Mikes werewolf journal. The Mother Wolf Was Watching!!

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Werewolf Journal

Note-This journal log covers two field trips done over the last two weeks.

Date- 18.5.2018

Weather- Clear and sunny

Temp- 4c

Start- 06.05 hrs

End 07.20 hrs


Some activity today, in what I used to call zone 2 (Training area). I think it might be Wildman and not the usual suspects. As there was a lot of tree sign  (I took some photos) and saw three Deer,  I also saw something else of which I’m not sure. Firstly I heard some sounds to my left, this is when I saw the deer, so I didn’t think anything else of it, but a few minutes later there was the sound of something moving to my left and it wasn’t Deer this sound was different, so I stopped.

I knelt down and about 50 meters to my front was a dark shape using the cover of the trees and shadows cast by the canopy of the tree, the shape was a lot darker than the actual  tree, but I couldn’t make it out clearly, so I decided to move toward it during which time it moved off to the right and disappeared back into the cover. I walked over to the area where it had been but I couldn’t see a trail of where it had retreated to or gone. During the whole time the birds kept singing which re-assured me, so maybe it was a Wildman and not the usual furry friend.

Date 24.5.2018

Weather- Overcast, warm (It had rained hard during the morning hours)

Temp- 13.5c

Start- 13.35 hrs

End- 15.15 hrs


Today I visited the rear section of Nuney Woods, zone 2; this is where I had seen the figure/shape that used the shadows to hide and moved off to the right from the 18.5.2018. Well today’s visit had a big surprise for me (Photos taken) trees just piled on top of one another almost like a balancing act; really quit a bizarre sight to see. I found two dens and at least one of these dens was in current use. I did my usual sit down and waited 15/20 minutes and the birds slowly went quiet, sure enough I started to have the feeling of being watched from my front and to my left. Normally I feel nervous or have a slight case of the jitters but today I felt safe, not a false sense of safety but really safe (Not sure why?). I stayed sat down for a good 40 minutes or so but after a while I decided it was time for home, overall a very good afternoon.

Date, 1.7.2018

Area, Nuney Woods, zone 2

Weather, Dry, clear, sunny and hot

Temp, 25c

Start, 10.25 hrs

Finish, 11.40 hrs


Today was the first proper field trip in about two weeks; I had. over the previous two weeks made some quick trips while driving between Reading and Oxford. Well today no sooner had I got out of the car and made my first steps into the Woods I had a stone thrown at me, because not far from the lay by was a new structure, not a live in type structure just a bunch of tree branches arranged in a pyramidal shape.

As I stepped near it I had a stone thrown at me, it missed, but it made me walk away and as I did I heard the sound of heavy footsteps behind me, I turned around and I could not see anything, I waited but nothing caught my eye, so I proceeded to walk on into the Wood. After sometime I decided to sit down and pour some coffee and wait, I sat and waited for about 20 minutes and nothing happened, so as I was packing up and turned to my left , sure enough running in between the tree’s was my new friend (Well I hope so?), the juvenile Werewolf, running low to the ground at speed.

He was about 20 meters off to my left, but he was gone in quick time, but his colour was black all over. Between 11.46 hrs and 12.17 hrs I made some quick stops at zone 1 and zone 3, I did find a dead Deer which had clearly been run over but nothing from the Woods had a nibble, but it stank for sure.

(This report covers the trips between the 6.8.18 to 16.8.18)

Date, 6.8.18

Area, Nuney Woods

Weather, Clear, Sunny and warm

Temp, 23.5c

Start, 10.00am

Finish, 11.41am


Today I did what I would call a block search of zone 2, basically you set out an area and then walk in a basic square like search pattern. This involved 3 stops of roughly 10 to 15 minutes durations, the first and third stops yielded no results but the second stop had some partial results, about 5 Deer showed up and I could hear some sounds of two other entities approaching the Deer from a different direction, I took some quick photos waiting for something to happen but something made the Deer scatter and nothing else happened which was a letdown. I made two quick stops in two other areas of Nuney Woods just to check out for anything new and of interest I found two new tree logs dumped in front of the birthing den. I finished this search by 12.30pm and decided to call it a day and return home.


