Monsters and Mysteries in America.The Appalachia Sheepsquatch, The Kentucky Green Men (Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter), Mothman

Eyewitnesses describe this quadruped as being a bear-sized mammal with large, razor-sharp teeth and a grizzly shaped cranium; although most accounts agree that its eyes are set noticeably lower in its head than that of a typical Ursidae. The thing is also said to be covered in a coarse coat of filthy, yellowish-white fur… now this is where it starts to get weird.

Multiple observers have testified that this strange fiend does not have the claws of a bear, but raccoon-like hands and, even more bizarrely, it is said to have two big horns sticking out of the top of its skull like those of a juvenile goat. Further removing the thought that this might be some kind of mutated bear — or even HAIRY HOMINID — is the fact that this seemingly HYBRID BEAST is said to have a long, hairless tail like that of an opossum. Many witnesses also claim that this creature reeks of sulfur.

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