Monster hunter reveals terrifying British ‘Bigfoot’ encounter

According to an article in the Daily Star Newspaper

Chilling accounts of the UK’s own Bigfoot are fairly common, and many claim to have spotted a glimpse of an ape-like creature roaming the countryside. It comes just months after a photographer told Daily Star Online that he may have captured the first ever footage of a Bigfoot roaming the British countryside.

One such bizarre sighting has been reported by monster hunter Jonathan Downes, who says he had a very “peculiar” encounter which he “still can’t explain” today. While investigating a string of sightings at Bolam lake near Newcastle in Northumberland he claims to have seen an man-like person leaping through a bog.

Describing the encounter, Jon told Daily Star Online: “When it came to dusk on the last day we were leaning on the bonnet of my car enjoying a cigarette”. He went on: “Then suddenly I, and three of the other people I was with, saw something like a very tall spindly man moving incredibly fast over about 12 yards. “We saw this thing move from right to left and then left to right before it disappeared. It was something I was not expecting because I went there thinking it would be a hoax.” Jon, who investigates sightings of monsters as a cryptozoologist, added that there’s no way what he saw in 2003 could be a person because of the way it moved through the bog.

And it isn’t the first time people have claimed to have an encounter with Britain’s own Yeti. Earlier this month massive ape-like footprints with claws caused a stir in Manchester when a dog walker spotted them on the outskirts of the city.



Jon is convinced that what he saw could not have been anything human. “To have a human do what I saw it do would have been an even bigger mystery than what I witnessed,” he said. He added: “I saw something I can’t explain, so when other people see something similar, I don’t mock it.” But Jon is fairly sceptical, and says that it may just be a sighting of something which science has yet to explain.

He said: “The chances of there being a Bigfoot in Britain are almost nil, and yet people keep seeing these things, including me. “So the question is, what are we dealing with?” Jon is almost certain that what he saw was something paranormal, but he believes that whatever he saw might also be what others see when they spot a Sasquatch.

My own opinion on the print is that is in actual fact badger prints over printed onto each other, as Mr Downes points out many people in the UK report these creatures myself included, one day we hope to find the answers for all of the witnesses who saw something many claim is impossible.

D. L. Hatswell


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