Monsters and Mysteries in America.The Appalachia Sheepsquatch, The Kentucky Green Men (Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter), Mothman

Eyewitnesses describe this quadruped as being a bear-sized mammal with large, razor-sharp teeth and a grizzly shaped cranium; although most accounts agree that its eyes are set noticeably lower in its head than that of a typical Ursidae. The thing is also said to be covered in a coarse coat of filthy, yellowish-white fur… now this is where it starts to get weird.

Multiple observers have testified that this strange fiend does not have the claws of a bear, but raccoon-like hands and, even more bizarrely, it is said to have two big horns sticking out of the top of its skull like those of a juvenile goat. Further removing the thought that this might be some kind of mutated bear — or even HAIRY HOMINID — is the fact that this seemingly HYBRID BEAST is said to have a long, hairless tail like that of an opossum. Many witnesses also claim that this creature reeks of sulfur.

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I am a researcher and cryptozoologist based in the North West of England. I have collected and mapped over 35 years more than 450 British Bigfoot Accounts . I have spoken to hundreds of witnesses and their accounts can be found here or by searching British Bigfoot Map. If you have had an experience or would like more information on the British Bigfoot please contact me at

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