Area, Forest of Dean

Weather, Overcast, cloudy and some light drizzle

Temp, 16.5c

Start, 10.57am

Finish, 14.08pm


I started in the area of Dilke Hospital area (With me on this trip, was my Sister). This area is clearly inhabited by Wildman, this area had a lot of tree sign, and again I took some photos. The second area we searched was around Cannop, here we found some dens and took some photos. Later on during the afternoon we returned to the Dilke Hospital area, where my Sister remembered seeing some dens, after some time we found them and took some photos. I can only assume the area’s we covered, roughly 90 miles and 4 stops, that these areas are Wildman zones.


Area, Thetford Forest, Lynford area (The wooded areas between Lynford and Stanta MOD Training Grounds)

Weather, clear, some cloud cover and dry

Temp, 18c

Start, 07.30

Finish, 12.00pm


I left Reading at 04.30 am and arrived in Lynford at 07.23am and I started my search at 07.30am. The first area had a lot of tree sign implying Wildman and it was during this period that I had a feeling I was being watched on at least two occasions so my nerves were pretty pumped up and it was some time after while walking along a pathway that a black German Shepherd dog came running round a corner which took me completely by surprise and made me jump, the dog was soon followed by the owner who wasn’t exactly sympathetic towards my nervous state, so a few robust words were exchanged and the situation nearly went south but today I thought was not the day any further silliness so I said sorry and went on my way and returned to my car and decided to find another area to search.

The second search area commenced 08.47am and completed at 09.53am. Now this was really odd, firstly near the steel barrier leading on to the dirt road was there a pile of apples, laid out for someone or something. In this area again a lot of tree sign and I thought at one point I might actually bump in to a Wildman but I couldn’t see the guy, there was a lot of noise etc. So after some time searching and following every sound to my right I decided to head back to the car. While sat in the car, drinking coffee, something landed on the top of my car and rolled down off the bonnet, I jumped with fright, I looked in my rear view mirrors and I couldn’t see anything, so again I thought best move on and find another spot.

The third spot, commenced 10.14am, completed 10.49am, was opposite some MOD land with plenty of keep out signs, so I parked up and as I got out I found 4 cut meat joints off some type of animal, but again I thought why would anyone leave large joints of meat on the bone out near a pathway that led into a part of the Forest, just like the apples, I took some photos of the bone joints. I searched the area and again a lot of tree sign, implying Wildman, I bumped into another guy walking his dogs but this chap was a lot friendlier than the first guy, I asked if he had ever seen anything out of the ordinary he replied no and we parted ways.

The last area I searched, commenced 11.04am and completed at 11.29am, was the opposite side of the first wooded area I searched and here there was some interesting sights, firstly I found a den which looked similar to the birthing den back in Nuney Woods and a den which didn’t look like the other dens I had found back in the Forest of Dean, I also found a big pile of bodily waste which didn’t look like anything usual (I had found something similar in Nuney Woods some months back). The birthing den seemed to have a perimeter fence of sorts with tree logs laid out at angles to each other, almost squared off, left and right sides with a front section of tree logs as well. I found another den as well while on my way back to the car, I took some photos and left Thetford Forest at midday.


