Mike’s Werewolf Journal, prt 8 Wandering Wolves Jan 2018

Werewolf Log December 2017

Date 17.12.17

Area- Nuney Green, Zone 1

Weather- Light rain, overcast but with good visibility

Temp- 3c


Search time, 11.25 to 12.35 hours. Nothing much to report back on today, very much a no show, no sign of anything out or moving around, I think it is still worth making a note of today as in future years I may see a seasonal or monthly pattern emerge, but the M.I.B with the Mercedes Estate was back again. No contact between him or I but his absence was noted and once again just an empty car. 

I will continue to visit and note any changes and in the hopes of finding out who this chap is.  Any advise on possible ways of doing this would be very welcome, Deborah has my email and can send it over if you would prefer to speak in private.  

Not the actual car!!

Date 23.12.17

Area- Nuney Green, Zone 1

Weather- Warm with cloud cover but with good visibility

Temp- 9c to 10c


Well today was only a quick search and my Wife decided to brave the elements and the furry ones and she came along and joined me, so I showed her the basic site, zone 1, and described what had happened here in more detail and we also discussed the 12.2.17 encounter with her.  At first she was a bit nervous but after some twenty minutes she became a bit more settled. We stopped and had coffee in the middle of the Wood and she noticed how deadly quiet it was, I told her that they were around somewhere but I wasn’t sure where! Both of us took some photos and decided to head back home, what with Christmas just around the corner.

I felt disappointed that the Wolves were not there today or last week, I felt almost let down, I always seem to get something two or three times a month, maybe they have grown tired of me, which I hope is not the case, but either way I will be back (Cliché I know). My Sister did call, I think she has caught the bug; she went to the Forest of Dean near Cinderford and told she had found some dens, so at some point I will go and visit.


I think many researchers will feel the same as Mike does, and it is understandable, I was the same, but I have been doing this so long now I think I my have developed the odd theory, I may of-course be way off? And shooting at windmills, but it does seem to me almost impossible for them to inhabit the smaller woods for long periods of time, I think the food supply would quickly diminish if one area was used for months on end, and I think a sedentary clan would be noticed much more easily.  I think for basic survival and to remain elusive they would surely have to keep to the denser places at periods of times during the year, little woods with good ground cover can be vital areas of resources throughout the summer months and with high under growth easier to access, but come the cold months the trees hold little cover for anyone wishing to remain hidden.  And where do they go in times of stress, ie: famine, flood, cold, pregnancy and to meet others and share DNA to keep the gene pool viable? 

All of this is of-course conjecture, but I have been in the lucky position of watching numerous long term sites over many Decades, one day Mike will have done the same, and he will become used to the ebb and flow of their patterns, we humans put our impatience upon them, they have no rush or really any interest in what we desire, and im sure as the seasons roll around Mike and many others will notice the changes in the area, the woods, but the research its self can take many years, this is after all a life long quest for some.  Understanding over time is where the answers will come from, I truly believe that.

D. L. Hatswell 7/1/18   https://youtu.be/tPPXFN9aFqk


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