Morpeth Mystery Screams and Structures, 2003 – and area follow up 2017


Witness Statement: Borough Woods is a small area in the north east of England, not far from Morpeth and I guess about ten miles, maybe less from Bolam Country Park. Fields and small woods follow the river and it is an area close to the country parks.  I’m a fellow researcher and an avid FT reader, plus I work in the area, so naturally, I was regaling a couple of my colleagues with the story of “the beast” – only one or two of the local project officers had heard of it. Explaining the sightings from witnesses and the area itself.

the arrow indicates where the eight foot figure was seen. Fortean Times


At the end of the first day’s work, we were heading back to base on foot as it was a lovely evening. We were walking along the River Wansbeck, when there was the oddest noise coming from up the top of the site where we had been working just minutes before. I can only describe it as a tremendous scream, but it didn’t sound like any animal I’ve ever heard nor did it sound human. It really stood out to me as unusual and that’s what made us stop and listen.
Everybody looked up to where the noise was coming from, but the trees and brush were so dense, we couldn’t see a thing. There were too many shadows and movements to be clear on which place to concentrate your eyes on. We just shrugged our shoulders and carried on.

It certainly wasn’t a bird and I couldn’t see it being one of the other examples of wildlife that live in the vicinity (red squirrel, roe deer, otter, fox or badger).

It certainly spooked me at the time. Following that whenever I got the chance, I’d go and have a look for any mysterious footprints, which should have been evident given the muddy conditions…but of course, I found nothing.

This report from close to the River Wansbeck, just outside Morpeth fits in with many of the strange accounts of howls, whoops and screams from across the UK. Tucked between two towns, close to a river and a railway, this area is an ideal place to look for signs.

British Bigfoot Researcher S. Hill did an area check in October 2017 and found many strange structures along the river Wanstead and in the nearby woods.. We will keep you up to date with any further visits or happenings.

D. Hatswell ….  S. Hill Oct 2017

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