‘Neanderthal’ Sighting in Finland. .

FINLAND — A man in eastern Finland says he saw two hairy Neanderthal-looking humanoids.

Rautavaara resident Iisakki Mieto told Cryptozoology News he was chopping firewood next to his house when he came upon the two ‘Beings’ on Dec. 21, 2017. He went on to describe both beings as ‘Neanderthal or Caveman like’

“I live in a relatively secluded area of Finland, its very remote and I dont get many visitors, you can go weeks on end without seeing anyone, it’s a very empty area with the nearest neighbour living a number of kilometres away,” The 48-year-old resident who has a PhD in Aerosol Physics obtained at the University of Eastern Finland, said about the encounter. “The weather was dry and cold, it was well below freezing temperatures, and there was already a layer of snow on the ground.” After firing up the stove in his sauna, says Mieto, he went back inside the house to “have a snack while the sauna warmed up”. “I checked through the window to see if smoke was still coming from the sauna’s chimney and as I was looking out I noticed two vaguely ‘humanoid figures’ exiting my sauna, they had clearly been inside and were now leaving and they left the door ajar behind them they walked off into the woods.”

The two ‘creatures’ he added, were ‘big humanoids’ “they were walking in a hunched manner and were leaning forward in a strange posture”.“After that I lost sight of the ‘figures’ in the woods, I checked the sauna and it had warmed already pretty well, only now the door was left open leaking the warmth out. I produced an electric torch from the anteroom of the sauna and with its light I saw that the unexpected visitors had left brownish coarse hair around.” Mieto also added that he was able to observe a few footprints but that the alleged creatures were barefoot. “It was hard to examine the footprints on snow in the incoming dark, but they were human like, only larger.”

Early in November a woman in Portugal claimed to have spotted two similar figures that looked like “primitive men”.

The 83-year-old told Cryptozoology News she and her sister were caring for a herd of cows when they spotted the two “primitive men”. “I was 5 years old and my sister was 8. We were in a remote area in the Serra da Estrela when we saw two naked men speaking a totally strange language,” she said about the 1939 alleged encounter. “Then we saw them entering a cave.”

The following day, she explains, they decided to check out the cave with their sheep dog. “But when we reached the cave our dog didn’t want to go in. He kept growling and my sister wanted to go back. We could smell smoke that appeared to come from inside the cave.”

Later that day, she reports that when they told their father about the incident he became angry. “He told us he already knew about the existence of these people. He said they were the original peoples who survived in a few numbers and were still living in a primitive state. I remember him saying that there were only about half a dozen individuals left.” The “wild people”, as the woman referred to them, were described as being naked and had a yellow skin colour.

In 2015, a man in North Carolina reported to have seen a 10-feet-tall  Neanderthal.

Bernard Tillman told Cryptozoology News that he was with his dog in the Kings Mountain, North Carolina area in November 2015 when he came across the creature. “I was taking our dog for his daily ride,” said the 66-year-old retired man. “It was 6 p.m., we were approaching a small creek on the down grade of the road and I was looking at the 4-feet saplings where they had cut all the trees down.”

Tillman believes the unidentified being did not see him and his dog coming. “There he stood, we must have surprised him because he was just standing real still, the sun was setting between me and him,” he explained about the claimed 30-second encounter. The North Carolina resident describes the creature as a 10-feet-tall humanoid walking on two legs. “He was huge. He was massive in the back and chest. His hair looked black. From the side profile, his neck, his head, his nose and his lower jaw… he looked just like a Neanderthal.” Tillman was not able to photograph the purported being.

Neanderthals were a species of humans believed to have gone extinct about 40,000 years ago.

Rautavaara, a municipality that is part of the Northern Savonia region, has a population of 1,700.

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