Bark Foot Of Sutton Park.

It is difficult to believe that a man could be living wild dressed in tree bark and leaves only 9 miles away from this country’s second largest city, however if the witness testimonies are to be believed this is in fact a reality.

Sutton Park which covers an area of 2,400 acres in the West Midlands is said to be the place where the mystery man has been seen and where over the last few months numerous sightings of him have been made. He has acquired the name Bark Foot as his feet have been seen wrapped in tree bark which have been made into a primitive form of foot wear, his hat also has been formed of what I presume to be made of Birch bark.

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In 1981 the Guinness Book of World Records recognized MacAskill as the largest true giant to have ever lived, the strongest man who ever lived and the man with the largest chest measurements of any non-obese man.

The distinction of his status as a ‘true’ giant hinges on the fact the Angus was purported to be free of any growth abnormalities.His stature was proportional in every way and his immense size and strength was due only to his natural genetic gifts.

MacAskill was born in 1825 on the Isle of Berneray in the Sound of Harris, Scotland. He moved to Nova Scotia at with his family as a child and eventually settled in the fishing community of Englishtown, Cape Breton Island somewhere between 1830 and 1835.


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Yowie sighting reported north of Roma

AUSTRALIAN Yowie Research has shared details of a reported sighting north of Roma on Monday.

It is understood the witness was driving slowly to avoid kangaroos about 15-20 km north of Roma on the Carnarvon Highway when she noticed what appeared to be a large rock on the side of the road.

As the female driver approached the area she realised the rock was actually a hairy creature of about 152cm (five foot) standing beside a dead kangaroo.

A witness sketch of the creature spotted north of Roma. Picture: Australian Yowie Research

A witness sketch of the creature spotted north of Roma. Picture: Australian Yowie Research

She described it as having auburn hair.

The witness submitted a sketch of the creature to the research group, which was shared on Facebook to a skeptical audience.

In the post comments, Katrina Ayers said she had lived in the exact location for a long time and had never seen one.

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A Very British Wildman. Is this an image of the UK Bigfoot? and the NE Accounts

Many people world wide are used to seeing strange images from across America or Bigfoot faces and Sasquatch images posted in every facebook group or forum, but what most people dont realise is, behind the scenes away from all the hoo haa there are hundreds of people putting time in on their own pocket, spending hours if not years out there, week in week out, sometimes in the worst weathers. Trying everything and anything to get the job done, To find the evidence mainstream science demands.

Some of them have many scary encounters, some never go back in after the experience or hours of unappreciated time and effort, but there is a small core of die hards who go back time and time again, they get objects thrown at them, they become surrounded in the dark, followed back to the car and sometimes even home, bluff charges and out right shows of aggression are shown to them, and they do this because for them it’s not about facebook or youtube, its about gathering evidence to prove what’s out there.  Sometimes if we are really lucky they share their evidence and finds with us.  And today Im pleased to be able to share some images sent to me by one of Britain’s Leading researchers and who also happens to be one of my long time research partners and someone im honoured to call my friend.

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s Bigfoot in Britain? Mysterious figure lurking in Lincolnshire woods is claimed to be mystery beast

Could these startling pictures be evidence that Bigfoot is lurking in the British countryside? The eerie image appears to show a large shadowy figure looming menacingly behind a tree in a Lincolnshire woods. Bigfoot enthusiast Adam Bird, 31, captured the picture while out walking in Friskney nature reserve and said he was stunned to spot the shadowy figure staring back at him from the photo. After hearing of previous Bigfoot sightings at the nature reserve, Adam, from Nottingham, ventured into the woodland in search of clues. He followed some strange noises and suspiciously large footprints in the woods before capturing what he believes is the mysterious beast on camera.

Adam, co-founder of the British Bigfoot Research organisation, believes the shadowy figure could be the most convincing evidence that it’s living in Britain yet. He said: “My investigators and I were tipped off that this small patch of woodland in Friskney could be a hotspot for Bigfoot beasts. “There is at least one reported sighting here, so we decided to check it out. “We stayed there for a few hours that day and felt watched and followed the whole time. “I took various photographs throughout the investigation and when I checked back through them I spotted the creepy picture. “It looks like a shadowy figure stood within the trees staring at us from afar. “It shows something dark, a different colour against all that greenery. “I make no bold claims but my fellow investigators think this could be genuine evidence that the British Bigfoot exists.”

