Mike’s Werewolf Journal prt 10 Constantly watched & Signs the Werewolves are back?

Werewolf log part 11

Date- 28.1.2018

Search area- Zone 1and 2, Nuney Green

Weather- Overcast but clear, good visibility

Temp- 13.5c

Search time- 12.45 to 13.50 hours


Zone 2

A lot of new activity today, I saw at least two big trees that were pushed over and also a large pile of Fir tree branches on the ground, almost as if arranged in some sort of bedding or maybe for some other purpose? I also noticed some of the trees have had their bark stripped off as well?  As I walked the area I also found what looked like two makeshift shelters?  I have found out recently someone has bought a patch of the wood in zone 2 and is building a log cabin, his property has been fenced off and judging by the damage around the fence line something has not taken kindly to this. Im unsure what the “structures” I found are and I would welcome any input from the readers.

When I was searching the area I saw an old Lady walking a small dog, but just before she appeared on the path, I saw a large grey canine off to my right moving with some speed, I nearly filled my pants thinking “this was it, a face to face at last”  as my mind is scrabbled I keep my eyes peeled on the approaching grey bulk? Thankfully as it came closer I realised it was a grey huge Irish Wolf Hound walking with the old Lady, despite my high hopes and fear, I was in a way relieved that it was normal Dog.

Zone 1

In this zone, I feel there were signs of activity, and some odd looking new dens and the atmosphere was deathly quiet and the old feeling of being watched was back as well.  I also heard some steps off to my rear, to the far left as I searched around the zone but, I couldn’t see anything and even when I looked at the photos on my phone later on I couldn’t see much. I thought on one photo I could see something but it was well hidden in the branches of a tree so I can’t be too sure. In all I saw some new things and I feel as though the gang are coming back, a good day indeed.

Date- 9.2.2018

Search area- Coedwig Forest (Near Crosskeys), Cmwran Forest and Machen

Weather- Clear, sunny with a cold wind

Temp- 4.5c


Coedwig Forest

Search time- 12.45 to 14.30 hours

This area was very interesting, a lot of Pine/Fur trees. Coedwig Forest is situated at the end of Blackvein Road, Crosskeys in Wales. The road splits into two, I parked the car on the left side of the split and my Wife and I proceeded on foot along a dirt road. We walked along the road until we started getting the feeling we were being watched, we then walked off the road into the forest near Cwmfelinfach (This looks like a Farm on Google Maps but you can see the Forest directly below the open fields) Now this was a thick Pine/Fur tree area and we found a lot of trees with the bark stripped off and triangular shapes, I found some Canine prints in various sizes and a hole that had been dug a small amount of faeces had been left in the bottom , no Human foot prints at all, so no one had been walking a Dog and decided to answer a call of nature. We took a lot of photos and on one of them we found what looked to me like a large Canine head peering over a tree stump looking at us, my Wife twice got freaked out wanting to leave the area that day but I said no, not yet and persuaded her to stay.

Photo taken by Mike of “werewolf” head peeking over the grass.

And so it was on the second time she got scared that she took the photo on her mobile phone and there looking at us was a furry friend, as we entered this part of the Forest we had a feeling we were being followed, I heard some steps to our right, it was the usual shadowing, as we walked, “it” followed, we stopped and “it” stopped and as usual no sound whatsoever, no Bird song, nothing!

Cmwran Forest

Search time -14.45 to 15.50 hours

After Coedwig Forest we drove to Cmwran Forest, this has a Tourist Visitor Centre and a campsite. We stopped for a bite to eat and then conducted a small reconnaissance of the surrounding area and this shows a lot of promise, so it is definitely worth a return trip. 


After leaving Cmwran we drove over to Machen, which was a 15 minute drive. As we entered the Village, the Woods are situated on the side of a hill and they showed of extensive logging, so we decided to call it a day and returned to our Hotel where we stayed for one night, we got back at 17.00 hours.


It was really worth the trip and Coedwig Forest seems to be the place and it has been marked as a sighting area The Dogman of  Mount Snowdon area in 2016 and The Plas Dol Y Moch Giant Ape Creature in 1966. So I will be returning for future trips. My next trip will be to Foxley Woods in Norfolk.

Date- 24.2.2018

Search area- Foxley Wood, Norfolk

Weather-Sunny with clear sky, visibility excellent but with a chill in the air

Temp- 1c to 1.5c

Search time

Start- 09.30 hrs– 11.15 hrs


I left Reading at 06.30 am and arrived at Foxley Woods in Norfolk at around 09.20 hrs, and I had the first crisis of the day even before I got started,  on pulling up and getting my kit out I realised I had forgotten my boots, but I wasnt coming all this way for nothing so thank god the ground was still partially frozen so I could at least access some areas. The Wood itself is very big and has a wide compact dirt road running through the middle which has smaller dirt tracks running left and right off the main dirt road. Some sections of the Wood are used as a nature reserve and at least one section of the Wood is used for commercial timber.

I started by walking all the to the end of the Wood using the main dirt road and then walking back up to the larger main road, as I was on the way I would take one of the many side dirt tracks and looked around, then head back to the main path, this way I could be certain I didn’t miss anything in the sections of the the Wood.  The Wood itself is very dense in some areas with ground shrub and brambles and it is hard to access. Now at the beginning of my search the Birds were singing, the Wood was just full of sound, but that changed after five or ten minutes everything went deathly quiet and the usual sense of being watched came over me, on several occasions I had a desire to keep turning around and checking my rear but I couldn’t see anything but I definitely had the feeling I was being watched. That day I just kept having a feeling something was looking at me and I couldn’t see it.  I found myself keep looking to my rear, im not to sure why, but when I sat down for coffee and sandwiches my gut feeling was to keep looking at the reeds and grassy area.  I kept my eyes on it the whole time.

Now I decided to head back, as I got towards the main road and the turn in for the main car park I realised this area was quite busy?  This section of the Wood had the most activity, it was here I took a lot of photos (This time I had a proper camera with me). And due to the lack of footwear the ground was making it hard going for me. I couldn’t go all the way in and the fact that the ground was beginning to thaw as the Sun rose higher in the sky made things worse, but suffice to say, Foxley Wood is very much worth a re-revisit, the Wood has for sure something in it.

It is around this time of year that many of the smaller woods although quiet will start to be visited again. As the new food comes in and the weather gets milder we will see many foragers out looking for new spring food, this brings the Deer as it get closer to birthing season they too will come down from their high grounds in the search of safe grazing and cover.  I hope this brings Mike many more experiences out there with the Wolves.  I will be bringing you the Plas Dol Y Moch Giant Ape Creature 1966 and The Dogman of Mount Snowdon 2016 by a TV researcher in the area.


Until Next Time, Deborah 

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