Mr Luke’s Dundee Bigfoot 1995 – 2005 and The Tayside Creature Reports.

Many years ago when I started the British Bigfoot Research team I was asked by the American TV Show Finding Bigfoot to provide some of the witness reports collected here by myself and the other BBR members.  In doing so I was lucky enough to receive some reports from the Finding Bigfoot team that were new to me as they were sent to American researchers due to the lack of interest here in the UK, at the time I think there was only BBR and one other Bigfoot group called Bigfoot UK that were actively looking for witnesses to Bigfoot like creatures here in Great Britain, Scotland Ireland and Wales.  This first account I received was sent over to me by Cliff Barackman of the BRFO, he had received it from the gentleman himself who saw a Bigfoot like creature close to the River Tay in 2005.

In a very beautiful part of Scotland, less than a mile from the Tay estuary and close to the A92 at the five roads roundabout a gentleman who was driving this road on his way home from work encountered a strange ‘hairy human type figure’ he could not explain. Bordered by thick trees  and foliage on both sides of the road the Witness was proceeding down the road as he had done many times before. This is his account in his own words.

After navigating The Five roads roundabout, I was driving home Southbound on the  A92 when my headlights picked out what I thought was a man standing by the left hand side of the road. I could see his figure clearly and as I approached he stepped out in front of my car and I naturally brought the car to a  halt to avoid hitting the individual, but on looking at the ‘figure’ I realised this was not a person in the usual sense of the word.  This ‘person’ was a ‘large hairy Ape like creature’ which turned to look at the car as I approached. ‘It’s eyes gave out a shine which was very noticeable and ‘It’ crossed the road in about 3 large strides moving with ease.  I felt uneasy but brought the car to a stop and put the window down so I could listen as ‘It’ left. I could hear something crunching away in the woods there, as if ‘something’ was clearly moving through the forest.

I had no torch with me to shine towards the sounds. I did notice however that there was an unpleasant odour in the air and suddenly I got a feeling I was being watched as everything went very quiet. Silence all around me, it was very unnerving.  I then shockingly just continued home, as if nothing had happened I didn’t even realise I had started to drive as if I was on autopilot and I didnt stop until I reached my home.

Thinking back to that day and trying to explain what this thing looked like is a pretty impossible feat but the witness did try his best to give a very detailed description. This ‘individual’ was well over 7 feet tall and was a dark brown colour. ‘It’s hair was of reasonable length and all one colour. I have never seen this ‘creature’ again anywhere in Scotland and only confided in my partner at the time. I thought these ‘creatures’ existed in other areas in the world but not here. I know unequivocally what I saw and it is still clear in my mind as if it happened yesterday.  There were rumours of sheep and cattle disturbances in that area, but I have heard of no sightings of large hairy creatures in that area or Scotland as a whole for that matter.  I worked as a Civil Servant for many years and experienced some crazy stuff, but I must admit that this was a big surprise.

I wonder if this gentleman knows now about all of the encounters surrounding his own and that in contacting the newspapers it did bring forward another gentleman who was so scared by his encounter 10 years earlier that scared him so much he had been struggling with it for all that time alone.

Mark Luke, 46, from Edinburgh broke his silence for the first time after struggling to come to terms with what happened to him when he was out driving for over a decade.

He finally spoke up to his mother about his experience 10 yrs earlier when he saw a Bigfoot roaming the Fife countryside – after reading about a similar experience in The Courier, Mr Luke’s mother persuaded him to come forward. Mr Luke, who is a carer, said he spotted the ‘tall hairy upright figure’ just off the Tay Road Bridge in 1995 whilst travelling to Dundee to fill in for night shift security cover. His sighting happened in the same area that a former civil servant from Fife reported seeing a creature at the Five Roads Roundabout when he was driving home from work. Just like Mr Luke, the civil servant had also told nobody at the time and only spoke publicly about what happened some years later.

