PLEASE Come over and join me at the NEW CHANNEL Over the years as I have collected the British Bigfoot and Cryptid account’s I have been lucky enough to receive and find many a strange tale from across the UK.  Folk Lore and the Tales passed down the generation in stories have always interested me, and I will be sharing those tales here.

From feelings of being watched while out in the woods, or strange visitors inside the homes, The Fae and the Wee Folk, Boggarts and Bullbeggers, Werewolves and Ape men and all manner of Strange and Wonderful Creatures, like the Vulture Man of Malvern or the Woodford Ape or travel across the UK for tales like The Bog People and Shadow Stealers and Sawny Bean The Cannibal of Scotland.


Until Next Time, Deborah.         

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I am a researcher and cryptozoologist based in the North West of England. I have collected and mapped over 35 years more than 450 British Bigfoot Accounts . I have spoken to hundreds of witnesses and their accounts can be found here or by searching British Bigfoot Map. If you have had an experience or would like more information on the British Bigfoot please contact me at

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