my left, which had me turning left quickly and almost jumping with fright trying to see where the growl had come from.
May 18  Hampstead Norreys Wood, Firstly I heard some sounds to my left, this is when I saw the deer, so I didn’t think anything else of it, but a few minutes later there was the sound of something moving to my left and it wasn’t deer, so I stopped. I knelt down and about 50 meters to my front was a dark shape using the cover of the tree and shadow cast by the canopy of the tree to hide, the shape was a lot darker than the tree but I couldn’t make it out clearly, so I decided to move toward it during which time it moved off to the right and disappeared back into cover. I walked over to the area where it had been but I couldn’t see a trail of where “it” had retreated to.
Rear section of Nuney Woods.  I had a feeling of being welcome today At least two thirds of the wood was used for logging but of supreme interest was a large section that had not been touched, it was over grown and had a line of trees placed end to end on the ground almost like a boundary marker, it was here that I found a wonderful tripod like structure that had me captivated but im not sure who or what built it. After looking at the photos of the den and the furry friend in the bushes I can say today I feel I had one Werewolf to my front right and another one behind in the den.
Coedwig Forest Jan 18. We took a lot of photos and on one of them we found what looked to me like a large Canine head peering over a tree stump looking at us, my Wife twice got freaked out wanting to leave the area that day but I said no, not yet and persuaded her to stay.
Dec 17. Footprint Find.
Earlier images 2017 These Images were caught from the car.
Bigfoot Tony Analysis
Dec 17  Here are the two photos I mentioned from last year where something is in the tree, centre of 01 photo and then in 02 it was moved away from the trunk of the tree, taken on the 23.12.17.
Image 2 below

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