Mr Luke said: “I had a similar encounter driving back to Edinburgh from night shift security in Dundee, around 8am, I was on the A92 road driving South in the same rough area close to the 5 roads roundabout. “I can remember there was a thick forest on both sides of me, and I looked to my left to see a ‘tall dark shape’ standing around 20 feet away in the trees. Mr Luke stated “At first I thought ‘It’ was an ordinary man, but then as ‘It’ came towards me I could clearly see ‘It’ was not a man. “He must have been huge, some eight to ten feet tall, and really wide it seemed at the time. “I was quite scared and confused to be honest. I put my foot down without thinking and just carried on driving.  “I was doing 60mph and I was not going back to look back or stop until ‘he’ was far behind me. “It was dark under the trees. So it was very hard to see into the woods, “I could see a shape but no facial details. “I only told my mother after reading the story in The Courier and she has encouraged me to come forward and share what happened”

Mr Luke said: “I’m 90% sure ‘they’ are out there, “I won’t ever be 100% sure. Even seeing ‘one of them’ with your own eyes does not make it seem possible. “There’s too many unexplained things still out there.”

There are many other Bigfoot or Wildman accounts that follow the River Tay West, passing Weem where we have some of the oldest UK Accounts. One very interesting report is of a ‘Leaping Dark Creature’ in an area called Alyth which was reported to my team member Charmaine Fraser.

This is a report I was sent regarding a possible sighting on my side of the border. I consequently went and investigated the area, a structure was found around the same spot the ‘creature’ was sighted stated Charmaine Fraser BBR researcher.

I just wanted to contact you to tell you about a sighting my wife had on a Sunday evening at 7.30pm whilst we were driving along a wooded section of A926 near Alyth heading towards Kirriemuir. I was driving and I didn’t see anything, but my wife in the back was looking out the window as we drove along at the views suddenly said “Did you see that?”. She then went on to explain she saw something some distance ahead on the verge of the road within the dense woodland that she initially thought was a man walking. But the man did a very strange movement as ‘It’ leaped further into the wood very quickly and stopped stock still.  My Wife said ‘It’ looked black like a shadow and it was tall and wide. She said she got the impression ‘It’ was about to cross the road and then ‘It’ lept deeper into the woods upon hearing the car approaching. She was a bit shaken up and said her ‘hair felt like it was standing up on end’. I probably would have turned the car around and had a look myself if it was just me and wife in the car, but my Aunty was in the car and had been woken by the commotion and was not impressed at all.

My Wife has considered other logical normal reasons to explain what she saw, such as deer or a hiker to hoping it may just have been an optical illusion that made something normal seem so unusual? but I thought I would tell you about it as I understand you are researching the phenomenon.

If we head North along the East Coast we meet up with the Accounts of a ginger haired Bigfoot in the Forest of Carmyllie. Or South towards the Town of Porters Brae we pick up another line of sighting reports that seem to be heading South West towards the town of Stirling, and South to Edinburgh.

Porters Brae (hill or small mountain) is just to the south of the Dundee accounts we discussed earlier.  And there is a very similar report of a hairy upright biped by a gentleman using a layby on the road one evening.  This account was taken by Charmaine Fraser, Leading Scottish Researcher and Witness to the Bigfoot Creature at Carmyllie.  She spoke to the witnesses and visited the areas of each report. Here is his account in his own words.

Reported by the witness to Charmaine Fraser: Jan 2015, The incident occurred around 1970: I know thats a while ago now, but I have never forgotten about the event so even now Im confident about what happened and what I saw. “About 45 years ago I was with my then girlfriend and we were parked on a forestry road at the junction of Langdykes Brae and Porters Brae on the road to Cults. The area is heavily wooded with lots thick forests and is an area used for Forestry and logging. Now this junction we were parked up in is about 1.5 miles from Kennoway in Fife. I was parked about 300 yards up the Torloisk forestry road and the all the trees to the left of me had been cut down, and for about 50 yards between the road and the trees had been clear cut and the floor was cleared right up to the tree line and stacked up at the side of the forestry road. There was a full moon and you could see right across the clearing to the standing trees, my then girlfriend said she saw something moving in the clearance, to which I said it would no doubt be a fox or a deer and not to worry too much about it.


