North Wales Little Folk. A Man Dressed in Green. Welsh Pixies

This report came into me through youtube and the witness kindly allowed me to share it here with you all. The account is in his own words and as you will see he would really like to know if anyone else has ever witnessed a similar type of figure?

Witness Report. I would like to report a strange experience that happened some time ago now, I have never forgotten this incident and Im happy for you to share it.  I was with a few friends many years ago, driving around north wales at about 5am we were driving on the country lanes, and right in front of us a small man who stood about 3 feet tall appeared from a bush at the side of the road.

He was not naked or hairy as he was wearing all green and wearing a green hat on his head. In his hand he was carrying a small golden harp, he just appeared at the side of the road out of dense bushes that surrounded an open field, as we drove past we slowed down to check him out, he just casually crossed the road as we drove by and then he disappeared into the bushes on the other side of the road, both were hedges surrounding empty fields, miles from anywhere halfway up a very large steep hilly area, I still wonder to this day if we witnessed an actual gnome !!

If I had to describe him I would say he was basically wearing like a robin hood type of suit or peter pan with a pointed hat, the harp was small like it was made exactly for his size, now only seen him for about 30 seconds tops but we all saw him, I mean it could have been a really small person out at 5am in the middle of nowhere for his harp practice, but any normal explanation seems just as far fetched as the crazy explanation.

The account reminds me of the many Cornish pixie tales, of green men in green cloth, not always friendly and sometimes downright mean, the Fae are both revered and feared in equal amounts. Both the Welsh and Irish called the fairies The Mothers and considered Fairyland the Land of Women. This may harken back to the fact that the Celtic people were originally a matriarchal society. In the Book of the Dun Cow, a fairy queen describes her realm under the earth. Although most Celtic fairies tend to live in hills, brughs, or barrows, some live in the deep woods and in lakes. Their favorite hour is twilight, between day and night. It is said that one can open a door into a fairy hill be walking around it three times counterclockwise.

Green is the favorite fairy color in Celtic countries with red next. Because of this preference, green came to be associated with death among the Celts. Fairies have been described as having hair of red, brown, black or blonde. The women wear it long. Many of these countries referred to the wee folk as she. They can range in size from 7″ up until 7 feet tall or more. Some of these fairies are green and so forth, while others seem to have their feet twisted on backwards. Some are beautiful and some grotesque. All are said to bring good fortune unless, treated in an unkind fashion or like ourselves-cornered. Fairies are quite fond of music and dancing. Among their musical instruments are the panpipes, bagpipes, cymbals, tambourines, harps, whistles, and drums. 

Until Next Time, Deborah

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