North East Accounts, Derbyshire Moorland Beast, Bi-pedal Figures and Snarls

A researcher and filmmaker Chris Turner Youtube Channel, who whilst busy with his new film Elusive, a documentary on the British Bigfoot, was contacted by a fellow Youtuber who had some experiences he wanted to share, Chris then kindly passed them over to me here at British Bigfoot.  The young man in question is making no claims here, he is merely sharing some strange experiences whilst out wild camping with friends that have happened to him and others over the years.

Witness Statement: My first experience with what has become known as the North East Derbyshire Moorland Beast was in the August of 1984. I was bivouac camping with my cousin at a place called Blackamoor, Totley just outside Sheffield. I was about 14 and I was visiting family in the school holidays. We had set up the tents and a camp, and it had been a fun day and as evening drew in we called it a night. I got into the tent at around 11 pm and we both decided to try get some sleep.

It felt like no sooner had we settled down to sleep that we heard what I can only describe as “the deep growl of what we’d supposed must be a large apex predator”  That may sound far fetched, but that’s what it sounded like at the time, it was not something we had ever heard before or could identify and I was used to being in that area and camping, It wasn’t something we recognised like a Fox or Badger. We shook with fear instantly and we struggled not to wet ourselves. We both lay there breathless as we listened to heavy footfalls moving through the heather around us.  It sounded like two feet walking around the camp and the tent. After a while we raised a bit of courage and gripping our knives we managed to get up out of the poncho shelter.  A thick moorland mist had settled and we could barely see each other in it, let alone anything else, we kept searching the fog as we hurriedly packed, whilst all the time praying for all we could muster, strange how you suddenly find the need for God.  We went quickly as we could back down to the street lights at Totley and home.

The next similar occasion was in the year 2003 in the July or August, to be honest I’m second guessing the exact time but it was hot weather, so it was in the warmer months of the year, I was in my 30’s by then and I loved to camp wild and it’s one of my hobbies. On the occasion I had gone rough camping with my friend and his girlfriend. We were camping in the valley below Kinder. We had settled in a hollow within the treeline of the smaller wood below Kinder Downfall and the Mermaids pool.  It was first light when my friends girlfriend and I were woken at the same time. We both had heard movement above us on the edge of the dell, both of us saw what appeared to be a number of jet black Figures moving back from the edge of Kinder and away into the wood. There was three or four of them. I was certain I saw three figures, and my friends girlfriend said she had seen four. We both set about waking my friend up, we then packed camp up and went back down.

Then in late June or early July of 2007 I was out at Kinder again and went for a hike up to Kinder Scout spot with the same friend that was sleeping when I saw the dark figures walking back to the wood up near Mermaids pool. We had finished our hike and were on our way back home, and we were coming down the Snake Pass North West slope when we saw a lambs spine in the path.  It was really strange, just laying there.  It was still fused and had tatters of flesh attached to it.  I know a bit about these things and I would estimate it had around 48 hrs maximum post Mort at the time we found it, we walked on and soon came to a fleece ball in the middle of the path. We opened it and found the perfect little bones of a lamb, all bleached white and unbroken. Which means something intelligent and with a thought to brain disease had torn the head and spine from a lamb and swallowed what was left minus the fleece almost whole, or so it seemed to us looking at what remained. We did not find the head, we looked everywhere around but we never came across it. As we carried on further down the path, walking and chatting, we were discussing what we’d found up above when we suddenly  felt confronted by the rank odour of bad blood. The air was thick with it, without thinking or saying anything we both broke into a run all the rest of the way to the A57 treeline up to the road.

In the same summer with the same friend, we were this time walking along the old Manchester pack way, we had made it around 1/4 mile past the Millpond Swimming hole and we found an eviscerated, decapitated & genitally mutilated yew.  All of her soft parts including the tongue were missing. We did not venture much further that day.

Then in the summer 2017  I visited Howden high reservoir and whilst walking up there on the dry lake bed looking up to the North Eastern slopes I saw a biped about the size of a horse going at speed over the ridge, but it was upright and on two legs. It was greyish brown in colour. I’d like to further add, that there is a place up there on Howden Moors which is the furthest point from any roads, the most remote part.  It’s called Grinah Stones and it is a place I visited once, after noticing on Google maps satellite images that there was a long shadow connected to what appears to be head & shoulders of a Sasquatch.  I travelled there to see what might be causing the shadow other than what I was thinking, a comparison shot can be handy for anyone who finds an anomaly in video film or google earth, revisiting can rule out any natural object that could be causing the anomaly.  So I went back for a good look and here were no dawn shadows of any length.  I would like to return to Grinah with torches and a line if possible to look into the caves there. There are the footings of ancient walls up there too. I should like to document them whilst there. But! the one time that I had been up there before was so deathly quiet that I became really uneasy and I felt the strong urge to leave well before dark had even come. I felt as though I was being watched the whole time I was there.

One last point i’d like to highlight would be a YouTube vlog I had seen which had been posted by a Rotherham outdoors fan called Iains Bushcraft and Wild camping is the genre of his channel. He posted a video of himself camping on Kinder in a tent. Some scary Growling beast had come and felt beneath His ground sheet before leaving.  He was quite put about by the experience. I knew how He was feeling. Maybe the centuries old local Glossop legend of T’owd Dark Lad on the Kinder Scout has some substance.

It certainly has by my perspective, following so many strange experiences. Seeing the bipedal ape thing the size of a horse when ambling along. Only this year, has re enthused me about it. But don’t mind admitting it. I’m a bit shy of it. Not nervous but an foreboding warning, knowing that my senses have not deceived me but the beast or beasts are real. They are up there.

Kinder Scout is a moorland plateau and National Nature Reserve in the Dark Peak of the Derbyshire Peak District in England. Part of the moor, at 636 metres (2,087 ft) above sea level, is the highest point in the Peak District, the highest point in Derbyshire, and the highest point in the East Midlands. There are other accounts of hairy bi-pedal creatures on Kinder scout, Growls and Snarls, Feet walking around tents in the dark, many sheep carcass’s are found and often people have the feeling of being watched or observed by someone or something unseen.

If you are one of the people in the UK who have experienced something similar in this area or anywhere else in the UK we would love to hear from you.


Until Next Time, Deborah

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