My Answer to “the open letter” Misinformation and Click Bait!!!!!

One of my hardest tasks is telling people what finds are natural or man made. It seems being honest has become a fault,, what follows are bushcraft shelters, forage tools, natural, animal damage, weather. All presented by many Bigfoot Researchers as “structures” or “finds” this misinformation helps no-one, and claims of troll for pointing it out i feel is rather childish. If its natural it natural. !!!!!!

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I am a researcher and cryptozoologist based in the North West of England. I have collected and mapped over 35 years more than 450 British Bigfoot Accounts . I have spoken to hundreds of witnesses and their accounts can be found here or by searching British Bigfoot Map. If you have had an experience or would like more information on the British Bigfoot please contact me at

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