Although he did not spot the creature at the time he took the photograph it was many months after when making a data album for the team fellow team founder and map co-ordinator for the British Bigfoot Team Deborah Hatswell noticed the figure in the image and asked Adam to take a comparison shot, Adam, who has been investigating bigfoot sightings in the UK for more than two years, is convinced of the creature’s existence. It was on holiday in Florida, aged 15, when he claims to have first encountered the Sasquatch phenomenon. He spotted a large orangutan-like creature with reddish-brown hair crouching in the bushes and has been obsessed with the legend ever since.

By carefully compiling a body of evidence over the years, including videos of strange howls and pictures of oversized, beast-like footprints, from sites across the UK, Adam thinks he has built a strong case for the beast’s existence. In one of the videos, taken in June this year at Yellowham Hill, in Puddletown Forest, Dorset, Adam managed to capture a clamour of eerie howls on camera. One of his pictures, also taken at Yellowham Hill, shows what appears to be the ungainly footprint of a large human-like creature. He said: “My main reason for thinking there is something in the UK is the sheer number of sightings. People have been reporting hairy, upright figures since around the 1870s. “One misconception is that the UK doesn’t have sightings – but there are many.”

Check out more of Adam’s alleged Bigfoot evidence from Yellowham Hill.

And find all of the UK sightings and links to Deborah Hatswells Map of UK Cryptids and Strange encounters Here.

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DORSET APE PHOTO, Can you identify the “creature”

In March of 2013 a 17 year old student by the name of Terri Leigh Cox noticed a creature bounding around the playing fields just outside her house in Dorchester, Dorset. Miss Cox’s description of the sighting in her own words was; “it was such a shock. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing at first. It looked about the size of a small gorilla. It was walking like one as well, using its arms and feet. It was definitely a monkey because you could tell by its hunched back and the way it scampered across a field and up a tree. It wasn’t a black

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Is Mokele-Mbembe Really a Dinosaur?

It’s not quite as famous as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster—at least, not in Europe or North America–but Mokele-mbembe (“he who stops the flow of rivers”) is definitely a close contender. For the last two centuries, vague reports have circulated of a long-necked, long-tailed, three-clawed, terrifyingly huge animal residing deep in the Congo River basin of central Africa. Cryptozoologists, who have never met a supposedly extinct dinosaur that they didn’t like, have naturally identified Mokele-mbembe as a living sauropod (the family of huge, four-legged dinosaurs characterized by Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus) the last straggling descendants of which went extinct 65 million years ago.

Before we address Mokele-mbembe in particular, it’s worth asking: precisely what level of proof is required to establish, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a creature thought to have been extinct for tens of millions of years is still alive and flourishing? Second-hand evidence from tribal elders or easily impressionable children isn’t enough; what’s needed is a time-stamped digital video, the eyewitness testimony of trained experts, and if not an actual living, breathing specimen, then at least its rotting carcass. Everything else, as they say in court, is hearsay.

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The Elusive “hidden people” of Iceland

According to a 2007 study by the University of Iceland, an estimated 62% of the nation believe that the existence of elves is more than a fairy tale.

When she was nine years old, Jófríður Ákadóttir was punished for disturbing an elf. Or at least, she believes she was. “We would play in this field between apartment buildings in Reykjavík,” the Icelandic singer/songwriter told me. “There was one rock bigger than all the other ones that towered over the field. We were certain it’s an elf rock, and you shouldn’t disturb the elves. It was twice my size, and with some struggle I managed to get up there. My friends warned me it was a bad idea. And then as I had my moment on top of it, I jumped down and as I landed I bit the inside of my mouth so blood was pouring out of it. I ran home crying, and never touched that rock again.”
Ákadóttir’s story is hardly unique. Iceland is a country riddled with stories of elves (smaller, human-like creatures with pointy ears), ‘hidden people’ (interdimensional human-like beings, called huldufólk in Icelandic) and fairies (if you’re thinking Tinkerbell, you’re not far off). They’re believed to be peaceful creatures, co-existing alongside humans and indulging in the same day-to-day activities, including fishing, farming, raising families and – if the legends are any indication – occasionally lending a helping hand to humans who otherwise would die without intervention.

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Children Pelt “Creature” with Stones.

A number of years ago now a strange video appeared on the web, I wanted to revisit this, as no one every really got the answer to what this creature is and where this is taking place.  If you know please contact us so we can put this one to bed once and for all.

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