Area, Cannock Chase, the German Military Cemetery area

Weather, overcast, cloudy and rain

Temp, 18c

Start, 08.00am

Finish, 10.00am


I left Reading at 05.30am for the so called Mecca of UK Werewolf sightings, Cannock Chase and the area around the German Military Cemetery. Now I arrived at 07.58am and on the right side of the approach road to the Cemetery there was a den blatantly built just off to the right in plain sight, so of course I parked up and took photos, so off to a good start. I walked around the Cemetery and noticed the trees at the back of the Cemetery and there were signs of activity, so after an hour I headed back to car and I had a cuppa as you do and as I’m sat there in the car a pair of pointed ears popped up next to a tree near the car park, so I’m looking very hard and sure enough it has pointed ears, so I take some photos and offer the little guy a sandwich but the little guy didn’t move


So I decided to get out and search for it, anyway he was gone, I looked around but I couldn’t see the little guy, the furry creature was a juvenile with a canine head. Anyway I moved up to another location at the Aspen car park and I searched both sides of the road. Now, opposite the car park is a heavily wooded area, I followed a dirt road all the way to the back where it forked off, left and right, so I followed the right side of the dirt road which skirted a quarry of sorts, now this had my nerves on edge and my brain was saying don’t go down this section of the road so I turned around and walked back up to the car park, I took some photos and later on when I was checking my photos for the day I found something looking at me from in between the trees.

After thoughts

I put this trip down as a scouting trip because even though I visited for two hours I got results in short time, so maybe a longer visit is required because I considered this a very good day indeed.

Date, 11.10.2018

Area, Nuney Woods, Zone 2

Weather, overcast, cloudy with periods of sunny out burst

Temp, 18.5c

Start, 11.35 am

End, 12.10 pm


I’ve not been to this particular area of Nuney Woods for a very long time, it’s covered in Ivy Dens and is a main habitation point for my furry friends and can be very nervy to say the least. So today was a quick visit, a lot of the old Dens are still around with some new ones. At the beginning I felt very nervous but after some time I felt okay!  Certainly I had the sense that I was being followed by something on my right as I walked around the area and when I left as well. I took some photos which I examined when I got home and to my surprise I found two young Werewolves in a Den looking back at me in the camera, I also noticed a large black head looking back at me from the opposite side of the footpath where I found this Den with the young ones. Maybe she was the one following me around?


On the 12.10.18, I made a quick trip to the Woods and took some Tesco Smokey Bacon slices and went to the Den and left them outside the Den and left, I didn’t stay around to see if they eat them or not.

Date, 20.10.18

Area, same as above

Weather, clear, sunny with limited cloud cover, also a slight chill in the air

Temp, 16c

Start, 11.45 am

End, 12.15 pm


Note-Today I’m taking some M&S Chicken Slices, I thought I would go up market, not much, but you never know if Tesco’s Smokey Bacon did the job. Another caution I took was to arrive and sit in the car for 5 minutes with the door open so they could catch my scent so they would know it’s was me.

General Remarks

Today was a short and sharp trip, as it turned out this was for the best. Again I went up to the Den and yes they were inside and I took some photos and again the Mother was sat across in the opposite tree line because I could hear something big moving behind me and it was not in a subtle manor either. I unpacked the Chicken Slices and threw them at the entrance of the Den. I took some photos, upon inspection one of the Cubs was a little camera shy but another decided to do a pose which was interesting (Later when I got home, in a close up I noticed another one sat behind the Den in the tree line/Ivy Den). After some time I decided to leave but only after I was snorted at very loudly which made me jump.

The snort wasn’t or didn’t seem in anger just one of disapproval that I was feeding them and it seemed to me Mum was making it known that it was her job to do so, that’s how I would describe this snort etc. So this year I can say that I’ve encountered in Zone 3, two Adults and one Cub and in Zone 2, two Adults and two Cubs for a total of seven Werewolves. In 2017 I would say about the same number, maybe eight in total, overall in 2017 and so far in 2018 I can say Nuney Woods is a breeding area and a place of habitation.

These Cubs I seen recently it seems were born later after the Spring, I noticed this last year as if the Adults were taking turns, some Cubs were born in the Spring and then some are being born very late Summer or early Autumn, almost as if they are taking turns. To be honest I can’t provide a definitive answer only a guess which I assume is to do with the food supply.

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