Niners Quarry Part 2

See earlier Post: Days had gone past since our first encounter. We discussed at great length what it could have been. Normally you would have a rational explanation but we just couldn’t explain it. Now come on, just how do you climb up a sheer vertical rock face of 30 ft in 3 seconds or less in the dark? We decided to go back in the dark. Not late this time, and we had something for protection.

My gran, who is sadly no longer with us, used to live on Broomhill estate, Knottingley. About half a mile north of Niners. So it was a good place to meet, Lee and myself got ready at her house. We were going prepared this time.
I had a BSA meteor air rifle on which I had ‘under slung’ a powerful 3d cell torch. Not exactly a 12 gauge but it felt good to have it as we climbed over my grans back garden wall and headed for Niners once again. The night was still and quiet as we walked across the fields.

We arrived at the quarry about 9.30 pm. This time mounting the ridge at the east corner overlooking a pond below us. We made our way back along the ridge occasionally dropping back into the field due to brambles blocking our path. We didn’t go down into the quarry this time, after last time we just observed from the relative safety of the ridge. Nothing could be seen on the quarry floor and there was no noise either. We cautiously approached the area where we had jumped down and scanned the scene below us. I had the rifle and torch ready but I had not used the torch much until now. I reached for the on button and as I did so Lee patted me hard on the shoulder ‘there’ he was saying in a loud whisper.  I followed his pointing and could see something behind one of the large slabs of limestone, I could see part of it, it looked like the same thing, a dark figure, with no features. It kind of had a mesmerising effect to watch it. It was terrifying but at the same time fascinating.

As I stared at the figure I could see it appeared to be watching us and its upper body was heaving like it was out of breath and gasping for air as if it had been running hard. Again as if a spell was ‘broken’ I turned the torch on, the beam was very bright and lit up the area well, as I swung the rifle around towards the figure I remember thinking ‘right, this is it, were going to see what it is’  As the beam drew near to the figure the torch suddenly cut out, I frantically pressed the on off button to no avail, banged the torch with my palm this didn’t work either, it was just dead and I had specially put new batteries in for this night.

Our fear was reaching boiling point, the figure was still there and could ‘attack’ at any moment. I couldn’t fire at something if i didn’t know what it was so I aimed at the rock it was behind. I indicated to Lee to run as soon as I fired. I didn’t hesitate just fired the warning shot and didn’t wait for any consequences. I heard the pellet hit the rock and that was it we were off across the field sprinting to my grans house. After a 100 or so yards, We glanced around behind us whilst fast walking to catch our breath but couldnt see anything. Upon getting back to safety in the house I double checked the torch, it came on! I flicked the switch off/on several times, it worked every time. What caused the malfunction? And was that figure the same one that we had originally seen? This time it hadn’t tried to approach us, was this because it was not something strange but because it knew we had a weapon? We would encounter this thing again. Several times.

 In the coming weeks we continued to visit the quarry both during the day and at night. We would only see the figure at night and only fleetingly. Once whilst being chased by a large gang we made our escape via a small path that led past Niners and out into the fields, we had just got onto this path adjacent to The Broomhill estate and as I ran I glanced to my right, the entrance to Niners could be seen through the dark about 100 yds away, I noticed a dark figure stood perfectly still near the entrance on the main path, it just looked odd in a sort of hunched over pose, no features could be seen it was just black, I only saw it for a few seconds, but that wouldn’t be the last time.
Until Next Time, Deborah

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