Mystery ‘wolf-like’ creature baffles experts and sparks werewolf and Bigfoot conspiracies

The creature has been sent to a lab for DNA tests as there is something ‘not right’ about it.

A MYSTERIOUS wolf-like creature has been found leaving wildlife experts baffled as to what it is. The animal has been sent to a lab for DNA tests as conspiracy theories around it being a werewolf or Bigfoot are shared.  Speculation about the canine suggest it could be a wolfdog or even related to Bigfoot as well as liking it to the mythical creature dogman. Experts say there is something “not right” and doubt that it’s not a wolf because its teeth are too short, paws are abnormally small and claws too large.

The lone wolf-like animal was shot dead after being spotted near sheep at a ranch in Montana, USA on May 16. It has greyish fur, a large head and extended snout sharing many characteristics of a wolf, but the ears are too large, legs and body too short and fur not that common with the wild animals.  Wildlife experts from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks are investigating what the creature could be and think it might be a wolf-dog hybrid. A spokesman for Montan FWP said: “First response was that something was not right about the animal as it does not look like a wild wolf. “With that question of what is it then, the department has collected some samples for genetics testings and a we will be sending those samples off. “We are not sure when we will get those results back, but when we do we will certainly let people know just exactly what that genetics test confirms that animal to be.

The strongest suspicion is that its a wolf-dog hybrid.” The animal was found on a ranch in Denton, Montana, known for being home to wolves and bears. Speculation has grown about what it could be and according to reports on the Great Falls Tribune has been likened to a dire wolf and Dogman theories that look into Bigfoot sightings as well as werewolf. Wolf expert for Montana FWP, Ty Smucker, told the newspaper: “Several things grabbed my attention when I saw the pictures.  “The ears are too big. The legs look a little short. The feel look a little small and the coat looks weird. “There’s just something off about it.” According to figures by Montana FWP there is a population of about 900 wolves in the US western state. Other animals found in forests in the area include grizzly bears, mountain lions, bison, deer and eagles.

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