After a while I fell asleep on the back car seat until my girlfriend shook me awake and said there was something moving behind the stacked trees next to the car, it was the same ‘thing’ she saw earlier but now ‘It’ was much closer than before. ‘It’ had been moving around us for a while now while I slept? Thinking it was an everyday woodland creature I wound the window down and banged on the door to move it off but the ‘creature’ or whatever ‘It’ was, was completely unfazed, ‘It’ never even moved. I then jumped into the driver’s seat and reversed the car so the head lights shone in the direction of this ‘creature’ to my shock and amazement the ‘creature’ stood up straight and for a second or two and I could see ‘It’ clearly. This “thing” stood around 8 feet tall and had a white/grey chest and face and the rest of its body was black. ‘It’ looked at us one last time and then ‘It’ took of in the direction of the forest and vanished from sight.

We were both confused and we just sat there trying to think what ‘It’ could be, and then ‘It’ came back!! This ‘thing’ started throwing sticks at the car, and they weren’t little sticks as you could hear them hitting the car with a thud, The we heard crashing noises going through a line of young Beech trees near the car. We just drove out of there and my girlfriend did not want to return so I went back to check things out in the daylight so the next day I went back there with my brother, we went to look for tracks or signs but it had been raining and we found nothing. I later asked a man I know who has worked all his life in these forests if he knew anything about what we saw but he had never come across any thing like what it was.”

I was lucky enough last year to visit an area very similar to the areas mentioned here and not to many miles away, we stayed along the River Tay with a number of the team members after visiting one of our favourite witnesses Isabella who lives further North.  On a visit to the woodlands in the early hours of the morning was very unnerving, in the day time it is impossible to see into the forest as the trees are so thickly packed in there. 

The area is also very difficult to walk in even for the able bodied members so we had to stick to the logging trails.  We did find a number of animal skeletons picked clean lying around in different areas of the trails.  On leaving the Forest and returning to the car we were very shocked to see a number of these bones placed next to our vehicle, if that was not disconcerting enough, one of the legs was fresh and still bloody, it was very fresh and there were no sign of decay at all, all the hair, skin and hooves were intact and the leg bone was broken mid joint?  A number of team members did see a very dark low down animal that resembled a wolf or a very large fox which was grey in colour, but in the dim light it is impossible to make out much in the forests there. Due to my walking problems I stayed put, sat on a number of logs while my fellow researchers went off exploring. 

I can honestly say for all it was magical out there in the gloaming with not a sound other than the dawn chorus, it was also very spooky, walking past the tree line makes you realise just how dark in is within the trees below the thick canopy.  When we turned of our head torches it was impossible to see.  I felt watched constantly and it was only on reaching the car that I realised I had been holding my breath for most of the visit.  There was a very strange moment there (other than a bloody deer leg) when I was sat alone I could hear feet walking in below me off the steep side of the logging road, to be honest I thought it was a particular team member who likes the play odd prank, so I waited as I heard him, or what I thought was him transverse around me from below, I could hear his feet crunching on the shale and then on the twigs and branches as he looped around me and went up onto the next logging road above me, it was at that moment that my team members started to walk back in from three completely opposite directions all out in front of me, that I realised it could not possibly be any of the team. One the team asked who was above me as he saw a quick fleeting glance of a dark figure.  A fellow lover of the woods, or an early hiker perhaps, I can’t answer that but I can tell you for a split second there I wished I could run. Would I go back? Yes no doubt!! but Im often found in places most people avoid, such is the life of a researcher. 

Until Next Time, Deb


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