Niners Quarry prt 3 Be Careful What You Wish For!!

We had become quite obsessed with seeing this figure and told one of our friends nick, who decided to come with us one night. So all together off we went across the fields from my Grans house, it was about a 10-15 min walk, the night was still and clear, time around 9.  We decided this time wed go in on the main entrance just like we did on the original sighting. I’l explain here that if your looking on google maps it is not the Womersley rd entrance, this is where the lorries used to go in, its a wide path across the field from Broomhill estate.

We walked down this path and as we got closer the atmosphere just sort of changed, it became more expectant, you knew something was going to happen, but you just didn’t know what!  Suddenly there was a commotion of barking dogs coming from in front and to our right, they were in the garden of the house next to the main path,  on the  right of the path there is the boundary fence and a house with a large plot of land.

The dogs belonged to this house. Occasionally they would bark at passers by, as we approached the entrance we realised that they weren’t barking at us, they had gathered next to the fence where it bordered the quarry, and they were barking eagerly at something hidden to us, whatever it was it was in the bushes next to the fence. The dogs were really were going mad!.

We went past the commotion and carefully walked a little way into the quarry. The dogs now muffled a little by the shrubs and bushes. We were confused and curious as to what they were barking at and so we just stopped and stared towards the bushes.

What happened next was like a dream, it was very surreal.

I remember hearing first the bushes moving and then seeing branches and even whole shrubs shaking and bending over, snapping etc. But not being able to see what was doing it. Something was moving through the undergrowth rapidly towards us. With the amount of noise this thing was making you could tell it was big, as big as a large man. There was a barbed wire fence that bordered the bushes and separated that part of the quarry from the main path. As we all stood staring in a kind of fear and fascination induced trance, this fence was hit by something, like someone had just run straight into it! You could here the wire creaking and cracking under the strain, then, an instant later it just stopped.

Then, I had a horrible feeling, I heard and ‘felt’ something big and heavy dash past me very close. I didn’t see anything. But I felt the ground at my feet ‘shake’ as it went past. I spun round quickly to see nothing! There was nobody. How could that be? We all stood in stunned silence. Slowly  ‘coming to’ from the experience. Nick had been a little way off and had not felt the vibration and heard the thing run past but had seen the bushes moving and fence. Lee had been stood close by and had felt the ground shake just like me. I dont think we ran but walked quickly and quietly back to Broomhill, I remember we didn’t want to go back across the fields.

We had no rational explanation. To this day we still discuss it, between ourselves

Although I have lost contact with Nick, I do still see Lee regularly and he helped me with this report as my memory isn’t what it used to be. There is a striking similarity between this ‘thing’ and my other report of the one in Paull. A dark figure, predator like, very agile and seemingly possessing  a supernatural ability.

But, there is a distance of around 45 miles between Knottingley and Paull and of course this sighting took place 13 years earlier, could the sightings possibly be connected? Both times I/we had the strong feeling it was ‘playing’ with us, it could have done something to harm us at any time, we were at its mercy but, it chose not to do anything… this proof of some kind of empathy?

Until Next Time, Deborah

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